Nothing to get

The most common error, so it seems, is the belief that there is something missing and that there is something to get.

The natural state is not missing, not lost.  You cannot find something that is not lost.  (The man who thought he lost his nose – he was looking past it all the time)

The error is to ignore the natural state by focusing and fixating on conceptualized ‘things’ or looking for some (im)possible state that one has read about or heard someone speaking about.  Almost all the ‘teachers’ constantly talk about something to achieve, some special state where everything is exceptionally altered.

The natural state is pure intelligence.  When you learned language, the natural cognition (intelligence) was present enabling the language to be learned.  All across the world, so-called people, are learning (or learned in the so-called past) the local language, as children.  Some learn more than one language.  Intelligence makes use of language.  Language can serve us well.  If words and language dominate, through belief that words have some sort of power of their own, then we become slaves to words.   Belief is an apparent cause of a great deal of conflict.  What must be recognized is that a belief is not the actuality.  A word is not the thing it points at.  The word fire does not burn.  Maybe a Wizard in a fairy tale can make the word fire burn but we are not talking about fairy tales.

What needs to be recognized is that all words, yes, all words are not what they refer to or point to.  Some words appear to be loaded with far reaching meaning but remember that words are just words.  Belief is not knowing.  If you KNOW something to be true you don’t say ‘I believe it is true’.

You know you exist even if a hundred, a thousand ‘teachers’ tell you that you don’t exist.  You are existence itself.  How could you not be?  Existence, not as an entity or some thing.  You can say ‘I don’t exist’ but you have to exist to say it.   You can deny that God exists but you must exist to say it or even believe it.  You cannot know what you are, so how on earth can you possibly know what God is (if you assume that there is a God).  The word God is a loaded word.  It has so many subjective meanings it can only have a vague common ‘meaning’ – yet ‘people’ will do a lot of harm to others over their belief in ‘God’.  And some say it is an ‘All Loving God’.  What many do in the name of their God and belief is truly insane and beyond the scope of any good reason.

All Power, All presence, All intelligence (God) means that there is only one energy, one presence and one intelligence.   There can’t be ‘me and God’ because that would mean that there would be two energies, two presences and two intelligences.   But since God is All, what room is there for anything separate?  It is all conceptual, labels, words and belief.  Just because a label is put upon some thing does not mean that there is some actual separation happening.  One presence means one presence.  The intellect is not something separate – it is merely an expression.  Filled with erroneous beliefs the intellect clouds the natural intelligence…..but only for the one who believes in being separate.  ‘Me’.

The words ‘I’ or ‘me’, ‘you’ or ‘them’ are just words pointing.

When you look for the ‘I’ in your undoubtable existence you cannot find what that word is pointing to.  If the view is clear of concepts, there is just endless emptiness with no centre and no boundary.

There is no Big Mind or small mind.  There is no mind that anyone can actually find. A doctor’s scalpel will not reveal a mind in the brain or body. The utter nonsense that philosophical ‘experts’ sprout about Big Mind and small mind is just their own belief in intellectualizing.  All such ‘things’ are what they believe they understand but it is quite obviously just fabricated layers of meaning.  Quite clearly, there is no evidence for any of it if you don’t think about it….thus proving it is all conceptual.