Nothing to claim, nothing to accept, nothing to deny.

Existence is the unspoken (the basis of the all meaning) existence.  It will always remain unspoken.

It cannot be put into words.  All words fail to express the meaning and the best that words can do it is bring the mind to an ‘opening’ where a recognition is possible.

All the ‘data’ that composes all beliefs without exception is either data collected from the experiences that appear to happen to the individual or it is mere imagination.


The usual exchange between a teacher and an aspirant is an exchange of words.  In this way new beliefs take on the appearance of knowledge. But this knowledge is only an exchange of data.  It is not direct apperception.

Insight is naked seeing for oneself.   Recognition takes place in the seeing.  You cannot recognise something that you have not seen before.  This is clearly obvious.

So, the innate knowing that seemingly gets covered over with beliefs, is rediscovered and this innate knowing is an activity happening now and always is happening now.


If the ‘personal’ collects data from the cutting insight, this clarity of pure knowing, it  goes into the composition of  the fabricated identity.   At no point is the identity suggested by this collected data ever real.


Recognising this is from the point of naked awareness, naked wakefulness, in which it is totally obvious that there is no entity present.

There is no one to claim anything from this re-discovery.

You have always been this unspoken essence, this pure existence.   Time space patterns appear upon this pure existence, which is timeless.



  1. All those who claim to be some sort of ‘knower of reality’ have quite obviously gone with the old habit of claiming to be something, some identity. A lot of fancy notions are added to the persona through this error of claiming. Ironically many of these ‘well intentioned’ individuals are only leading their followers down the same path of claiming to be something that they are not. A gross image of this paradox is a devil dressed up as a priest. By believing in such a teacher, one is diverted into a belief system that has disguised itself as ‘freedom’ and it is anything but freedom. It is erroneous belief and nothing more. The resistance amongst spiritual identities to the pointing out of these factors is tremendous..

  2. All beliefs, concepts, identity, even existence are rising and falling in That, the ‘I’ before even Existence. I Am That, All Is That.