Nothing re-presents reality – reality is no thing

It is (so-called) important to make a point of one thing here.

No one is asked to believe anything that is written on this website.

Many ‘pointers’ appear throughout the hundreds of notes on this site and in my eBooks and in the various audio files.

Belief is useless when it comes to knowing your own true nature.   No belief is ever the actuality.  Just like no word is ever what it re-presents.

The only value in any of this is through an insight or a spontaneous recognition.

No methods or practices are implied.

Seeing is happening.  There is no entity seeing anything.  A concept cannot see.  The image of self is an image.  The idea of ‘me’ is a thought or idea.

The only value is seeing or knowing for your self.

The true insight is something that cannot be forgotten or remembered.   The ever fresh seeing-knowing does not rely on a past or a future and the so-called ‘present’ is a concept re-presenting the wholeness or the totality, which of course, cannot be reduced to a concept, image or memory.

Be totally open in every sense and the spontaneous nature of consciousness-awareness will reveal its ‘apparently hidden secrets’.

In recognizing your true nature, there is no one to claim anything.  To make a claim is like buying a ticket back to the distorted realm of beliefs.

Cease to put concepts upon this natural openness and let everything be what it is.  In one instant the ‘thing’ that everyone seeks is revealed as ‘no thing’.

So many spiritual and religious ‘groups’ and their leaders require belief and faith. No emphasis is placed on a simple way out.  (It is as though the leader doesn’t want anyone to be set free – Maybe because they are not free themselves.  They want company in their little realm of spiritual specialness).  They all suggest many complex ways to overcome suffering.  However, whatever is true is always simple.  

The maze does not exist and offering fake maps of the territory and long winded methods and practice do nothing but fortify the belief in being someone trapped.  Any energy given to the ‘trap’ keeps it there.  Even resistance to ‘the mind trap’ keeps it in place.

So, the advice is, see for yourself.  Do not depend on belief in any way shape or form. 


Belief will keep you trapped in an imaginary time zone in the mind.

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  1. In seeing through the entire mind game of spirituality, seeing through the ridiculous religious mind games and seeing through belief can set one laughing. Uncontrollable laughing is socially unacceptable. That can set you off laughing again. Everyone is so serious and so caught up in belief in the ‘me’ it sure does not look funny. However, when the burden of belief lifts off you, the relief may express itself as spontaneous laughter. One may find no ‘reason’ to stop. Laughing spontaneously stops by itself.