Nothing is what it pretends to be

In the scheme of things almost everyone only hears what fits in with their beliefs.
The clear message expressed by a clear messenger is packed with pointers.
Listening from mind’s ‘me perspective’ (self-centeredness) does not allow the message to register cleanly.
(The me perspective is like a child with crayons scribbling over a master piece of art work)
Trying to fit new pointers into ‘old self-knowledge’ (the Me of Memory) is pointless.  Not only is there no answer in the mind, there is no true knowledge either.
It is naturally seen, heard and felt, where everyone is coming from, however if the mind is translating it with personal bias, clarity appears to be foregone.   Spiritual bias and time bound stories about progress or inhibitions for a believed in entity does not cut through to the naked living unbiased consciousness.
Even though a very self-centered ‘person’ (teacher) might speak the same ‘message’ as someone clear of self-centeredness, it lacks something because of the subtle implication of ‘I know and you don’t’ overtones.  It is an unspoken ‘claim’.
The innate intelligence that is with everyone can be trusted, naturally.
Contrived mind stuff rings like a cracked bell in a fog.
Everything is what it is.  Nothing is what it pretends to be.
You might think you are very genuine and sincere in your search for meaning, for that personal life.
If you do not investigate that ‘person’, that you most probably believe you are, and SEE it is not real, then ‘truth or reality’ will not be revealed.
There cannot be an error or mistake in a genuine insight into one’s true nature. It is totally unique, yet timeless, and completely empty of all mind fixation on content.
A life time of belief is overthrown and the naked seeing is known to be an impersonal living, ever fresh, limitless aspect of timeless (infinite) awareness.  Words don’t appear in the insight and they are far from being necessary.
Of the insight, who would there be to speak to of it? There is only pure consciousness. Consciousness does not need to speak to itself.
In any case words fail to express anything but approximations……and there is actually no ‘other’ to express anything about anything to.
In the scheme of things, in some apparent ‘later on’ so-called ‘others’ may appear, others who appear to be searching for a way out of suffering or attempting to understand.
The ‘quality’ of any questions will determine a spontaneous response from intelligence itself.
Talking happens.
Misunderstanding is usually prolific due to fixations on fixing up the ‘me’ (the self image).
Even though it is pointed out that the believed in entity is a fiction, the ‘seeker’ continues to ask questions from the point of view of being such an entity.  Unless the fixation is investigated, true insights are very unlikely.
It seems that no one can actually hear the meaning in ordinary words, simply because the words have a personalized twist to them.   This is due to the constant referencing of words to a self image…..(what it means to ME).  It is an image of self that appears as a depression, anger, conflict or a fantastical ‘hopefulness’.  A hopefulness of  getting some (merely conceived of) ‘higher knowledge’.    The mind makes ‘departmental levels’ in imagination.  Higher Knowledge and lower knowledge, Higher Self and lower self are ONLY conceptual.  This constant fixation on the ‘me of memory’ blocks the open view with a bias, a ‘personal meaning’, which is distorting the clear message.
Feeding the imagination of seekers is a main feature of most teachings.   It appeals to the egoic sense of me and lets the imagination build its fabricated story of a sacred ‘me’.  It is all imaginary but no one points it out (usually).
This is why it is imperative to pause the mind and recognize naked awareness – non conceptual awareness.
  1. Some carry on about honesty. Truth has nothing to do with honesty. When it comes down to the wire, no one wants to hear the naked truth. The cause of all your troubles is the belief in a ‘me’. Everyone wants to hang onto their me fixation and have enlightenment. Absurd.

  2. Knowing is happening, being, knowing, love without objects.

  3. When it comes down to the wire – who cares? It seems that everyone is so caught up in the mind stuff, including super subtle spiritual concepts, that no one can see the incredible self-evident nature of existence. The mind reacts to every little thing and the believed in entity juggles it all, trying to make sense of it all. Sensation is not something that can be made or manipulated. Everything is sensation. The deluded spiritual folk imagine that the gnawing sensation of believing they are separate can somehow be twisted into a sense of achievement by naming it as ‘progress’. What a miserable situation it is. Fooling oneself in the name of ‘truth’. Worshipping a ‘guru’ or ‘teacher’ as if that will free them. Bollocks. It is all lies and self deceit.