Nothing falls away except belief

There is a not so subtle difference between perceiving and seeing. What appears in the seeing is what we might call ‘what is’.   What appears in perception is what we might call ‘what appears to be’.

The being-ness is not psychological.   The apparent becoming of a ‘person’ is entirely conceptual, psychological.  The interior is filled with ‘internal considering’ about everything and ‘people’ believe it is real.  It never was real.   We ignore the pristine clarity of non conceptual being-ness, the thoughtless reality of being and wonder why we are uneasy.

You might notice a ball on  the grass in a park.   No one else is in the park.  The ball is not close by, so you take a walk to collect it.  On closer investigation you find that it is not a ball at all.  It is a round stone.  The belief that it was a ball disappears.  You were quite convinced it was a ball.  If you had not investigated it, you might have announced to a friend ‘I saw a ball in the park today’.   Your friend may ask ‘Did you go get it?’   You might answer ‘No, I have no need of a ball’.  

What appeared in the seeing was a stone.  What appeared in the perception was a ball.   Unquestioned beliefs have no chance of revealing their true nature if they are not questioned.  It is the same for us.

How much of your personal world is composed of words and concepts?   All of it?  None of it?

Is there a personal world in reality?    Does it have a ground?  

Where is the one who believes in some theoretical ground?  

Where is the one who claims some belief in some conceptual ground?  

Is the ground merely a belief?  Assumptions and beliefs are not universal truths.

Basically a belief is an unquestioned acceptance of something, without any clear and positive proof or undoubtable evidence.

It is pointed out that there is no answer in the mind and ironically just about everyone starts ruminating over what that means.  The silent aspect of mind is ignored as if it were meaningless.  Energy goes into the content of mind via belief and yet every ‘particle’ of mind content is without substance.   Try and catch the wind or a beam of light with a concept.

Basically the psychological terrain of the ‘person’ is simply ideas, concepts, a narrative about ‘me’ and a consistent referencing to an image of self (me) and ‘my story’.  Some appear to believe in a highly subjective personal world, a subtle realm of internal dialog with themselves and they call that (slavery) ‘self-knowledge’.

Ignoring our true nature ‘happens’ due to a habit of adhering to an unquestioned image (me) composed of ideas about ‘me’ and about ‘not me’.   Belief continues because they are not questioned.   Stale ideas about ‘me’ belong to the past.   The belief in the ‘me of memory’ is the  cause of so much psychological suffering and even though it is not real, by hook or by crook, no one seems to want to let it go.  Why?   Because they believe that, that it is what they are, an old idea (me), a psychological image.  

The only place and time that the me can be put aside is right Here and right Now.  

By being totally with this immediacy of intelligence, the space that the me appears to take up is naturally emptied.   Once you truly get a good taste of this clarity of naked livingness, without a single concept about the dominating self-center (me) you cannot forget that taste.   That taste draws you back over and over and it naturally eliminates the belief in me.  That may appear to be a process, to take some ‘time’ to clear away the habit but at no point does the actuality of cognition deviate from right here, right now.

Here and Now is not an entity.  The boundless, time-less nature of ordinary awareness is overlooked simply because it is ordinary.  We have been indoctrinated with ideas about some wondrous ‘state of mind’ that is missing.   If such a wondrous state of mind existed, it would naturally transform into the ordinary state of affairs.   The ebb and flow of phenomena is called Nature.

Nothing can exist without energy.  By not investigating (which is due to the fixation on the me) the energy of belief keeps the internal drama of me going and few notice that it is all only appearing to be ‘happening’ to an image of self (me).

The Life world is NOT composed of concepts or ideas.   The psychological suffering is composed of fleeting moments of ignoring our true nature – all woven together into an apparent continuum.   It is not real and it is certainly not an answer in the mind.

What is this spontaneous life?  It is the basis of all that there is.   But it is not a thing.

The incredible lightness of being is light – the light of knowing.

The ‘me’.  An unquestioned belief, an assumption that an image is real.  What happens if you ignore it?   It loses its apparent potency.  Fear of being what you truly are is unnecessary.  The habit of panicking needs to be cut through.

You cannot go beyond the ‘me sense’ unless you KNOW what it is.   It will keep you bound up via the ignoring.

As soon as it is investigated, it begins to fall apart.   It may appear that I am going crazy as the old habit begins to fall apart.   The cage we build around our ‘self’ is composed of concepts.

Look at a concept if you can.   It has NO substance and even belief in its apparent duration falls away.