Not a religion

Despite what so many believe, non duality is not a religion.

The words ‘non duality’ simply mean that the unicity of the totality is singular, undivided wholeness.

There is no duality in non duality.

Dualism is an illusion of mind. The mind is dualistic and operates by comparison. The pairs of opposites are apparent ‘things’ composed of the same substance.

There is only one energy. ‘People’ imagine negative energies and positive energies. A whole range of imaginary realms and levels are in the mind. Some even imagine parallel universes, a heaven and hell and a myriad other realms.

Without true self knowledge the perceptions of an individual are ruled by the ‘me of memory’ and ‘fear of the future’ which is unknown.

No one knows what their next thought will be. That is an uncomfortable fact to even contemplate, for most. It undermines many assumptions. The so-called spiritual realm is crammed full of superstitions and beliefs that have no actual evidence in reality.

When ‘people’ buy into a belief system, they automatically protect their investment even when faced with insanity.

The great ‘prize’ that so many seek is not some fantastic unreachable state that has been given the label  ‘enlightenment’ – it is actually simple everyday awareness – the very thing that everyone takes for granted. It is already so. For the believed in entity it is not enough. So seekers go in search of ‘special states of mind’, nothing but illustrious notions…. and they expect to find it all in the unknown future.

Those who repeatedly ‘claim’ to have found it, are invariably vain and deluded. They are suggesting to everyone they meet, ‘Hey, look at me, follow me, I am very special’ and it is the fools that believe them and follow them.

Meanwhile the living present is here, now and that is all there truly is.  Nothing to claim because it is ordinary and there is no one that is not included in this presence-awareness.

By ignoring the perfection of the ‘already so’, the waking dream state has a field day with imagination.  Maya.

Our problem is our true identity is replaced, through erroneous belief, with identified states of mind (image-ing) and with insubstantial concepts based upon hearsay.  

Teachers and gurus alike are just characters of maya playing havoc with other characters of maya. Our true essence is always free of that play of the elements. 

Discovering this, or not, is apparently the only difference in ‘people’. One who knows that they are not a person is free to play the role of being a person….a controlled folly, if you like. The only one who can be angry or depressed, insulted or offended is what we call the ‘me’. It is a mask. It is not real, never was and never will be.

  1. Our problem is our true nature is replaced by
    through erronious belief identified state of mind
    true nature is seeing knowing
    replaced identity is ‘me’
    in paused state of mind there is no sensation
    for moment.
    restless mind creates again sensation after
    pause of moment.
    This has become practice.
    some unknown pressure seems to get this
    practice on it’s own or maybe expectant mind
    wants change I am not sure.
    This is how is my life running
    may be constantly pursuing pause but last
    for moment not more than that and there is
    nothing which I can improve by knowledge.
    let mind be empty itself.
    Your words are the way and I am a victim.
    Thank you for victimization. It seems painful
    but I want truth .
    And yes forgive them who are suffering from
    frustration or failure to understand your words.
    One day they may realise reality and be thankful
    to you.
    One day I wanted to kill my best nondual master.
    In imaginary world all perceptions change.
    sorry for large imaginary text I may be wasting
    your in-valuable time.

    • Many things are expressed as antidotes. The natural state is not replaced by anything. It is always present as the ‘background’.
      Like the sky may be covered with clouds for weeks or months – it does not mean that the sun is actually obscured. Get in a plane and go above the clouds and volare! Our limited point of view is clouded by belief in words. It is the word that seemingly separates and divides. Few suspect such a simple explanation could be true. Before words were learned, every child lives from the natural state. It does not go away simply because we learn words….and put words upon every conceivable thing. Reality is not a concept.

  2. Dear Gilbert I want to share here something
    that may be useful or may be not,
    at least you can turn my approach with
    right twist and I am also aware about your way that twisting is not only intelligently but also blunt.
    It seems that a person (me) is taking credit by playing roll
    of original autohappening seeing knowing
    which is not a thing because not any known
    But this person appears in the form of thinker
    and its associative patterns which is a set of
    thoughts or network as doer of every acton.
    At the same time background self existant
    seeing knowing is cognising movement but not
    interfering .
    Even after knowing this all the actions are
    performed by the same believed in entity.
    And the real cognisation remains untouched.
    Is this all noticed process is a part of
    right realisation which in period of time
    firms conviction that person does not exist
    and all there is seeing knowing.
    Thank you in advance.

    • The thought ‘I see’ cannot see. It is the mind translating the seeing, it is secondary to the actual seeing.
      You see other beings moving about in the world. You see your own body moving about in the world. Observe this phenomena and see if there is any difference. ‘I am the doer’ is the basic illusion. All the sensations are registering in the cognising. Investigate the apparent ‘point’ which is assumed to be the see-er and/or doer. I cannot make anyone see or realise. Anyone who believes they can make another see or realise is belonging to the illusion or ignorance. Ultimately one recognises that all others are appearances in the cognising, including the ‘identified with’ sensations of ‘me’. Self-centredness is the illusion. There is no actual centre! The guru is powerless. At best, all a teacher or guru can ‘do’ is point to the empty cognising. Almost invariably all teachers and gurus ‘claim’ to be a ‘doer’ and it is a lie. They may not realise their foolishness and it does not ‘matter’ whether they do or not. You are the one without a second – not even one. The resolution of this seeming mystery cannot be transmitted. Seeing is happening. There is no see-er. No thing is seeing!

  3. Yes dear Gilbert
    Some genuine gurus just pointed to emptiness
    of cognising directly and some gurus are
    manipulating in a way as if they can offer
    to seeker as surprise gift one fine day.
    They don’t say it directly but take advantage
    of seekers inability to see the truth directly.
    you say it doesn’t matter what they do
    but fooled seekers carry on long time
    and stay in frustrated confused and waiting
    till miracle happens.
    If seeker is lucky enough to have genuine
    guru like you one can come out of his
    and fake guru made illusion.
    I am also finding myself out of many illusory
    bondages with your sharp and clear statements.
    I am also aware that this comunication needs
    the same entity which is not seer has to be
    used for apparent give and take of information.
    May be that is also done by seeing knowing.
    I said may be that means I don’t know what
    is seeing knowing but it is- emptiness of cognising.
    Thank you for pointing to emptiness of cognising.