Not a religion – not a belief

Non Duality. The accepted meaning is: One without a second.

It could not be simpler.  Some say it is too simple – it can’t be that simple!

What is true is simple.  When investigated it merely reveals its true nature.

What is true implies an order.  

That which is false is unnecessary, complex and it fragments, it falls apart when investigated.

As ‘you’ look out at the world, two reference points form.

One is ‘I’ and the second is whatever is perceived ‘out there’.

That is duality.  I and not I.   Me and not me.  Duality.

What appears between these reference points?  What appears between all reference points?

I will not rob you of that discovery by telling you. 

One may investigate either reference point, I or not I.

Both reference points, all reference points, register in cognition, which is non dual.

As Siddharameshwar (Nisargadatta’s guru) pointed out “Duality is due to the see-er and the seen”.  This simple and profound pointing took place in 1920’s-30’s.  

The truth of it is timeless.  You can prove it to yourself.  The proof turns your life around and there is no going back.  

Do you truly want it?   It is available but it is not something to be timid about. If you do not want the proof, then my advice to you is straight and uncomplicated: Stop pretending to yourself that you do want it.

So, for those who remain interested: Investigate the see-er…. or the seen and realise that it all is conceptual constructs in mind. Words and images.   All words have been learned.  

There is no word that is the natural state.

The origin of mind is clear and empty. One might say that the origin of mind is cognition. It is not ‘someone’ knowing ‘something’.

What is being pointed out is not some new fangled invention of a clever intellect.  It is simply pointing out what is clear and obvious, if the mind is not adding all kinds of conceptual overlays.

All of the ‘spiritual teachings’ so prevalent today are little more than complex entertainment for the intellect and for maintaining the vulnerable ‘self-image’ of a ’spiritual person’.  Few notice that it is a trap with no way out.  The believed in entity does not exist and spending a life time trying to perfect an image of self is a total waste of energy.  

As Nisargadatta says “There are no customers for this knowledge”.   He is not being tricky. There are NO customers.  It is all a spiritualised dream playing upon consciousness.