Non Duality – two words

Many divide the natural oneness of ‘what is’ in their own minds.
Oneness means oneness.

Non Duality cannot be divided, least of all by mere concepts or ideas, attitudes or opinions.

The terms commonly used today, ‘Neo Advaita’ and ‘Traditional Advaita’, belong to a dividing mind.

Any credence given to those divisive terms only keep the mind in servitude to belief in concepts.

Dvaita means Two. A-dvaita means Not Two.

Advaita is commonly translated as ‘One without a second’.   Advaita means non duality in plain english.

Non Duality is not a religion.

Non Duality is not a belief system.

Non Duality is not any thing.

Non Duality simply means that existence is ‘not two’ – Two words pointing at ‘That-ness’, which is not even one.  

(the number 1 implies 2)

Non Duality is Zero. 

Non Duality – a simple description, in simple terms, pointing at the nature of reality.

There is only one reality which is all inclusive.

Non Duality is non conceptual.  You cannot get to it because you are already that.

Trying to get to non duality via duality (mind) is a fiction.

No concept can encapsulate what Non Duality means or is.

Wordless, concept-less, Is-ness.


Every vibration of every seeming particle is THAT and can not ever be anything other that THAT.  

The words ‘I am That’ is an expression from Zero degrees of separation.

  1. Duality is a concept–globally agreed upon by other concepts.

    • What do you know without words or concept? Can you think without words, images or concepts? Can you actually ‘think’?
      The problem seems to be that ‘people’ believe that once they can put a label of some ‘thing’ they know what it is. The word ‘Non Duality’ simply means that the essential nature of all is undivided – Not two.