No way, no path.

The clear and obvious nature of oneness is not subjected to any dimensions. It is not subjected to any directions and it is free of all concepts.

The past was never created.

The future has never been created.

The present is beyond the capacity of the intellect. The intellect in essence is intelligence, energy appearing as a pattern. The content of the intellect arrives as a spontaneous, never-ending, flow of what can be named as ‘relativity’ and the relative is dualism. Awareness is non-dual.

The singular nature of ‘your own consciousness’ is obvious and yet it is beyond all boundaries and is all-inclusive and is not personal in any way, shape or form.

No concept can ever divide this obvious oneness, which is always present as ‘what is’.

Reality is neither slow nor fast. Reality is neither gross nor refined.

Reality is No Thing.

The intellect is slow, a ‘Johnny come late’.

‘Thinking about the inconceivable present’ is like a man with a broom, sweeping up the debris at the Grand Stadium after the Big Game.

Just BE what you ARE.  Stop pretending.

You have never done a thing.  You are not the result of thinking or doing. There is no such thing as a ‘self-made man’ (or woman).

You cannot be a concept, an idea or a static point in space.


All there is, is Consciousness.   The subtle movement of cognizing is the basis of all there is and it IS all there is.

Conscious Being is the only revelation.   Once recognized, you can’t go back!

  1. “Conscious Being is the only revelation. ” -Gilbert Shultz
    This is difficult to grasp because it is so simple and so overlooked.
    In fact it is intuitively understood, but usually not consciously (with mind.)
    The mind’s habit is to think, organize and therefore overlook (& override) what is intuitively and immediately understood, arranging perception in an unnecessarily complicated manner.
    So simple as to not be believable.
    It’s what is, in spite of belief.
    See for yourself!
    Thanks, Gilbert!

  2. Someone once asked me if i thought there were different consciousnesses seeing. Since we both study one without a second i pondered the question, weakly muttered something to the negative, and we moved on. She didn’t challenge the apparent lie.