No time – No duration. What is, is what is.

In the scheme of things, most seekers are not ‘ready’ to hear the direct message. They spend all their ‘time’ avoiding anything that threatens the fixation on ‘me the seeker’.   The fact is that the seeking NEVER ever started.  The seeking is an illusion of a separate entity seeking something (anything) to anchor itself to. Emotional drama is the default anchor and suffering is its companion.   Giving up the habit of afflictive emotional turmoil for the ‘personal life’ is something that no one wants to give up.  Why?   Because without it, they feel lost and don’t know who they are.

There is no ‘who’ and that is the point that everyone misses.  The infamous question ‘Who am I?’, which thousands are addicted to, is actually pointing at the fact that there is NO ‘who’…..but everyone misses that and they keep asking the question, expecting some answer from the mind.   Mind is me.  Mind is time.  Awareness is timeless….ever fresh.

These fictional characters called ‘seekers’ are, it would seem, full of expectations based on a belief that they have to ‘do’ something in order that they ‘gain’ something. What is consistently being pointed to here is that our true essence is already pure and free of psychological suffering. It just needs to be recognized.  So, in the scheme of things the message is addressed not to the fictional entity but to the essential intelligence of pure being.  The ‘personality’, the ‘persona’, the mask, cannot hear anything because it is a conceptual construct without any being whatsoever.

‘In the appearance of things’ a few seekers appear to be tired of chasing their tails and so are ‘ready’ to hear something very different.  Since the ‘me fixation’ has no capacity to hear, the message registers in the clear moments when the fixation on me (psychological noise) is abating.  Something is recognized.  Like a man wandering on a mountain, lost in a fog, he sees the faint foggy image of a tree in the distance. He recognizes the being we call ‘tree’.  As he is drawn toward the image, the tree reveals itself ever more clearly.   Being lost in the illusions of being a separate person is like being in a fog.  As we recognize our true nature, we respond and draw closer to it.   Then when the sense of being identified with being separate dissolves, the sense of ‘I am that’ blooms spontaneously.  No separation.

The unswerving pointer that everyone seems to pass over is…..There is no answer in the mind.

What is necessary (only because it has not been recognized) is a recognition of your innate true nature.

Thousands of pointers are presented……and the common feature of a pointer is that it stops the mind in its tracks.

The true recognition of our true nature is unexpected by the mind.

Mind is time and naked cognition is actually timeless – no beginning and no end.

In the silent space-like awareness, pure cognition, a recognition may open up, like a flower opens to the sunlight.

Any description offered will be useless if it is automatically referred to ‘the me of memory’.   This is not about self-centeredness.  This message is not for the ‘me’, not for the habit of belief in acquiring some special knowledge.

The innate wisdom of pure being is already present.  It is ignored by all seekers due to the fixation on ‘me’.  In the scheme of things, the sense of being separate is like a meter thick wall of concrete and with decades of ‘belief in it’ (it is entirely composed of belief), it appears to be solid and impenetrable.  The sense of separation is a sensation and it is composed of nothing other than concepts appearing in the so-called mind.  It can be cut through in an instant.  The ‘wall’ may disappear in an instant.

Fear of being nothing ’causes’ a panic and the habit of grasping kicks back in and the ‘wall’ reappears.

Many insist on ‘the traditional methods’ even when it is obvious it does not work.  They refuse to acknowledge that they have not advanced one millimeter and all their self-assessment is nothing but ‘a fixation on me’.

There is no tradition to the directness of ‘truth or reality’. It is ever-fresh.  It is spontaneously replenishing itself without ever becoming anything.  It will never be anything.  It has never been anything.  It will never become anything.  No one can go beyond it and no one can change it.  It is called ‘reality’.

It is ‘no thing’ to the mind and that is why it strikes fear at the core of the belief in ‘me’.


  1. No one is asked to join some group or religion. No one is asked to believe anything. The basic ‘rule’ is ‘See for yourself’. Nothing else works. Belief in what others have realized is a very limited way to live. Know the truth and the truth will set you free from the belief in being a ‘you’ that was ever bound….or set free.

  2. “In the silent space-like awareness,pure cognition,a recognition may open up, like a flower opens to the sunlight”.
    The flower….how beautiful!