No separate ‘thing’ exists anywhere.

Whatever ‘appears’ to happen, there is no result, no effect apart from the appearance of a cause or an effect. There is no cause anywhere to be found – the meaning is ascribed by the mind, from memory only.
All apparent ’causes’ stem from the Singular Nature of the Infinite Potential, which NEVER manifests.
THAT is all inclusive. There is Nothing Outside of THAT. Nothing to be separate or distinct.
I AM THAT – the realization.
The Realization is Eternally un-manifest yet it appears as every particle of this Appearance.
Where are you seeing from?
Every seeming cause and seeming effect appears IN the seeing.
It is undifferentiated SEEING – it is All Seeing.
It is only the mind that separates and divides what is truly One.
In Sight may appear as a glimpse of ‘truth’ – in Essence it is naked seeing – uninterrupted seeing.
You are THAT.