There is no rainbow in the crystal – part 1

The clarity of pure being is not demonstrated as any thing.   Just as a light beam shone through a crystal reveals a display of colors, the rainbow of colors, when the light is turned off, the rainbow disappears.  The crystal remains the same, clear and empty.   The essence of being, pure being remains the same in all of us.  The display, the ‘rainbow’ spontaneously displays.  

Love of being is non dual, it has no opposite.  Love of ‘personality’ (self-centeredness) is dualistic and must oscillate between the pairs of opposite.   If the personality is aligned with true being it will serve.  Through self-centered fixations, the personality (the mask – persona) will wreck havoc * ‘like an angry ape’ (*as Shakespeare pointed out).

Recognize the emptiness of mind.   The resolution of all psychological suffering is through recognizing the emptiness of mind.  No mind.

Many believe that they are on a sacred journey and they believe they have made a lot of progress.  They often forget about their journey and so they punish themselves for forgetting.  Guilt takes over from natural impulses – and a psychological mess spills out. They do not recognize that every time they recommence their imaginary journey, they are buying into ‘old mind’ and a ‘story of me’.   The only way out of the illusion of ‘seeker seeking’ is to stop, empty the mind.   Let the thought be ‘no thought’.

In searching for silence, the search itself is based upon an assumption that silence is not present and that it is something that can be lost or found.  

This disturbance of searching for silence is an activity appearing upon silence and so it is nothing but an ignoring, camouflaged as a transparent ‘earnest seeker’ seeking resolution by ‘the avenue of disturbance’.

The ignoring of this ever-present silence is a subtle attachment to a belief and anything that is not silence.   The conceptualized silence, a belief, obscures the actual silence like a mask covers the face.  Some say that one must divide the attention to be aware of these apparent separate ‘states’, silence and sound.  However such directives only feed the concept of separation, when the actuality of what is, is one undivided whole.  Inclusive is the nature of oneness, not separation into imaginary exclusive states of mind or attention.

Since the home ground of all sound is silence, how can you say you do not recognize it? In recognizing it, how can you believe that it is something that needs to be searched for?

The same principle applies to stillness. All movement appears upon stillness.   How can you say that you cannot find stillness?  What is stillness without movement?  What is movement without stillness.  They are inclusive, naturally and obviously so.  

‘Already  so’ is a quality of true insight.  There is NO psychological evolution.   Concepts do not evolve.  Cognition does not change its nature to suit beliefs or perceived notions.

There is no static point anywhere.

Your psychological platform is composed of beliefs and assumptions.

The specific qualities of light are revealed within the expansive qualities of darkness.  Both are dimensionless.  Equal.

The qualities of reality are revealed or displayed by the appearance and disappearance of phenomena, temporal states and the traces of transient events and things.

Looking for permanence in temporal states is a kind of madness.  

Ironically, it is the searching for substance in beliefs, those assumptions, that reinforces those particular erroneous beliefs.  

‘I am almost there’ is a common private narrative for those who fixate on seeking, those who ignore the clear and obvious.   Who cares?   If they don’t care, why should anyone else?

Spiritual meetings around the globe (hundreds and thousands of them) are filled with seekers fixating on their personal story.  Sacred self images flickering and swooning in deluded states of mind.  Telling their story in a convincing manner brings a brief relief but the core problem is not solved. Some believe that they are exceptionally special, even attribute a quality of being chosen to themselves…. and they quite genuinely believe that ‘God himself must descend from the clouds and become their very own personal teacher’ (one of Gurdjieff’s sayings).

A guru/teacher cannot teach what they don’t know!   They cannot give away what they don’t have!  

The illusions of spirituality are many.  The essence of pure being is one.  

The spontaneous nature (ground) of all phenomena abides beyond the perceivable and the conceivable.

How can you say that you do not know your true nature (or reality) when that is the very ‘thing’ you appear to actively ignore with such passion? You search in all the wrong places.


The false can never become real. The real can never become false.