No one but you

No one can ‘do it’ for you.  

Those who perceive entities (with belief) have not realised anything.

Through belief in things that are not, you have limited yourself by ‘creating’ a cage of belief.

The cage is composed of concepts.

What substance does any concept have?

The infinite potentiality is spontaneously ever present and no thing can ever put any limits upon it.

Nothing can limit the infinite nature of existence (or non-existence).

Presence and absence are infinitely entwined like a rope.  Space and content of space are the same.

For so-called ‘human beings’ the infinite potentiality, even though it is always present, is dampened down through belief in words and labels.

By simply removing belief, insights spontaneously appear.

So-called enlightenment is ever present – there for the taking.  But can you take it?  That is the crux of it all.

It is only erroneous beliefs that seemingly prevents self-realisation.

Infinity is already self-realising, as is.

Infinity does not need an agent.

The seeming activities of a false self-centre obscure the clear and obvious.

By simply investigating it, the self-centre reveals its non existence.

You are still present and aware.  But if fear of being nothing is believed in, the cycle of repetition continues.  The essence of all patterns is energy.

There is only one energy.


Belief requires energy.   Nothing exists without energy.

Take the energy out of belief by focusing your attention straight into the space where belief is supposedly residing.  The locality will be found to be empty.

The common error is that even after a very clear insight into this, the mind will then construct a new belief.

Those who say they got it must be lying.   The belief that someone got it is completely erroneous.

All that happens here is impersonal pointing.   Those who see entities have not realised anything.


“Those who say do not know.  Those who know, do not say” – Tao Te Ching