No need, no wanting.

Trees Mandala

Awareness is mirror-like.  (You cannot see the mirror, only the reflections that fill the mirror)

Consciousness appears upon naked awareness – the consciousness is ever-changing.  Awareness is not appearing, except as a display of ever-changing consciousness.  Pure awareness is ever-changeless.

Everything that appears is consciousness, no matter how large or how small. Whether you conceive of something as negative or positive, it is the same energy appearing as content of consciousness, expressed from the same source, the same essence.

What is aware of the consciousness?  To be totally conscious of being conscious is to perceive no separation between consciousness and that which is aware of consciousness.  (Non Dual) This is expressed through the words: ‘I am that’.

The appearance we call the ‘person’ is not reality.

All confusion arises from the erroneous belief of being a person, a separate entity.  The apparent boundary of that believed in entity is non existing.  It requires belief to reinstate its apparent boundary. The sense of separation and vulnerability is due to that belief.  None of it is real.

Don’t allow the mind to introduce if’s or buts.  Is the person real?  Where is it in deep sleep?  It disappears every night and you are not concerned about it disappearing.  

Is it truly there when you first wake up in the morning?  Do not assume to give an answer without the experiencing.  See for yourself, in those first moments of clear wakefulness, is there a story of me, a person or not. Find out for yourself.  It is imperative to discover the truth of this.   Know the truth and the truth will set ‘you’ free.

Seriously!  If you understand that the person is persona, a mask…. and if you truly know that you are not the mask, what more do you need to know?


Your essence is pure being, pure awareness.  Start from that and see if any of your questions or your doubts are actually valid.

What more do you need?

  1. Artwork by Gilbert. The sense of ‘I’ forms out of impressions, ideas and concepts, clustering around sensations. The entire universe is sensation. The ‘I’ is only a re-presentation of past sensations. The immediate sensation, prior to the minds translation from memory, is formless and in essence is universal (cosmic), without a centre or boundary.

  2. Millions meditate regularly. Is there any real result? Is any result actually real, from meditation?
    Transient results appear and disappear.
    The perfection of ‘what is’ is already so, before the millions decide to meditate and it is still perfect while they meditate….and it is still perfect when they stop meditating.
    Meditation is nothing more than self-medication, self-calming.
    Hope of attaining perfection will always fail because ‘what is’ is already perfect. Just because you take yourself to be a limited creature that must punish itself with methods and practices that do not work does not have any result apart from locking that believed in entity into an unnecessary ritual. The ritual is an effective means of enhancing the hypnosis and self-deception.
    Investigate….who is the meditator? It is a fixation and it is the same fixation that causes unnecessary psychological suffering. The act of meditating reinforces a belief in being that limited entity, that is in fact, nothing but emptiness.

  3. Dear Gilbert
    Everything is appearance, appearing and disappearing, including this response and next to it as well.
    When pause happens, there is alertness and there
    it is seen that next thought snatches belief as person
    and in the next link pause is lost and belief
    supports person.
    If it is clear that person is not ‘knowing’ belief
    returns to that which is ‘knowing pause’ – ‘non conceptual awareness’.
    Quality or quantity of alertness plays most
    important role. If it is good enough it is possible
    to stand as what is pointed.
    So far, so good.
    Thank you for your loving responses those are
    increasing alertness.
    Returning is happening towards pause and it is
    maintained by intelligence. In the scheme of things
    that is Gilbert (non objective).
    In india there is one exclamation praising the
    intelligence of great shayar Mirza Galib.
    Only Hindi language speakers will catch the
    Shayar to duniyame bahut mashhur hue hai
    magar andaje bayan Galib ka kuchh aur hai.
    There are many famous poets (shayar) came and gone in the world.
    But the way of expressions, of Mirza Galib, is different from other shears. There is unknown but seeet effect when he puts meaning in his words.

    • Through belief in being a separate entity, a ‘person’ the immaculate natural and ordinary perfection of ordinary awareness is seemingly obscured.
      As that believed in entity, we appear to make judgments about a conceptualised representation of everything and also about whatever this ordinary awareness has been transposed conceptually into, in the mind.
      Water is water. Water can be polluted by adding ‘things’ to it. The H2O is H2O. Whatever is suspended in the water is removable. Polluted Water can be taken back to its original ‘state’ by removing the pollutants. If a colouring is added to water, it is not the H2O that has been coloured. On close examination one will find small particles of coloured substance floating in the water.
      Awareness is like water in a similar way. Whatever is appearing to be suspended in awareness…..concepts, ideas, beliefs and memories, they are all transitory visitors. Without awareness, they have no (apparent) existence. We say ‘I know’ and we also say ‘I don’t know’. It is the same knowing in both cases. The polar opposites of mind are ‘under’ the same ‘roof’. The ‘reason’ why we inflict suffering upon ourselves is because of a grasping bias. To open oneself to the wholeness of being requires courage and trust and these are naturally with our being-ness…..not the biased intellect. The intellect is like a servant gone wild. It runs a muck because it wants more attention than it requires. Self-centredness….me, me, me. Wisdom is a feature of the balanced state of all the senses. Your own perfection is already so. The pollution of this perfection is brought about by adding concepts to the basic ‘I am’. Belief in words is where we go astray…..and get lost in a realm of words, ideas, concepts and belief, stacked upon belief. By quietly staying with the sense of presence (I am) without any words (without the words ‘I am’) is all that is necessary. The habit of being distracted must be overcome. ‘I can’t do it’ is the most common distraction. Belief in that ‘I can’t do it’ leads the mind away into a thousand other distractions. Meanwhile naked awareness is perfectly present, no matter what appears to come or go. What is so difficult with that? Belief in labels, words and the (fabricated) conditioned mind. You have never been bound. Every moment is fresh and new. This moment, right now, has NEVER EVER happened before. Isn’t that OBVIOUS?

  4. In masquerade, everyone wears a mask. Does the wearer of the mask forget about the mask? The whole purpose of wearing the mask is to obscure one’s identity.
    Who is behind the mask?
    What is your true identity?
    The persona (mask) is not a choice made by any person. The person is the persona. One could say that the persona is a necessary interface between the so-called ‘inner reality’ and the ‘outer reality’ but it is necessary to realise that there is only one reality. There is NO boundary between some inner and some outer. All such realms are conceptual.
    In the so-called ‘spiritual circles’ (no one escapes the circle) there is an apparent mind game of teachers convincing seekers to believe in a conceptualised freedom, which will come in the future, after certain ‘work on oneself’ is completed. In reality it is all addition, adding limitations (concepts and belief in concepts) onto what is already limitless, already perfectly free. Belief can never limit the activity of knowing. It only seemingly does that though the erroneous belief that concepts have some reality of their own.

    Without thinking about it, is there a limitation or a boundary anywhere?
    The absurdity is that ‘people’ pretend to want to be one with oneness and it is the very idea of being a person that introduces all the limitations and the imagined boundary. There is NO separation in reality. Drop all ideas and recognise the natural unicity of being. Let everything be what it is. Give no credence to fear. The sensations will appear but do not label them. In this way, the perceived separation is dissolved. Once it is seen to disappear, it cannot be totally believed in ever again.

  5. Dear Gilbert
    The sensations will appear but do not lable them.In this way perceived separation is dessolved.
    Once it is seen to disappear, it cannot be believed in ever again.
    Remove the belief energy from the image of self
    and in cutting the energy of belief, mind will be off (or empty).
    Seeing this or experiencing this is master key.
    The formulation of these words creates silence for
    what is sought or taught.
    This is total sum of nonduality.
    Summary of entire spirituality.
    Stop believing person as false entity is hard to
    digest but above statement is total action
    what is right action on conceptual level and
    understood clearly the output is what seeker seeks.
    In the process seeker is dessolved and remains
    reality (not word). One wishes to say ‘I am that’.
    But what is that?
    Seeing disappearance of thought. It is not effort
    made by seeker stopping thought…..But seeing has
    stopped thoughts.
    Doing some other kind of exercise will strengthen some
    other activity of seeker.
    If belief returns to mask that will add more ideas,
    concepts and big network of binding material for
    This is why intelligence of true guru is necessary
    to free the bound person.
    Thank you Mr. freer of seeker.

  6. The mind translates the simplicity of presence-awareness as the thought ‘I am’.
    Instead of adding more concepts to the naked ‘I am’, leave it as it is.
    It is not the translation that is the presence of awareness (or the awareness of presence).
    Without a thought, what are you?
    Once one gets a taste of the non conceptual presence of awareness, that taste acts like a marker in the psychological landscape. It is recalled because of it’s starkly unique simplicity. It resonates through the entire being without interference from the intellect. It acts like a dear friend calling you to remember.
    At the core of this resonance there is clarity and spaciousness beyond measure. The absence of psychological suffering is remarkable. No remark can suffice and there is nothing to say. The true nature is wordless and silent.
    In the scheme of things, far too many words are spoken about non duality.
    Still, words are necessary to point out what is constantly being overlooked.
    Nothing can be more simple than one.
    It is so simple that whatever words or concepts are put ‘upon it’ only add a seeming conceptual dimension, a dimension of unnecessary complexity.
    If we say that non duality exists, it is not correct.
    If we say that non duality does not exist, it is not correct.
    If we say it is not even one, that points correctly but any added concept about that ‘not even one’ will be an unnecessary addition.
    This is the essence of ‘neti neti’. Not this, not this.

    Whatever you can think of, perceive, see, hear, taste or touch is not what you are.
    What you are is prior to space. Space is seen and yet it is not seen. In the appearance of things, space is the closest in appearance to ‘no thing’. All things are no thing in reality.

    Thoughtless reality, not a dimension, not a duration, without beginning or end.
    Not two.
    Not even one.

    No wonder it eludes every single seeker.

  7. Oké, I translate it my way.
    No need – no wanting.

    “Once one get a taste, it acts like a dear friend calling you to remember”.

    Drink….the waters….”my cup runneth over”.
    “As above,so below; as below, so above”.

    Thank you for this amazing painting.
    I wish I would have it in the living room.
    Circle, Nature, trees and the leaves actually being the tree!

  8. Dear Gilbert
    One who gets a taste of naked I am is the seeker, in the scheme of things.
    By being (seeing) seeker managed to see that when there is pause means when it was absent (as long as he/she could manage) it was pause, no thing (thought), silence was there.
    And as soon as he returns labling translating-pause is seemingly lost.
    No one can give truth to other that means seeker has to take responsibility to see on it’s own.
    Plight of the seeker is so pitiful that he hardly maintains pause and reject as nothing and try to manipulate in some well known way and miss the pause.
    I have seen this plight for a decade with great pain.
    There is something what seeker can do.
    That is to maintain pause.
    Sorry to be advisory but I can’t help it.
    Let no one should remain as seeker.
    And everyone is seeker as long as he/she doesn’t manage a pause.
    He will remain seeker forever.
    Please maintain pause.
    Power of maintaing pause is not in our intellect but in the words of Gilbert’s.
    I don’t know why he says truth is not in the words.
    But I am sure he is not hungry of praise.
    May be after dissolving of seeker natural state is established. That is what he means.
    In this logic dissolved, one is not counted but output is valuable.
    I don’t know when I am in the grip of mind so return to pause.
    Thank you ‘naked I am’.

    • The seeker never existed. The seeker is an image, a thought, a concept or an idea. An image cannot see.
      The seeing is naked, empty of all things.
      All the natural functions are empty of things.
      Walking is walking. Breathing is breathing. Obstructions to walking or breathing are not the walking or breathing.
      Obstructions to hearing or seeing are not the hearing or seeing.
      If ‘you’ (me) wait for the seeker to be able to see, ‘you’ wait forever.
      The mind translates the seeing into ‘I see’, a thought. A thought ‘I see’ cannot see.
      Beyond that mechanism, prior to that mechanism, in the living moment of the message registering cleanly, the pure intelligence is aroused and the idea of ‘me’ is kept at bay (for a moment).
      The attention is with the pause (non-thinking) and is like an opening, like a wide window in a wall of thinking or conceptualising. Constantly referring to the wall of thinking hypnotises the pseudo subject. Remove the wall by ignoring it and the open nature of everything is boundless. No one walks up to a wall in order to look at the horizon. Some weep at the wall and leave messages for god.
      The word ‘god’ means the everlasting unity of eternity, the all and everything.
      In the Bible it says “Let no man come between you and your god”.
      I can translate that as ‘Let no thought or belief, taken on board from mankind, come between the actual living experience, the thoughtless reality and what you actually are”.
      No one has the right to lead you anywhere or drum beliefs into your mind. A belief is not the actuality.
      Organised religion is conceptual dogma.
      It reminds me of the man who found the truth. A moment later the devil walked up behind him and whispered in his ear “Ah, so you have found the truth, let me help you organise it!”.
      We all have insights, some of them very profound. Seeing is happening. Insight is in essence, naked seeing. The intellect, through habit, jumps in and translates the insight and the essence of the insight is covered over. The insight is reduced to the limited nature of memory. Yesterday’s insight is dead and gone, so the value of any insight is in the immediacy of it. Taste the nature of the insight and cease from any desire to quickly translate it. Egoic impulses are a habit. Unnecessary. Be what you are – and do not try to become what you think you are by habit.

  9. Some, it seems, may believe that I, the writer of these posts and comments, get some sense of being special from this activity. I can assure you that there is nothing in this for me. Not me or any other me. Basically no seeker wants to know this ‘knowledge’. Some who are incensed by my posts or comments have shown signs of hatred and I have witnessed this many times face to face. It seems I have a knack of ‘pressing sensitive buttons’. Self-centred folk have no idea of how transparent their self-centredness is. It is on display for anyone to see, except others who are equally self-centred. Everything is related to the image of self, taken, by them, to be very personal – and so the essence of the impersonal nature of the message is missed completely.
    I know what I am. I know where I am seeing from.
    Investigate where the seeing is happening. Drop all concepts about this seeing.
    There is NO answer in the mind.
    Stop looking in the wrong place, the accumulated beliefs.
    Be nothing other than what you actually are.
    Be the being. Cease to try to ‘become’ anything other than this living immediacy and get a taste of non-conceptual awareness. This timeless, boundless lucidity.

  10. Dear Gilbert
    What is aware of the consciousness? To be totally conscious of being conscious is to perceive no separation between consciousness and that which is aware of consciousness. (Non Dual) This is expressed through the words: ‘I am that’.
    Would you simplify it in different words?
    I love your words. It seems as if words contain
    truth, delivering perfect message, somehow
    not registered properly and missing the point.
    Leaving (everything) naked I am, as it is, not trying to add
    more concepts. It seems in that effort there
    is simple joy arising. But mind returning always
    happens.May be there is still some belief left
    with mask or habitual response takes away
    whatever earned in pause.
    You say words are necessary to point to what is
    ignored. Maybe I use words to see what is
    Attention stays with pause non thinking for
    time being and retuns to habitual pattern.
    Thank you for your words which point that is
    wordless silence.

    • You ask: “Would you simplify it, in different words?”
      Reply: Most usually words lead to more words. The study of words brings weariness. Words can point back through themselves to what is the source of everything. Words appear to be able to stop the mind. That is an illusion. The wordless non conceptual awareness does not need words. You want it more simple because the mind is trying to get something from the words. The words are empty. There is nothing more simple than one.
      Mind is time, mind is me, mind is dualistic. Mind cannot stay still.

      You say: “It seems in that effort there is simple joy arising”.
      Reply: No effort. Spontaneous uncaused joy.

      You say: “But mind returning always happens”.
      Reply: Yes, the mind is a vibration. If the attention is not on the transient content of mind, then the content will not loom over you. When mind is in abeyance, when the me fixation is not grasping at concepts and things, everything is clear and obvious, not two. When mind stirs again, it appears upon that which was present and is present as the immediate nature of reality. The definition of reality is that which never changes.
      Who is slipping back into the habitual reference points of mind? One must observe impartially and find out.
      You say: “Maybe there is still some belief left with mask or habitual response takes away
      whatever was earned in pause”.
      Reply: It is not a matter of gaining something or earning something. There is no entity to this awareness. Nothing gained, nothing lost.
      You say: “You say words are necessary to point to what is”.
      Reply: The words are only necessary, like a sign post is necessary. A sign post can be accurate. “London 12 miles”. A sign post can also be can point the wrong way! Eg: “Happiness – after 10 day retreat” or “Spiritual attainment – after you do long practice – in the future”.
      Reality is right here, right now. Reality needs no affirmation and cannot be negated. Only the foolish deny reality. Psychological suffering is resistance (me).

      • Life is living you.
        “There is only life – no one ever lived a life” – Nisargadatta

        The movements in mind have no volition of their own. No cause. They are spontaneously appearing and disappearing. The mind is quite mechanical and always moves between the pairs of opposites. Thought is a subtle vibration, energy moving. The mind is dualistic by nature. Nature itself expresses as dualism.
        The best way to get a taste of non conceptual, impartial awareness (not a thing), is to pause the thinking.
        Do not indulge in ideas of an entity ‘doing it’. The very suggestion to pause the thought IS intelligence and it is intelligence that pauses the thought.
        What is tasted is formless cognition, naked seeing-knowing. Thought will return because the mind cannot stay still – it is a movement of energy. Only a brief moment is necessary to recognise what is present, without thought. (“Eternity in a grain of sand” – William Blake)

        The effortless effort required is never going to come from mind. It is naked awareness itself, which is always present. Some call that the natural state. It is not a state, as such.
        No names or labels can be successfully put upon that. The natural state is silent and wordless – pure cognition.

        If the me fixation appears to be stubborn, go consciously right INTO it and consciously investigate what that me fixation is. It has no power to resist if the intention is clear of fixations about me. The ‘me’ only appears to be some ‘thing’ because of the energy of belief that flows into the image or concept ‘me’. Withhold the energy by being the seeing. Be nothing other than the naked and spontaneous seeing.

        The seeing is empty with no entity residing in some conceptual centre of seeing. Reference points like the thought ‘I see’ will appear but simply NOTICE that this appearance of the thought ‘I see’ is seen from beyond it. The thought is not the seeing. Then another reference point will automatically appear. Same apparent process. A pattern of belief. A pattern of belief will repeat itself over and over only because it is not investigated thoroughly. Stay mentally quiet. Let the seeing be free of thought. Keep seeing that there is no actual see-er.

        Translation: Gone, gone all the way, gone all the way over. Awake. Horray!

        Krishna: “Of all the seekers, there is only one who knows me in my true nature”.

        That one is sometimes given the title of ‘naked awareness’.

  11. Dear Gilbert
    Withhold the energy by being seeing.
    There is no entity to awareness.
    appearance of thought’ ‘I see’ is seen from beyond
    the mind.
    The suggestion to pause thinking is intelligence
    and intelligence stops thoughts.
    Every pointing is clear enough to maintain
    seeing knowing.
    Reassuring pointing that pause is prior to
    every appearance.
    Thank you…. and no personal comment.
    What is best doesn’t need recommendations.
    It is best on it’s own as it is.

    • With the intent of being the seeing only, the energy that would otherwise go into the beliefs is cut off naturally.
      Thinking will carry on. You cannot stop the thinking. Thought can be paused for a ‘short time’.
      Once the habit of belief in thought is cut through, thoughts will come and go without incident, without afflictive emotions.
      Thought, feeling and emotion are three aspect of mind content. Water, ice and steam are three aspects of H2O.
      Emotional states first appear as a thought. Emotional states depend on chemical responses in the body. Without a thought to fixate on, the feeling is subtle and at ease.