Q:  Can you say anything about dense body energy and it’s sense of  mass appearing as a stuck self ?

How to deal with mind/body contracted state?

Thanks, F……


Basically no one wants to let go of the ‘image of me’.  Why?   Because they are afraid that if they let go of that image (cease to refer everything to it) they will have no idea of what they are.  

Nisargadatta says:  “There are no customers for this knowledge”.   (end quote)

No one wants to be nothing.  Fear of being nothing keeps the illusion of being something in place.  But that place is ephemeral, no substance.  Suffering the angst of juggling a hot potato (me) for eternity is all an illusion of mind.  Who cares about your complex belief system?   Who understands it?  Spending your life converting ‘others’ to belief in your self image (me) is slavery to a myth.

Everything is energy.  Nothing exists without energy.  Energy cannot get stuck anywhere.  Energy is not static. Energy can never be static.  Every ‘particle’ of the universe is composed of energy moving.  

The ‘mass’ of the image of self is a seeming solidity which appears to be some real thing due to belief….. and its companion is the habit of  constantly referencing all experiences and events to that image.  Without the energy of belief it dissolves.  So, that ‘real thing’ dissolves, proving that it never was real.  Fear of that dissolution keeps the wheel of suffering turning.  It is all about ME!

Where do all experiences and events register?   Is there a separate identity that can be found anywhere?

All descriptions of what awareness is are conceptual.  Concepts appear and disappear upon awareness.   How can a definition be what it describes?  Awareness is not a thing.  There are no particles, small or large, to awareness.  Awareness is not composed of anything.  Nothing can get stuck to awareness….. because it is not a thing.  ‘Things’ and ‘events’ appear and disappear upon awareness – just as waves appear and disappear upon the surface of the ocean.

Belief in me is the ’cause’ of psychological suffering, the conflict with ‘me’ mixed with all the conflict with other ‘things’, things that do not blend with the ‘sacred image’ of me.  When things fit in with the image of me, I am happy.  When things do not fit, I am depressed or angry.  Feelings and emotions are added to the thought ‘me’ and are less sublte than the mere thought ‘I; or ‘me’.  The apparent substance of ‘me’ appears to be real due to the additions to the image of me, plus belief in feelings and emotions associated with that image.  The appearance of all that activity is constantly changing and can NOT ever be reality.

Therefore when we say ‘it matters to me’ we are talking about the belief in me, an imaginary thing (me) and some other ‘thing’ or ‘things’ that appears to be important to me.  Or things I want or I don’t want to be associated with.  It is all ‘personal’ stuff and the ‘person is not reality’.  There are no two ways about it.   All the ‘excuses’ that come up to protect the image of self fail and so they merely prolong the agony.  

At some point ‘enough is enough’ kicks in.  Now is all there is.

The me is not reality.  The unquestioned addiction to personal drama keeps the mattering of me in place.  

The ‘me’ is high maintenance!  It is not real, never was real and NEVER will be real.  

No one ever ‘becomes’ enlightened.  Becoming is illusion, Maya!  All that happens is delusions of mind fall away and are NOT replaced.  There never was an entity in any of it.  The ‘reason’ no one sees this ‘truth’ is because subtle belief patterns obscure the clear and obvious.

Awareness is self aware, not a thing.  Awareness does not need an agent called me or I.

You as a believed in entity cannot deal with anything.  The me cannot see, hear, think or do anything.  Investigate why this simple fact is not obvious and you will discover the erroneous beliefs that obscure your own understanding.


Let everything be what it is.


In this way, everything remains as it is naturally.   As soon as ‘you’ try to alter, accept or reject some experience, the energy of belief in the me, the apparent ‘doer’, is in conflict with what is.

What is, is as is, unaltered, unmodified, uncorrected.  The contemptuous ‘me’ is a belief that ‘I’ can ‘do better’ than the spontaneous nature of this intelligence called Life Essence. 

Get this potent message: Mind is time.  Awareness is time-less.  All your problems are time bound problems that belong to the ‘me’ and the me is time.  The me cannot withstand the actuality of right here, right now.  Right here, right now is not a concept or idea.  The me is a concept, an image laden down with belief in conditioned mind.  Where is this ‘heavy luggage’ called conditioned mind?   It is in belief in concepts, ideas and images of ‘me’.  How can an image ‘do’ anything?   It cannot do a god damn thing!

Awareness is not subjected to ‘time’.   The spontaneous nature of consciousness-awareness or ‘conscious awareness’ naturally overthrows whatever the me of memory (mind) appears to ‘do’ or present as an obstacle.

Clever ‘people’ imagine that they can take credit for ‘doing’ all kinds of things.  If life energy was not flowing through the body, ‘they’ could not even take one breath.  Give credit where credit is due! 

Awareness is not a thing and has no interest in praise or blame, credit or debt.

The entire spiritual realm is completely imaginary.  Spirit and Matter are not two.

Heaven and Hell are diametrically opposed ‘places’, imaginary places, in the mind, where imaginary entities and ideas appear to spend their momentary flickering existence in a struggle against their opposites.  With less substance than a single flicker of a candle flame, in reality, how can these believed in fabricated entities called ‘me’ or ‘them’ actually ’cause’ anything to happen?   If belief is with held, they disappear!

The me is imaginary.

‘You’ cannot get back to reality wearing the cloak of belief in me.

What you truly are has never been lost in the land of belief. 

It is only the vulnerable me that feels lost.  All there is is right here, right now.  How can the ‘me’ be lost somewhere?   Where exactly?   It is lost in an imaginary realm of some ‘other time’.  It is all conceptual.  What about this is so hard to understand?   Who is it that resists the clear and obvious nature of spontaneous consciousness?   Contempt, prior to investigation is not a way to live.

Remove belief in me and the charade of being lost and the illusion of seeking drops away.