No Hook – No Bait

Only through erroneous belief can we (appear to) hold ourselves separate or apart from the natural state of livingness, life itself.

It is pristinely obvious that without a concept of being separate, there is no separation.  Even with the ‘heaviest concept’ appearing to fill the mind with obsession of being separate, there is NO separation in the actuality.

Even in the circumstance of so-called ‘deep identification’ the life energy continues to beat the heart (under the cloud of personal drama and psychological duress).

The body affects the mind just as the state of mind affects the body.  Belief in being separate ‘causes’ anxiety and psychological ‘noise’ which will not just go away without either a shock from the environment or via an investigation by intelligence.

All the ‘spiritual goody goody attitudes’ about fixing up an image of self is nothing but sheer nonsense.  Dreams are made of such nonsensical apparitions.

The entire manifestation is free of entities.  The apparent realm of entities trying to control nature is nothing but arrogance and ignorance.  Mankind through the murky, indistinct realm of belief in ill-fitting concepts, ignores the clarity of the ‘gift’ of pure intelligence.   Believing in ‘the crowning glory of creation’ ancient text suggestions, man’s vanity flourishes to such a degree that it smothers the natural intuition and the ever-present sensations and wisdom of this intelligent living consciousness.

Science and religion are believed to be ‘things’ that can save us.  Some join the religious camp and some join the science camp.  Some even believe they can float between the two and have secret ideas that they are special beings.  They secretly wallow in self-deceit and secret dreams of higher knowledge.

Objective science is fixated on ‘things’ and ‘observations’ of so-called evidence outside of the apparent observer.  They do not ascertain that the ‘observer’ is a conceptual reference point in the mind.  The duality of observer and observed is not recognized for what it is, because of the belief in ‘me’, which is nothing but content of mind.  Religion is obsessed with building a bridge between the inner turmoil of belief in being separate from some ‘god’ (the great observer in the sky) and a believed in external ‘god’, which is just the same fixation (me) projected out onto the empty sky. Both religion and science overlook the fact that all entities, all identities, either inner or outer, are merely concepts appearing in something called mind.  The fact that no one has or can can locate this infamous ‘mind’ seems to elude every single one of them.   It is all nothing but appearance of patterns – energy displaying as something other than what it is.

There are no entities anywhere, irrespective of what you or anyone else believes or thinks.   This apparently subtle and naked factor is so obvious no one notices it.  It is nothing that the mind can abide with or survive as a believed in separate ‘thing’.  Any pointer to these simple and obvious facts are shunned or translated, via the belief in me, as some sort of ‘fancy concept’ which needs to be ignored or contemplated, never acknowledge immediately.  So the imagined ‘secret knowledge’ of the so-called individual perpetuates its realm of fantasy, never to reveal itself for what it is.  In other words, any clear pointer is intellectualized almost instantly as a ‘no go’ area or it is taken on board as a fantastical personal achievement or something to try to achieve in ‘the future’.  The instantaneous acknowledgement of what is, is reduced to a concept or a mind projection into the ‘future’.  Seeing is happening.  Clarity is, as it is.  Clarity is NOT a condition of mind of the so-called separate individual.  The appearance of a so-called separate individual appears, just as all things appear (and disappear) in the unencumbered naked seeing-knowing.  Seeing clearly without any conceptual overlay is the natural state, wordless, concept-less and without judgement – not subject to ‘reasoning’.  The natural state is not a separate individual, never has been, never can be and never will be such.

The sun shines spontaneously of itself.  There is no entity in the sun making decisions about how to shine or thinking about what day it is.  The sun knows nothing of days, years or any time at all.  In the scheme of things, the sun, compared to the life span of mankind, is timeless.   The entire life span of mankind is not even a flicker on ‘the screen’ of timelessness.   Man imagines he is so important, the crowning glory.  In the scheme of things, the destruction of the environment by mankind resembles the addictive behavior of a madman bent on destroying himself with drugs and self-delusion.  All nothing but appearance and time bound mind-scapes, apparently filled with separate individuals.

If this planet disintegrated as an unexpected ‘event in time’, what would happen to all the vanity and self delusion?   Who would know of it?  Who could tell a story about it…and to whom would they tell it to?  What would be lost?

Consciousness cannot lose or gain anything.  It only appears as a display which registers ever fresh, ever new, upon awareness, which is no thing.

Notice how, as soon as concepts like ‘mankind’ and his ‘doing’ pop up, it calls forth a foray of mental images and common consensus ‘stored data’.

So long as there is a belief in being separate, then everything will appear as if there is separation. Drop the concepts about being separate and the apparent separation disappears.

One common feature that presents itself frequently in my correspondence with readers of this site is the display of ‘someone being offended’.  For instance:  When it is expressed that no one recognizes true nature, it is not a statement by someone here, someone who is attempting to be superior to others.   It is simple.  There is no separate entity anywhere.  Therefore, there is no one separate that can recognize true nature.  All that happens is the believed in separate entity vanishes into the naked seeing.  There is no one to claim anything.  Due to the egoic sense of some readers, they assume that ‘I’ am trying to place myself on a higher level to them.  No.  The expression is plain and simple:  There is no one who recognizes true nature.  Being offended just reveals the fiction of ‘me’, the one who is apparently offended.  The more violent the reaction to a simple statement, the more accurate the ‘pointer’ appears to be.  It is only a me that can be offended.  It is not subtle, nor is it something that has to be worked out in the intellect.  It is blazingly and brazenly obvious!

  1. The hook and the bait: Stirring up the belief system. In the appearance of things, in the apparent scheme of things, all sorts of things have gone haywire, so it seems. The ‘mass media’ has been taken away from the people. Controversial journalism has all but disappeared because nations allow a few select individuals to take over the media, on mass. Biased media has nothing to do with responsible journalism. So, in the scheme of things, the status quo is transformed into the ‘status elite’ – the ‘us and them’ dualism and anything that resembles the truth, along with everything else is swept under the carpet. Distraction is a tool to keep the public busy ‘not noticing’ what is going on. We are encouraged to inflict upon our own bodies, all kinds of medications and chemical cures. Doctors and the medical profession has done a deal with some ‘clever business’ people. The business world appears to be squeezing the lifeblood out of everything. Why? Is it just so that a few can feel superior and separate from the rest of us? The echo of the days of the guillotine appears to be getting louder.

    And yet nature provides everything we need in the ‘life world’ and all we have to do is nurture the gifts of nature – but no, we are arrogant and superior to nature, apparently. Junk food is now a major problem all around the globe. Junk food manufacturers follow the ‘business plan’ of the like tobacco empire. India and Brazil, relatively health places a decade or so ago, are now facing massive problems. Why? Because some business plan was escalated. Why? For profit! Not for the betterment of health or prosperity of any nation or people. Profit for a few. The selfish and greedy do not care about what damage they do. If they could get recycled cardboard to taste good by adding some salt, sugar and addictive flavors, they would market it.

    Now, you may notice how the mind latches onto certain concepts and ideas that engage the concept of ‘me and the world’. The personal drama needs something to attach itself to. Many go on about how a ‘shift’ is needed. An awakening. So long as there is a belief in being separate, then everything will appear as if there is separation. Drop the concepts about being separate and the apparent separation disappears. Simple. Too simple.

    100 monkeys with a hundred typewriters? 10 thousand journalists with unlimited resources, all gagged and tied to a contract. Progress? I don’t think so.

  2. Plato’s ‘Cave Dwellers’ story reflects the resistance of those stuck in erroneous beliefs. When the wanderer returns from the world outside, he looks and smells different and he speaks of the wonders of life and nature outside the cave. The ‘mob’ panic. They kill him. Many messengers have expressed the simplicity of ‘leaving the cave of erroneous beliefs’. Many were tortured for nothing more than speaking about things that threaten the common consensus ‘reality’.