No fixation anywhere.

The arrival of clear and present understanding cannot be mistaken for knowledge. It is simply understanding, with no preoccupation with any information whatsoever. It is uncompromising naked cognition.

The entire ‘library of knowledge’ of mankind is a transient appearance which appears and disappears upon this naked cognition. The cutting insight is indescribable.

All words fail.

No boundary anywhere.

No fixation with identity anywhere.

Even the apparent ‘arrival’ of understanding is inaccurate because time and process have no substance in the clear view.
Everything is included as an appearance of this No Thing, this stateless, naked cognition.

There is nothing to offer seekers because the seeking has no substance and no independent existence, other than conceptual postulations about an entity that has no ground to stand on.

Who wants to know this?  The answer is ‘no one’.

You may say ‘I do’…..’I want to know’…..but have a look…..what is this ‘I’ that needs to acquire some knowledge?

The true nature of ‘I’ is substance-less naked cognition.   It does not need anything.  It is pristinely free of conditioned mind.

Have a look right now.  Is there a conditioned mind that exists without thought or attachment to some belief?
Resistance is called ‘me’.  The ‘me’ is a fictional story about identity and the story of me is like a juggler trying to keep all the balls in the air.
Juggling beliefs is a foolish occupation.
All of the spiritual mind game is empty, nothing but a play of the elements.
Enjoy it or ignore it.
It makes no difference.
  1. Just curious Gilbert, .. who are you speaking to ?

    • (Ralph) I am speaking to the same one that is asking the question. (If you don’t know who or what that is, find out)

  2. Coming back to where I AM. No ‘person’ arrives there. Thanks again, gilbert.

  3. It does not matter what name or label you put on the essential knowing. Nothing sticks to it.

  4. I would like to say…to simply be conscious of this consciousness is so completly simple… yet the mind will quite easily get caught up in the me image and all its stuff that goes with it, to make a real difference G does this need to be conemplated on for long periods each day this thoughtless reality for it to grow and do its thing?

    • The common ‘teacher’ will say YES….you must do this and that….etc. Just realise that there is no entity that does anything. Thoughtless reality is not a state that is achieved by someone. It is the non dual nature of existence. Whether ‘you’ come to ‘see’ this or not does not change reality. ‘Your life’ may appear to flow with a greater ease than ‘before’….and that is simply due to the fixation ‘me’ is not longer ‘a thorn in your side’. There is NO reference point to reality. All reference points are in the mind…..and that is where the apparent believed in entity struggles to clear away all obstacles…..and it is all a complete fiction. Belief is the ‘path’ that the believed in entity walks……naming it as a sacred journey and fills itself with hope….and it is all fictional. Anger appears as a resistance, when these simple facts are pointed out… the aspirant. Without a thought….where are your problems? The apparent separate individual is nothing but selfless reality appearing ‘as’ something….something that has NO substance at all…..and you can SEE this clarity simply by dropping all thoughts for one instant. Too simple…and there is nothing in it for the me…….so no one takes it seriously. Amazing.

  5. Gilbert, I asked this question because you speak of ‘non duality’ but your words come across very dualistic .

    • Language is dualistic Ralph. Since you are the expert, why don’t you write this blog and I can pick hole in what you express. 🙂

  6. I am no expert, . . . as you say, there is nothing in it for me.

    To be an expert is for the ego mind, I have no interest in it. I used too, though. 🙂

  7. Thanks amigo, for the response. You would think by now things would be getting clearer over here but it seems not maybe it will never. Jacob might hold on till that last breath, sure bloody hope not man. Depression has won again. Doc saves the day with the medicine cabinet and some sessions with a councillor. Knowing this non duality world makes the sessions strange in some ways but I’ve been in and out of these places a few times over the years… so familiar in other ways. The possibility of this me image being seen really feels hopeless….. its a hard one to shake off. Being in the position of someone who has seen the simplicity of it and trying to get someone else who hasn’t seen it yet…. is a funny thing…. from here it feels impossible and from there so YEAH MAN !

    • The function of seeing is happening. Repairing the sense of me is a common thing. Go with the flow. None of these posts are meant to replace conventional therapies. Medication may be necessary. Don’t beat yourself up over anything. Who knows, you might even cure the shrink. 🙂

  8. Thanks you beauty ! x