No concept has any duration

The problem is that we’re trying to grasp this awareness with the mind. And as has been pointed out, the mind is time. We really need to recognize that the mind is time.

The body appears in the mind. The mind appears in awareness. Awareness is timeless. So this idea of being somebody trying to grasp awareness is just an appearance in the mind, which is time. The mind appears to be constantly trying to become something better (or worse) and it can never get there, except conceptually.  If you realize that then you’re not going to invest all this hope in it…. and as Bob says…he points out very directly, in hundreds and hundreds of ways…one of them is “there is no answer in the mind” and the stark pointer “start from the fact that you are THAT”.  The unchanging nature of reality is THAT.  You cannot not be THAT.  In recognizing the that you are THAT, then how can there be any need for seeking?   You ARE already are THAT.  (Whether ‘you’ know it or not you are already THAT)  

Added section: (This directness is not found in any of the common modern ‘teachings’, no matter how elaborate and subtle they seem to be, obviously because the ‘teachers’ have not recognized their true nature.  There is NO reason to add complexities and make everything difficult, when it is actually so very, very simple.  All the modern ‘teachings’ are addressing apparent individuals, who are wanting to transform the way they are into some imagined possibility. Escaping from psychological suffering is a common driving idea.  Complex methods and erroneous practices just support the idea of an entity searching and manipulating the mind. The only way out of it is to stop the thought flow and recognize in that pause of thinking that what you ARE is not in the mind story.  That is not a teaching, it is direct insight, which cannot be taught.  In truth there is nothing to teach.  Since the mind is time, all apparent work on changing the self is nothing but a concept, a sensation in the immediacy.  It has NO duration and requires constant belief in the concepts to keep it as an apparent continuum.  It is all me, me, me.   No one can alter awareness and all that is required is to recognize that perfect awareness is already present.  There is not one sensation from all realms of the so-called past that has survived as anything other than a very limited memory.  A memory can be recalled and the ONLY place it can be recalled is in the immediacy of what we call right now.  Some modern ‘teachers’ have suggested that it is possible to learn to stay in the now.  No one has ever gotten into or out of the now, not to mention staying in it.  You cannot possibly get away from the immediacy because THAT is all there is.  Recognizing the profundity of this undermines all ‘teachings’ that ‘appear to’ play upon the ignorance of so called seekers of truth.)

No word is what it points at.  The idea of ‘infinity’, ‘consciousness’ or ‘awareness’ are just words pointing.  In the scheme of things, each word is just another word that we place on something (anything) that can never be bound.  

All these ideas of forgetting and remembering…obviously that’s the mind, which is time.

How can you remember something that can’t be forgotten. Your true nature has never been truly forgotten… it is no thing, it’s not a thing. It’s life itself. (You can’t see life or energy)

What limitations can there be to life?  There can’t be any true limitations to Life.  

All time and all directions, all dimensions, all realms and eons appear and disappear in this Life. Without this life what can something be? – nothing….all things are no thing. But this most intimate experience (of being) is this livingness, this spark of life that weaves the fabric of existence, which is not a concept or a word…you can’t even put a label on it.  

Some ‘teachers’ will go to great lengths to explain the intricate details of ‘inner work’  and even elaborate that there is no time and then (they shoot themselves in the foot), they will give you a task to perform ‘tomorrow’ in ‘your daily life’.  They dig a hole and then they fall into it not realizing that only the foolish will not notice their mind games.   These special ‘teachers’ secretly believe that they are indeed a very special messenger with extra special powers to help others.  Yet all their ‘good works’ are entrapment through belief in a future time.  It is all delusion.   Who cares?


  1. It is common for ‘teachers’ to give tasks for a believed in entity to perform in the future. They use the term ‘in your daily life’. Even though they may appear to be totally genuine and even direct, they reveal their non understanding by ‘teaching’ methods and practices which require ( or support ) the belief in being a separate entity. Of course they don’t recognize the error and they believe themselves to be very clear and direct. Hocus pocus and psychological mind games are just part of the spiritual circus. The uncompromising pointing is not popular because it challenges the erroneous beliefs up front in the immediacy of the delivery of the message.

  2. You can hide behind a guru or teacher for decades. When the guru/teacher falls over (passes on) what are you going to do? The avalanche of ‘facing reality alone’ will wring your erroneous beliefs until they look like a battered old rag on the ground. You must face reality without beliefs or conceptually constructed barriers. Running from one guru to the next, trying to find one you are comfortable with is useless. The one that challenges your erroneous comfort zone is probably worth looking into. Hiding by pretending to know what you don’t actually know is so common in spiritual circles, no one seems to notice what a facade it all is. It is reduced to a social club mentality or even just a dating forum for lonely singles trying to find the perfect spiritual partner. What a circus it all is.