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Why does the clear and obvious seem so mysterious, so hidden from view?

It isn’t actually hidden.  It is closer to you than your breath.  Imagination is the cloud of confusion.  Inadvertence appears to be the chief cause or ‘reason’ for the non-recognition of our true nature.  The belief in ‘me’ is non-recognition.  What resists the clear and obvious?  Isn’t it the belief in an image of self – ‘me’?

The evaporation of obscuration is the key.

At any moment in any situation it ‘appears’ that the clarity of ‘what is’ can be obscured by fixation on thought, belief in thought or simply inadvertence, the attention being dispersed onto ‘other things’ or non existing ‘things’……the focus is not with the clear evidence of the actuality of ‘here now’ – it is all imagination….dream-like.

The ‘seeker’ believes that something is missing or that there is something wrong.   The intuition may be right.   But it is not that there is something ‘out there’ that has to be acquired.  It is the fact that what appears to be ‘in here’, a belief in an image of self that must be transcended or dissolved.

As Nisargadatta says:  “You cannot transcend something unless you know what it is”.

Generally the public have no idea of the extent of their own imaginary world of self-centredness.  Belief in an image of self is an unquestioned assumption.  There is no actual proof of a ‘me’ in the clear evidence that is not merely another belief, concept or image from memory.  What is memory?   Is memory any different from imagination?  

Even though the belief in me is the main cause of all their problems and all their suffering, they appear to be unable to access the tools for cutting through the mental terrain of obscuring factors, mainly because of a belief in being a separate entity that has control, when the clear evidence is that, that control is belief in a concept or image of self. That belief is distorting the perceptions with a bias. The idea of me is mostly an ‘add on’… ‘after the event’.  The belief is the blind spot.  This ‘subject matter’ is not open for discussion because everyone is invested in an image of themselves and that is a ‘no go’ area.  Everything is taken personally, while the functions of seeing, hearing and all the senses (awareness) remain unencumbered, impersonal and free.  Yet it is that naked truth that is not noticed.  The mental construct of being a seeker of a conceptual construct – that is the obscuration.   A struggle between various conceptual constructs ensues and that is labeled as ‘being on a spiritual path’.  Absurdity compounds upon more absurdity. The Emperor has a new set of clothes!

The evaporation of the belief in me reveals the clarity which was always present.  

What is impossible to grasp by the mind is the fact that seeing is not a thought or concept.   Hearing is not a thought or concept.  Being is not a thought or concept.

(The function of) Seeing is happening. There is no doubt in the actuality of seeing.  You are not ‘doing’ the seeing.  If you believe that you are doing the seeing, then see if you can find the evidence of how you do it.  

Life, Knowing, Seeing and hearing are all spontaneous.  Spontaneous means uncaused.   Did you choose to be born?  If so, then when?

The mind puts words, labels and assumption onto the naked seeing or knowing and so it appears that the pristine clarity of seeing or knowing is compromised by words, concepts and belief in words and concepts.

Being is NOT compromised.   It is the belief in me that is the compromise.  Investigate it.  See for yourself.

Insights happen spontaneously.  You cannot contrive an insight.  No one can give you even the briefest insight.  Insight cannot be taught.   All that can be done is to point.   The essence of insight is ‘seeing’.   It appears that concepts obscure the non conceptual awareness but that is impossible.  Without non conceptual awareness you would not know of anything!  The knowing and the appearance, that which is known, are not two.

Despite all the insistence of so many believers and doubters….there is NO separation.

Some say.. ‘It is all One’.   Fairy dust!    Even the idea of one is a concept.

Can the mind process any of that ‘information’ without being disturbed?

  1. Most of these posts are written as responses to emailed questions. The reply may be expanded a little to make it applicable to readers on this website. What is the nature of desire for something? Is it not the desire for adding the desired onto our apparent identity – to merge with the desired and become one….and in so doing find the freedom from the desire? We are like one who has been bitten by an insect. We scratch and scratch wanting relief from the discomfort. The revelation above all others is that we ourselves have created a problem and in removing the belief in the problem we can witness the resolution of the problem. But the cost? The cost is to lose the investment in a self image that never existed, except as an ever changing image that has no substance of itself. Too much to pay, for most.

  2. Reply to an email query: Because you identify with being some person living in a mind, of course you will never find non duality.

    The actuality of what you truly are is non dual. There is no need to search for that. You are THAT.

    It is belief in mind content that keeps you seeking and keeps you missing the clear and obvious.

    If you are standing next to Big Ben or London Bridge…..there is no need to try to get to London.

    All mind content is seen from beyond mind content. So, where are you seeing from?

    The dream ends and what happens to the dream character?

    No one left to claim anything. A man who finds a gold mine in a dream does not run around the streets in the waking state shouting “I found a gold mine”.

    What you seek…. you already ARE !!!

    It just needs to be recognised.

  3. The fact that you can react of what is writing proofs that there is a me. How can you discuss wether there is not a me or there is a me.

    Who is writing ?…..Who is talking? ….ME of course !!! I am allready ME ME ME !!

    I am seeing from my eyes my head. What i see is ME who has a dease who has no job who has great debts
    who lived in fear who has been stolen who can laugh at a good joke etc.etc.

    By saying i am not a me there is no me doesn´t change my drama it continue´s There is no peace without a ME and there is no peace with a ME. We are dreaming at night not by day. During the day the drama goes on and on until you die.

    • Pain in the body is pain in the body. It is a sign that things are not all right with the body. The ‘me’ is an image that apparently represents what? The body? The mind? The soul? If pain is left as it is, without the habit of a narrative about me, what happens? Psychological pain is basically resistance to ‘what is’. That is unnecessary. But the core of this exchange is that you believe that the me is real. That seems to be what you are saying. The one who believes in the ‘me’ is offended by the suggestion that the ‘me’ is not real. It is a heavily invested belief. Too much emotive energy is woven into that image or so it seems. Investigate the narrative about (your) me and recognise that that is the apparent subject of the waking dream. It is the constant narrative about ‘I’ or ‘me’ that keeps the hypnosis going. Me is just a word. What was that me before you learned words? Why not be willing to drop the story of me, drop all words and see what remains without words. The intelligence that was most surely present to allow language to be learned has not submitted itself to the limited realm of mechanical words, has it? The living intelligence is completely free, every moment. It is only the self image that appears to be bound by words and belief in words. Wouldn’t it be wise to investigate what you actually are? To argue over the meaning of words is useless. The enchantment of oneself through belief in mere words is absurd. Very common but absurd just the same. Let’s look at the word belief: A belief is defined as, confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof – ‘acceptance of, or confidence in, an alleged fact as true or right without positive knowledge or proof’. Synonymous words are ‘conviction’, ‘certain’ and ‘opinion’. Opinion is defined as ‘a belief or judgment based on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty, free from doubt or reservation’. Does the ‘me’ stand up to investigation? Not really. And yet you seem to put so much emphasis and insistence that it is real. If it is real, please state in simple words that anyone can understand the proof that you so vehemently cling to in your argument for the ‘me’. Your use of the narrative of being shot in the foot is strangely ironic, don’t you agree?

  4. No, I don´t, I am not talking about words. I talking about when you or me decide to do something or don´t.
    When I walk down the street I can decide to go to the left or to the right. I can also doubt which way I will go. And then I pick a side. That is what I am doing no one else is doing that.

    If I decide to not go to work today (suppose I have work) I don´t go to my work that is what I decide and no one else.

    If you don´t use your brains you will be like a zombie. I can decide to write you or not or the response on what you are writing. The same goes for you YOU decide. No one else.

    Its very simple.!

    • Use your brains? That sounds like a grumpy father sounding off at his son! When did you ever decide to use your brains. Yes, it appears that there is someone who decides. Decisions are made apparently. Psychological suffering is due to a belief in ‘me’. It is only a me that can suffer. Take the me off the experiencing and what is left? Without your story of me, who would be there to complain?
      There has been much study on this idea of deciding by scientists. The published reports have been around for many years. The studies continue. Of course it is too confronting to delve into one’s apparent identity and most won’t go there. The me fixation is resistance to ‘what is’. Self-knowledge is held up by many as one of the corner stones of human consciousness. What is most common, it seems, is that most folk believe that it is their own thinking that is the consciousness. You have no idea what your next thought will be. Because of habit one may have a vague idea of what kind of thoughts may appear but the fact is that they spontaneously appear and disappear. They are not your thoughts, as such. Do you ever choose a thought?
      The investigation of one’s identity is not a subject that individuals wish to go into, most usually. Who would investigate the identity if not what you truly are? Why would your true identity need to find out what it is? Surely it would be innate knowledge. Pure and immediate knowing. Do you know who you are? Do you know what is your true nature? Can you actually point to anything and say ‘This is what I am’?
      In the scheme of things everyone identifies with an image of self. Things are attached to that image of self. ‘This is my pen. I have had it for twenty years. If I lose it, I will feel a loss. Why? Because I identify with it. ‘It is mine’- ‘It is me!’. What is this ‘I, me, mine’? Isn’t it an image, learned words? The word ‘I’ is just a word.
      Do you wish your entire life to run on beliefs? Wouldn’t it be wise to find out what you are? Without the word ‘I’ or ‘me’ what are you? Thoughts, images, ideas, concepts and memories come and go. None of it is stationary or permanent. It is all moving and changing. Basically, individuals punish themselves with belief in words. Feeling follows thought, so the emotions are added onto the words almost instantly and it is the emotional state that obscures the bondage of self. If every experience is referred to the image ‘me’ then we take the psychological display to be consciousness. It is all nothing but the transient fleeting content of consciousness. To catch it, to see it for what it is not brought about by chasing it. Consciousness is not a thing. Movement and awareness of movement are not two. Is stillness ever overwhelmed by movement? Consciousness and awareness, in essence, are not two but they appear to be separate. It is the false identity that appears to separate and divide. Wholeness is never divided.
      As Nisargadatta points out: ‘To transcend something you must understand what it is’. If you insist on being an image of self (me) and you obsessively identify with it, how can one expect to get a clear view of it? How can one transcend the fixation if you believe that is what you are?
      The inescapable reality is…..Awareness is non dual. The mind content is dualistic.
      An example is through belief in being separate the experience is divided into ‘me’…and ‘not me’. The sense of vulnerability is due to fear of everything that is ‘not me’.
      To go beyond the dualistic nature of mind is simple and yet it is apparently rare. The seeker of it is bound by its own nature, which is identification with name and form.
      Pause the thinking. In that pause where the mind content is abating, the clarity of simple awareness is pristinely obvious. Our habit of grasping at ‘things’ to identify with is why we miss the infinite nature of pure being. Millions are desperate to become enlightened. The very movement of searching for it is a moving away from it. Cease to pretend to be what you are not and be still. A recognition is always potentially present – all one needs to ‘do’ is to stop imagining that one is choosing and doing. The egoic self-centredness ‘appears’ to refuse to let go and is fearful of reality. The reality is that it never existed and it has no power to do, see, hear anything. The stubborn self is an illusion.

  5. Singing to the deaf. To everything there is a season. A time to talk and a time to be silent. In the scheme of things, naturally there comes a time when talking is exhausted. When you see that the ears of your companions are completely blocked up with self-centred concerns then the talking dissolves into ordinary silent breathing. If the sails are in tatters, the wind will not assist you in your endeavours. Repair your sails and be quiet.

  6. Who repairs ? Who must be quiet ? In your understanding there is no one who is doing anything.

    You speak against your own belief..

    Admit there is only you or me you can´t live without it. Its so simple.

    • No need to admit anything. There is no who. The question ‘Who are you?’ in the genuine aspirant, in reality, is met by silence. Who repairs? Who is quiet? Who does anything? Not who! It is intelligence that actualises apparent events and experiencing. Can you make an experience happen? No. It all happens spontaneously by itself. There is no ‘person’. The problem is arrogance, prior to investigation. The ‘me’ fixation is resistance to the actuality. Life lives you. You as a believed in separate entity have never done a thing. The story of me is a bunch of words, concepts and if you refuse to investigate that, then the suffering me will continue to dominate. Instead of trying to justify your beliefs, why not get to the core issue. Share that and maybe some light can be shed upon that.

  7. The problem with Bob is that as a not englishman you can´t understand what he is saying.
    He speaks inside his mouth and is not articulating he is eating the words so to speak.
    Translation would be a good thing.

    But who will do this ?……corrrect ..nobody because there is no one.

  8. Hi Gilbert,

    Is there a point in the investigation where the utter falseness of the separate ‘I’ is seen so clearly that it can never be believed in again? Over and over and over again it is seen to be false, and the belief is lessening, but it still holds some sway in day to day life.

    Also, a clarification… This seeing-knowing, this awareness, could it be described as a vividness that is always ‘on’? Time or the concept of time come out of this singular, timeless, all-pervasive ‘on-ness’? There are so many concepts about consciousness and awareness that it helps me to look at it like this. Does this seem correct?


    • The concept of on or off is dualistic. Many speak of ‘my reality’ and ‘your reality’. There can only be a singular reality. The mind is time, direction and dimension or the appearance of such. All directions are in the mind. Space or volume is an appearance. One needs reference points to measure or judge volume or distance with. Many say they are running out of time. When did time begin? When can time end? The essence of time is timeless.
      The relative static point of the observer is an idea (I or me). Take a look. SEE for yourself!
      There is nothing there that you can pin point and say ‘This is what I am’. All reference points are relative. Relative to what? Investigate for yourself. No point taking on someone else’s explanations. Relationship is relative. Relative to what? Me and the other. Me and not me. There is no point in time or space where or when a conclusion is arrived at. What is true is already so. This is why I say that it is the dissolution of the apparent obscuration that reveals what is and what has always has been so. Many imitate their guru or teacher – monkey see, monkey do. Is there an once of anything genuine in imitating someone else? Foolishly seekers apparently believe that by imitating their idol, they will achieve the goal. Isn’t it obvious that they only appear to turn into mechanical pretenders. Belief and fixation on those mind games prevents the seeker from recognising the foolish habit.
      Belief holds sway over the mind simply because it has not been investigated. Many believed that the Earth was flat, for centuries. No belief has ever made anything true. Beliefs falls apart when investigated.
      The apparent problem is that no one wants to be nothing. The clear evidence is that the believed in entity is actually not there when it is investigated. The belief is overthrown but what you are remains. You cannot put a label on that, that which remains because it is no thing. It is not a dead nothing. It is lucid livingness without a form. Nama rupa in the Hindu system means name and form. The name is a word, a vibration. The form is a pattern of energy appearing as a body in space.
      The suggestion of the awareness being vivid comes from experience of vivid reality as the mind appears to emerge from its dullness of beliefs. The perfection of reality, if we can use that word, is non conceptual. Some liken it unto space. No centre and no circumference. Pervasive and suffused with the capacity of cognising. Knowing. Seeing and knowing are not two.
      We have to use so many words to convey something about nothing. It fails. The words fail. The pure being-ness cannot fail. That is what you are. However, the mind can never understand its own origin. All the mind has is thoughts, words, concepts ideas, memories and images. A world is constructed out of all the content of mind. It is all spontaneous, fresh and new. So-called ‘people’ cannot understand the actual meaning of spontaneousness. You could say that the ripples on the surface of the ocean cannot understand the ocean and yet they are not separate. It is hard to obscure water. Even in mud, water is clearly obvious. Awareness cannot be obscured by anything. It is belief in being a ‘person’ who believes that the ‘person’ is aware…that is the problem. No one wants to be nothing. It is only in realising one’s nothingness that brief insights open out into their true nature, which is seeing. Some say that they have seen that the me is not real. Some may say that they believe that the me is not real. Who knows that the me is not real? Who would believe them? The actuality needs no affirmation and denial of the actuality is a belief in me.
      Seeing or knowing is happening. You as a believed in separate entity are not ‘doing’ the seeing or knowing. It was present before you learned any words. Seeing-knowing. What exists outside or without that seeing-knowing?