No Awakening – only Being.


Galaxy photo taken by the Hubble Telescope. (If you are looking at this image above on a flatscreen, move your point of view from in front to from below looking up and from the side and from above.  Different light effects reveal themselves.)

Cosmic Consciousness displays itself in trillions of ways and appears as an infinite number of constantly changing shapes and forms – far beyond the capacity of any intellect to grasp.
Our true nature is self-awareness – not the awareness of something – not a separate ‘self’ that is aware of other things.
It is naked wakefulness.  Thoughtless reality.
Thought is an appearance – not separate from awareness – Thought is an expression of awareness.
There is no separate entity that is asleep, or that can awaken.
There is NO awakening. To imply that there is, is just the dream perpetuating itself.
Consciousness is complete just as it is.  It is all inclusive.
“Be extremely friendly with this consciousness”.
If you must worship something, then worship the ‘life essence’ that you are.
Be warm towards yourself. Stop beating yourself up with concepts. They have no substance.
You are not an entity that is asleep and needs to wake up.
Awake is just another word for awareness.  You can’t possibly believe that you are not awake right now, surely.
The intellect on its own knows nothing – without awareness the intellect does not exist. The intellect is just a pattern appearing.  An apparent instrument – and ‘we’ have inherited the idea that it is ‘in the head’ somewhere.  No one has ever discovered any thing called the intellect.
The various concepts one may have about what awareness is are just concepts – all of which appear nowhere except upon or in awareness. They cannot appear anywhere else.  The mind divides and separates, in imagination, what can never be divided or separated -it is all conceptualization.
Non-conceptual awareness is thoughtless reality – wordless and silent – pure being.
Without awareness there would not be any concepts.
‘You’ as that believed in ‘entity’ cannot ‘get behind’ the simple knowing of ‘your’ existence.
Without thought what remains?   It is clarity of mind, it could be named as ‘Thoughtless Reality’.
The brightest intellects on this planet could argue for weeks about thoughtless reality with no result whatsoever.
However, if ‘the apparent owner’ of concepts is investigated, naked wakefulness reveals itself.
The problem it seems for most is the habit of belief in ‘ego’ or ‘self’.   But these ‘things’ only appear to be.
The word individual actually means ‘undivided whole’.  The image of the galaxy demonstrates integrity, wholeness.  Innately and intimately we know this integrity – it is our true nature.  What we believe betrays us over and over.
What substance does any belief or concept have?  Do not pass over this too quickly.
You are not a fool.  Investigate.  Have a look, a close look.   What is there to be afraid of?   There is nothing that can harm you in your true nature.
A concept is a concept.   How could a concept divide or harm reality?  A concept only appears to divide what is real.  What is real cannot be divided.  A concept has no substance of itself.  A concept cannot ‘do’ anything of itself.
See if you can actually see a thought. Can you observe the disappearance of thought?  If you follow a thought as it disappears, you will discover something beyond description.


  1. This post is all that is needed to see what is being pointed to. It points to the ‘end game’…There’s no need to move on, read more and gain more knowledge as the mind wants to do. It is about seeing through ALL thoughts and seeing that, when looked for, they(thoughts) cannot be found. The “me” is a thought. What is left is “thoughtless reality”, our TRUE nature. THAT’S IT. Recognition is what this is about. “Thoughtless reality”, silent, boundless presence. End game.

  2. This pointing leads to what is being sought after, causeless peace. It’s inherent. There’s no gaining it. It already is. Read the last paragraph especially and see that this peace is presence. Silent. Boundless. No inside, no outside. Beyond thoughts. Thoughts appear and disappear in/on this causeless peace. YOU’RE IT. IT’s RIGHT HERE, NOW.

  3. Thinking cannot be stopped. Who would do it and who is doing the thinking? The “me” is another thought…But thoughts, ALL of them, can be seen through. Seen to be made of nothing. When looked for, they disappear like cockroaches when a light is turned on. What’s left is just the light(of presence). Believing in the thoughts is what makes them seem real. The investigation is looking for them and seeing they aren’t made of anything really…especially the “me”/”I” thought. The thought of which all stories revolve around and are created from.

  4. You are present and aware, all else without exception is an appearance in that which you are. Does a thought, or sensation, or feeling, or perception or image have any capacity to be aware? Or rather are all those appearances appearing in the knowing? Do not get caught up on any nondual pointers, whether any of these pointers are understood or not, you still are present and aware, and no one can deny it. When it is said to investigate the I or me, or self center, this is not to be taken on as some intellectual acrobatics. No one thinks that ‘I am this passing thought, or emotion or sensation or perception’ Rather the assumption is that all these appearances belong to or are referencing a self center or a me. When it is seen there there is no such entity in the machine, that is all that needs to be seen. This does not change, alter, modify that which you already are. Before, during or after any such investigation you remain present and aware. At no point did you become any more or less present and aware. Being present and aware is just a self evident fact, as soon as its pointed out its recognized, and thats what you are, no ands ifs or buts about it. Do not hold non dual pointers of any kind as absolute truths. You may have heard there is no person, or no doer, or the end of suffering ect. Those just become another reference point in thought. Then when doing appears, or uncomfortable feelings appear, or the appearance of a person thinking or deciding something, you may think, ‘o man that shouldn’t be there, all these ‘teachers’ says there is no doer, or decider or person, I have to go back to the drawing board and figure all this out’. Just recognize the fact that no matter what appears you remain present and aware. All else comes and goes, yet that fact remains. A thought/appearance of say a person deciding something, or taking action may come about. That appearance did not think itself up, it arose spontaneously. If that appearance of a person deciding leads to an action, than thats what happens. That thought did not cause and coordinate the resulting action, its just a spontaneous flow of appearances in that which you are. So do not think that if anything appears, which is ‘out of accordance’ with a non dual pointer, that somehow you have moved from the fact of your being present and aware. So forget about nonduality/advaita/spirituality, all this is about is pointing out a simple and self evident fact. For any other appearance to be, doesn’t matter what it is, even the entire waking state, you must be present and aware for that state to appear to you. Even in deep sleep you are fully present and aware. You absolutely know for certain there were no thoughts or any experiences of any kind during deep sleep, how could you possibly know that, if there wasnt a knowing there? You can not escape this fact, so just give up already, if you could even do such a thing.

  5. I would like to say…Perfectly said, very clear, simple, it covers it all. Beautiful. Thanks

  6. Yes, it is plainly set out. Yet many will only find a blur of confusion. The ME is resistance. The ME is Non-Investigation. Recognise that no seeking ever happened, it never started. There is only now – and in recognising THAT any movement to seek something is seen instantly and so it cannot get past ‘GO’. A concept of lacking cannot be believed in. Who is lacking? What needs to be found?
    Yes the end game of a game that never existed.

  7. Like a bird in a cage – the door is wide open – the bird will not fly out. One day it will fall off its perch. The bird sings of freedom and the apparent safety of its erroneous beliefs give it no comfort that lasts. In the same way what we call ‘direct pointing’ or the clear message does not spread like wild fire. What is popular amongst so-called seekers is a fancy story about a fictional character called ME, who has a slim possibility of ‘Becoming’ enlightened IF certain methods are applied and IF the Grace of the Guru smiles upon them in a certain way. Bollocks. Slavery and extortion. Sitting on a perch meditating about freedom and the door is wide open. Madness, sheer madness. And what is even more absurd, most of them pay through the nose to be a ‘member’ of such mad activities. They continue to be fed crumbs while the entire fruits of the forest are so close at hand.

  8. A pointer that resonants: What have you got to lose by being 100% geninue? …There is no need to claim anything.

    Ranjit Maharaj ‘would add’ zero to everything he said: “What is there when everything is zero? What is true?”. When we talk about space… awareness of space… we objectify space. We talk of nothing and talk of it as something… The mind ‘wants’ imitation. Ranjit Maharaj: “Have The Courage To Oppose All These Things. Nothing Is True”– “Reality Is Always There, If You Understand That Nothing Is True.” …Zero…

  9. all my life i’ve been told who I am. When I was younger everyone told me that i’m this body. I am this individual who has or owns this body and this is what I exist as. Now I’m searching for answers trying to figure things out. One teacher tells me I am beingness, another one tells me i’m consciousness, another teacher tells me that I dont even exist, there is no one. The only way to resolve this is if I forget everything i’ve learned both past and present, and go by direct evidence alone. Right now what can I say with absolute confidence about myself? I exist, and I am aware. I am hearing the sounds, seeing the sights, feeling the sensations in the body. So what is it that I am. I’ve been told that this body is what I am, is this so? Lets have a look. When I close my eyes I find that the body is a pulsating/tingling group of sensations and feelings. Can I say that any of these sensations and feelings is what I am existing as right here and now? Are these sensations and feelings that which is aware? Or are they being perceived just like the sights and sounds? Do I find myself in between or behind any of these cluster of sensations? Or are these clusters of sensations appearing in what I am? How about these thoughts, am I these thoughts? How can I be, because whether thoughts exist or not I still am, fully present and aware. These feelings and sensations also seem to be in constant movement and flux, am I flashing in and out of existence? So how can I possibly be any of these sensations? If I am not these sensations or feelings (which I label the body) and if I am not these thoughts, then what can I say about what I am? All I can say is that I exist and that I am aware. Or even more precisely existence and awareness is, because whether I say, I exist, or I am aware, existence is, awareness is, with or without the labels. So how can I say that existence-awareness is personal? If the thoughts, feelings, sensations are not what I am, then who or what do these thoughts sensations and feelings belong to? Is there anyone? where is that one who claims that all this is his? I dont find any such entity. So what have I learned, existence is, awareness is, they are not mine, but yet that is what I am. How about the appearance, the world, full of sights and sounds. The awareness in which these sensations, feelings and thoughts appear, is that not the same awareness in which the sights and sounds and smells of the world appear? Is there a separate awareness of this body, and a separate awareness of the world, or is it just one awareness registering this totality?

  10. Thanks, Gilbert

  11. The meek shall inherit the earth. The brave will claim what is theirs. Do not be timid with this investigation. There are too many who hesitate. Why? Opportunity does not knock twice.

  12. Is there a choice? If something resonates and the investigation begins, it will have its way. Is it even possible to hesitate?

  13. It goes against what we have been taught but our intuition will say yes. Most other stories about life do no satisfy and instead lead to struggle, suffering, and difficulty. What we are, is totally free. It is unbound presence awareness, just this, nothing else. The news is good but the mind will rationalize. The mind, in no way shape or form will ever interfere with this obvious truth. That is what makes this truth so great. There is never a point in which it escapes you. It is seemly obscured by learnings from other aspects of culture. Reality, as this One, is what reality is. Get to know that Being. That is your home. That is what you are. In that, everything is as it should be. How could it be any other way? Effortless presence is pristine and perfect. As it is. As it is. As it is.

  14. Whatever makes ‘you’ stop is valid. Recognition can happen in any so-called moment. The ‘reason’ why it can happen in any moment is because seeing-knowing is uninterrupted presence. When the mind stops – obviousness comes to the fore.