No Awakening – only Being.


A photo of a galaxy taken from the Hubble Telescope.


Cosmic Consciousness displays itself in trillions of ways and appears as an infinite number of ever-moving shapes and forms.  Similarly, atoms appear to be based on the same principles. Macro and micro expressions are appearing in the same boundless space.  There is no static point anywhere to be found.

Our true nature is self-aware.  Awareness is self-aware.   Subject and object are conceptual… and belong to ‘mind’… not to reality.  The spontaneous nature of what appears is seemingly hidden from view by what we call ‘time’.  Everything registers spontaneously, instantly and the apparent ‘time’ that the brain takes to ‘process’ the instantaneous registering does not in fact inhibit the spontaneous nature of existence.  Nothing can inhibit it because in essence it is no thing.

All there is, is Consciousness, naked awareness, naked wakefulness.

Thoughtless Reality.

This wakefulness is not a choice to be made by an individual…..It is presence-awareness….and has no beginning and no end.  You can spend your day going about ‘your business’ and a natural understanding is present and yet it is taken for granted, not even noticed as anything significant.  You know what everything is, as you walk through the city or wherever and however you ‘spend your day’…..and in that activity you do not have to stop and work out what something is.  The road, cars, buildings, people, birds, trees and a million other so-called ‘things’ are known instantly and naturally without having to wait for a label or word to appear in the ‘mind’.  Conceptualizing about the names of things is secondary and that activity, if it appears, it also appears and disappears spontaneously.  Leave it as it is.

Concept and thought are subtle vibrations, appearances.  Thought appears to create volume and duration (space and time).  Nothing is separate from awareness – everything is awareness.  Thought is a subtle expression of awareness.  There can be nothing outside (or inside) of awareness.  You cannot conceive of anything outside of awareness or outside of space.  You dream of something inside awareness and call that ‘me’.   No one can have a concept without words or images.  Within the so-called scope of awareness, the appearance of things is content of mind and mind appears upon awareness.  Awareness is primary and mind in its true nature is no thing, clear and empty – infinite. (You cannot find ‘mind’)

Spoken word spontaneously appears to extend the subtle vibration of thought into sound.  Sound is a vibration.  Volume of sound appear to create atmosphere (space).  Turn up the volume and the atmosphere appears to spread out (appears to make space).  A symphony appears to create a world within ‘the world’ and yet both are not separate – both are appearance only.

You cannot get between a thought and that same thought appearing as spoken word – because they are spontaneously one and the same.  You cannot get behind awareness.  There is no light behind consciousness or awareness.  Awareness has no inside or outside, no in front or behind and no direction – no time.  If it had a direction it would be omni-directional.  

There is no entity to divide anything and no concept can divide consciousness (or awareness, if you prefer that word).  All concepts can ‘do’ is appear to divide themselves.   This is the crux of it all.  

The seeker is a concept of seeking.  It can never become anything but what it is.  It cannot become a finder!

The mind content cannot ‘do’ anything.   The mind content may appear to correspond to ‘deeds happening’ but there is no ‘doer’ – except as a concept.

In the actuality of what actually is there is no entity that is asleep and there is no entity that can awaken.

Beliefs and mind obscurations that are disappearing give the impression of something waking up.  Insights are simply fresh impressions devoid of whatever was obscuring the view, previously, in the appearance of mind (time).

Despite what all the popular ‘teachings’ say, there is NO awakening.

In the scheme of things, seekers are dreamers and dreaming of ‘waking up’ is very popular and in fact it is a multi-billion dollar disorganized industry.  ‘Teachers’ of dreams, dreams that they call ‘a teaching’ resist all suggestions that the teaching is nothing but salesmanship in action.  They obviously believe in their own bullshit!  Amazing.

To imply that there is an entity that can awaken is just a dream perpetuating itself – in so-called teachers and seekers.

There is no need to purify the mind or body.

Speaking in general terms, terms that are bound to upset a few, Spiritual groups and Yoga classes today are popular activities full of vanity and self-love.  Health benefits are possible but the self-centeredness just turns it all into a circus of egoic clowns.  The attitudes of ego competitiveness is masked by a shallow ‘nice person persona’ that is as transparent as glass.

Despite all that……Consciousness is pure just as it is.

Consciousness is all inclusive. All there is, is Consciousness.  Everything is consciousness – but that is not something that one uses as an excuse to justify the bullshit story of someone pretending to be spiritual.  Who is fooling who?

Worship no thing.

If you must worship something, then worship the ‘life essence’ that you are.  That is the intelligence beyond language and cultural differences.

Be warm towards yourself. Stop beating yourself up with concepts. Stop punishing the body with ridiculous practices.  Stop seeking what you believe in and acknowledge your own true nature.

Beliefs have no substance.  Concepts have no substance.

You are not an entity that is asleep and needs to wake up.

‘Awake’ is just another word for awareness.  You can’t possibly believe that you are unaware right now, surely!!!  

Awareness is.   Awareness depends on nothing!

The intellect is an expression of intelligence and on its own it knows nothing!  Without awareness, or intelligence-energy, the intellect does not exist.

The intellect when governed by self-centeredness will turn on itself and betray itself through doubts and illusions of mind.

It seems that seekers get some idea of what awareness is and they go looking for it.   They fail at every turn.

The various concepts one may have about what awareness is are just concepts – all of which appear nowhere except upon or in awareness. They, just like anything else, cannot appear anywhere else.

The mind divides and separates (in imagination) what can never be divided or separated – All conceptual divisions are, of course, nothing but groundless, transient conceptualizations.

Non-conceptual awareness is thoughtless reality – wordless and silent – pure being.  Pure Intelligence.

Intelligence allows language to be learned.   Every word you use has been learned.

The natural state is wordless – pure intelligence – silent and boundless.

Without awareness there would not and could not be any concepts at all.

‘You’ as a believed in ‘entity’ cannot ‘get behind’ awareness, the simple activity of knowing.  

What you truly are, whether you know it or not, is pure being, pure knowing.

Without thought what remains?   It is clarity of mind, no mind, pure intelligence.

What substance does any belief or concept have?  

Do not pass over this too quickly.



  1. Discussion between the body , mind and awareness :

    Body says : you say « I am walking, I am sitting, I am eating, …” you are doing none of them, I am the body, that which is walking, which is sitting, which is eating, …
    Awareness says : you are right, I am fooling myself with language. I feel that I am the body, I care about the body, its health, …
    B : please, don’care about me. I am not a child, I don’t need you to care about me, even animals don’t need someone to care about them
    A : I just feel like a mother or a father; they care about their children, they worry about them
    B : yes, you have attachment to me, that is up to you, don’t bother me anyway

    The mind comes in : hey, awareness, it is me which has attachment to the body, to stories, to pleasures, to pain, to feelings, to thoughts, it is not you. Are you taking yourself to be me, the mind?
    Awareness : then I was taking myself to be you, the mind. Now, I am not the body, nor the mind what am I?
    Mind : I don’t know what you are, how can I know if you, as yourself, you don’t know yourself? Is there “someone” which can know you better than YOU ?
    Awareness : oh, when I look at myself through the body, I find objects, people, the world, I feel separate from the world, from other people, … When I look at myself through the mind, I find thoughts, images, stories, emotions, feelings, goodies, badies, likes, dislikes, all the opposites, …
    Body and mind say : why are you looking at yourself through the body or through the mind? Can you not look at yourself directly without us?
    Awareness : I did it, but I find nothing, nothing to see, nothing to hear, nothing to smell, nothing to taste, nothing to touch, nothing to experience, nothing to know
    Body and mind say : you say nothing, nothing to know then tell us which is knowing this nothing?
    Awareness : ………… no words. Because using the words is still looking through the mind.

  2. The natural state is wordless. It is mind that appears to have discussions with the conceptualized ‘parts’ of consciousness. Light is life. There is NO static point anywhere. All is zero – no thing – appearing to be everything – without dividing into duality.

  3. Know there is NO self-limiting story or ‘script’ which MUST be followed! (The nature of mind is to spin stories.) It is important to note we are NOT mind, nor stories, nor individual actor.
    Awareness is creator, actor, mind, audience; ALL. The whole encompasses every particular.
    One without a second.