No answer in empty mind.

Clear insights are happening – only because seeing is happening – the mind will always translate via the memory and the ‘me of memory’ only carries on as a ‘problem’ because of belief. It is a vicious circle of one concept feeds another and on it goes. Cut it off by removing belief. Then see what happens.
The general advice is to let everything be what it is…(appearance)…do not try to alter anything. What will be noticed is the tendency to go with the story of me. Habits can be broken. How many of YOU are there? The conflict between modified self images (identified consciousness) cannot survive as a believed in ‘thing’ if it is investigated by the original belief free consciousness. Remember that it is ALL appearance only.

You may be theorising about WHY a lot of the time……..and make no mistake it is that, that takes you back into belief. Vigilance! Quiet noticing of what is.

Be quiet and see.

Satsang is a joke usually. It is just precious self-images playing hide and seek. The guru is the main player and holds all the aces up his sleeve. It is a parody of the most insidious kind. The more precious it looks, the more deluded are the players. Who cares?

The only value of a one to one consultation is that the mind can be put on the spot. Saving face is seen through…..

You can do this for yourself. Just be 100% genuine.

Belief in erroneous ‘things’ will dissolve by itself.

A clear insight will ‘come’ so long as you keep dropping the engagement (deny belief OR simply letting it be as it is, without ‘going’ with the story) with whatever the story of me appears ‘as’. Appearance is not reality.

There is no success or failure. You are already THAT. The mind is time – no answer in it.

It may just seem like another set of words – the mind is time – one needs to really see the truth of this fact. The mind is Maya – no one EVER wakes up in the dream and there is no way out of the dream. You must SEE that the dream NEVER actually happened – time never started ticking. There is only this present moment and those words are just labels.

  1. The fact remains that 99% of folks do not HEAR the pointers. They hear what they want to hear and usually take the pointers on board as tackle for the ‘fishing trip’. Everyone seems to get offended when they are challenged about their perceived ‘status’. Psychological mind games has become the main game for ‘seekers’ who pretend to be finders and there are thousands of them. Clever intellects can fool the unwary but it is totally transparent. If they knew how transparent their games of enlightenment were, they would sew up their mouths and never utter another bullshit story about ‘me’ ever again. Have a great Christmas. Gaffer tape will do – the sewing is a little extreme!


  3. I would like to say…Seeing/knowing is happening, no effort is needed. What is reading these words is that which knows itself by itself. The words are of no help to THAT to know itself? Does THAT says “I am limited”, Does it say “I am this or that” Does it say “I am enlightened”, … NO; all the answers are trains of words and those answers are already in THAT.
    Silence is the best teacher.

  4. the classic set of questions; who, what, when, where, how, and why. they cover all. ask any policeman to recite the litany. but this is a different sort of investigation. full stop.

    what is it then, that is asking any question about itself? i’m going to go sew up my mouth now.

  5. Don’t think for a moment the mind had something to do with any of these thoughts, one can clearly see that.

  6. Beautifully written. The pointing is clear, no bullshit. Thank you for your kindness.

  7. Gilbert, late (as I always am) with holiday wishes. Just a note to express thanks for the gifts you continue to bestow via UGC and this site. I have an 11-year-old son and a 16-year-old daughter so I know something of the importance of patience – my gratitude for your patience with the likes of me.