Never mind

Whatever you can think of, conceive of or dream about, is nothing but consciousness.

This is naturally self-evident.

There is nothing either wrong or right – there is only this immediate consciousness, as it is.

With no static point, no center and no boundary, consciousness is nothing other than the all-inclusive nature of ‘all there is’ (all there has ever ‘been’ and all that will ever ‘be’) without any possible division.  There are no actual divisions into dimensions, time zones, time lines or space volumes.

A concept cannot divide anything except itself and even that division is merely conceptual.

Nothing can ever divide this consciousness into two. This is naturally self-evident.  

The indivisibility of total unity, wholeness, is naturally perfect, as it is.  

How misleading or arrogant it is to believe that any believed in ‘me’ or ‘you’ can divide consciousness with a concept or belief.  

Mind is seemingly divided into ‘good and bad’ – ‘God and devil’ – ‘Heaven and Hell’ etc…. but any division of mind is an illusionary division.  

Some ‘believers’ say:  ‘I have a personal relationship with God’.  This is like a mask exclaiming ‘I have a personal relationship with the face I am covering up’.

Whatever drama that appears, it is all nothing but an appearance of consciousness itself, an appearance, which we call ‘mind’ – a movement in stillness, which is ‘no mind’.  

‘Mind’ and ‘no mind’ are not two.

No self & no other.

No ownership.

No bondage.

No one can ‘own’ anything, not even one atom of ‘life’ as we know it.


Highly recommended: Excellent video of Bob Adamson speaking at a meeting in December last year… watch click HERE X  (If Link does not work – google search ‘sailor bob December 15th’)

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  1. There is one ‘pointer’ that I repeat many times…because it is so potent.
    Where are you seeing from?
    or…..put another way: Where is the seeing happening?

    Explore this thoroughly and recognize your true nature.