Natural state of being – a question.

It would seem the natural state of being is like a baby that is seeing the world for the first time, no mind, just seeing. As I look out my window, I see a tree, is it also in the natural state of being? The mind asks these questions, wanting to understand.
How does one live life as a baby or tree, seeing/knowing, but without concepts.
Having a hard time letting go, so close, but feeling so far away.
What is it like to just let go? Can it be done like flipping a switch? How does one stop the mind from coming back, it would seem that to stop the mind you have to use the mind?


The question comes from discriminating mind. The question about ‘how’ is based on belief that ‘I am the doer’ and I can change what is.  This must be bypassed one way or another.  Everything is an expression of THAT single essence – One without a second.  Mind is time – being is timeless.  Seeing is not via a seer or the seen.  The seer and the seen depend on the pure function of seeing and without it, they do not exist in any way shape or form.  See concepts as leaves on the tree (of life). There is no separation. It is only a display in mind that appears to divide the natural oneness. Contrived mind games are not the ‘seeing’ itself. Contrived mind games are a display of possibilities. Everything is clear and obvious as it is. By taking a stand ‘as’ a pattern in the display, a bias comes into play. The pattern that appears (anywhere) does not have the capacity of seeing-knowing. The pattern appears upon the knowing. You are formless. Identification with form (devotion) can only deliver identified consciousness back to its origins when it is TOTAL identification. The identification dissolves into the formless via devotion to the form (often a guru). Such a ‘path’ is long and often without completion. The direct path (jnana – knowing) cuts away the identification with form by pure seeing – seeing that I am formless. All points of view are floating upon pure seeing and are naturally a biased distortion of seeing – like a wonky lens. Withdraw back into pure seeing and forget about being a ‘seer’. One instant of total pure seeing is enough. Few will agree. ‘People’ do not want truth – because what is true undermines their investment with ‘me’.

  1. This clear message can never be accepted by the general public. They would get violent and destroy the messenger. This is why all public talks by gurus are presented in a watered down message full of concepts for identified consciousness. ‘People’ love it because it gives them permission to stay identified as a ‘me’. The me is a fiction, false and therefore the me can never ‘get’ the clear message. A lot of frustration ensues via the guru game. ‘People’ will defend their guru to the end when the truth is a guru is only a messenger. The message only needs a short ‘time’ to be delivered and yet ‘people’ stay stuck to a guru for a life time and never ever really get free – they stay in a perpetual state of ‘hope’ in a future time that does not exist. That is how it appears to be. No one was EVER stuck in phenomena. It is all mind – the world is mind. One without a second.

  2. Seeing is effortless, therefore requires no doing, it is there now whether you like it or not. Is it just that thought is interfering or distracting the acknowledgement, like in a feedback loop of static in an amp?

    • Nothing is truly interfering with anything else. We are talking about non duality and there is no duality in non duality. Language is dualistic so it seems. Thoughts appear and disappear naturally. They are like leaves on a tree. They appear as small buds, grow into a twig and leaf, then they fall off. The time scale is much longer than a thought of course. Stars are born and disappear. The scale of the apparent differences in the manifestation are vastly ‘spread out’ – every atom is suspended in the same empty space. Space-like awareness is not anything. Recently I started writing a manuscript for a book titled “God is Space”. It is simply a pointer the THAT essence that we all are, which is invisible, untouchable and undeniable. Space has all the qualities that are attributed to God. In that sense, you are resting in the arms of God right now. You don’t need faith or belief, hope or despair. What is is what is. WHy were the saints tortured? Why were the great discoverers of the nature of the solar system persecuted by the church? Why is the ‘truth’ so unbearable for believers? You may believe you are a separate entity – and being told that there is no separation is like being asked to eat shit for the believer. The revelation is a clear insight – it is your own insight – yet it belongs to the cosmos, AS the true nature of phenomena and consciousness. The insight turns your life completely around – 360 – the veils fall off and the view is clear of beliefs – totally clear of all beliefs. Naked seeing.

  3. Space and forms are lived, seeing can not be stopped or learned, this is life no matter how you look at it. You can’t really escape this, relax and live a little. cheers

  4. The understanding being pointed out by so many on this blog seems like a shadow. There is a sense that the truth is being spoken. However the clear insight is always just out of reach. What is blocking the naked seeing, and how to unblock it?

  5. The presently expanding universe is completely lived, it is true nature. Could an assumed I or you be separate from this? The mind says if you put it that way, no
    —–The mind will continue to take stands, dreams may appear, a fight or flight response may occur, what you are — sees all these experiences unconditionally.
    True nature permeates every cell of the form. The pokerface is a memorized creation the mind was taught to build from infancy, the mind was encouraged from
    what we instinctively knew wasn’t quite right or even close to being true, but to fit
    into the separateness we pretended to go along. So stop pretending its that easy.

  6. no person wants the truth. not a one. only when there has been an inkling into the factuality of that personhood, is there an opening.