Natural noticing.

It is the simplest of noticing.

Nothing complicated about it. You don’t have to learn how to ‘do it’.  A baby notices with great ease.

It ‘happens’ naturally without ever running out of steam.

It is here the moment you open your eyes in the morning, even before you open your eyes in the morning.

How anyone could convince you that you have to learn how to live an awakened life is truly unbelievable.

You are not unaware, right now.

Why do you make a problem out of the simplest of noticing? ….your own natural existence is clearer than the clearest crystal.

It isn’t a ‘thing’. It has no centre – no boundary.

It has no time or distance and it embraces the vast and  the smallest, abides between heart beats and is beyond the furthest galaxy – all within one instant of simple noticing.


So……Where is Clarity now?

…….and now?

…….and now?

Where could it possibly go, away from this clear and obvious consciousness, now?

If it is not here now, then where else could it be?

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  1. Just by coincidence, to have this pop up last night and copied it. It is a quote from Nisargadatta:

    “The known is but a shape and knowledge is but a name. The knower is but a state of mind. The real is beyond. All knowledge is in memory; it is only recognition, while reality is beyond the duality of the knower and the known. How misleading is your language! You assume, unconsciously, that reality also is approachable through knowledge. And then you bring in a knower of reality beyond reality! Do understand that to be, reality need not be known. Ignorance and knowledge are in the mind, not in the real”.

    Substitute mind with time in the preceding. Interesting.