Momentary lapses of reason

Since self-centeredness is the common feature that dictates the behavior of the ‘social fabric’, any form of a message that dismisses the apparent value of ‘fixating on me’ will be dismissed very quickly by the ‘seeker of truth’ – because the seeker of truth knows nothing about truth or actual being.  Spiritual teachings that are popular, including their websites, are popular only because they include subtle ‘fodder’ for the ‘belief in me’. Thousands flock to see a guru or teacher who offers ‘hope’ for that self-centered impulse to ‘attain’ or be delivered out of suffering.   A sacred path is offered.

Sacred path.  Where exactly is it?   In the mind?   Is it real?  Show me one pebble from any of these popular sacred paths!  You can’t. Why?   BECAUSE it is all imaginary.

If you believe you are on a sacred path and you can’t show me the path (because it is all nothing but a belief) then it must be in the imagination.   Take two people who believe they are on the same sacred path.  Who is in front of whom?

How many are on the path?  Each one probably believes that they are in front or maybe they imagine that they are the last one.  Self-esteem may dictate the story and where one fits into this imaginary scene.  Of our two on the path, one may think that they are way ahead of the other.  They may have a ‘teacher’ who they believe is way up ahead somewhere.   Where can any of this be measured from?   It is ALL imaginary.

How can any ‘down to Earth, honest being’ play a role of being a guide or teacher and keep others on a path that is completely imaginary?   What is the pay off?  Why would anyone do such a thing?   Because it is profitable?  Because it makes one feel important and encourages others to look up to one?   It is all fraud and it is plainly obvious to any reasonable and sane being – one who is not under the influence of delusional ideas about themselves.

Pointing at what is is simple.  Loading ‘what is’ with added baggage, with ‘what might be’ or ‘what was’ is just the mechanicalness of habit – it is not naked consciousness.

Carrot before the donkey.   Millions pay tribute to fraudulent ideas about a future time when things will be better.   All such indulgences naturally cloud the ever present freshness of this immediate livingness right now.

The self-realizing nature of ‘right here, right now’ is forfeited for a bunch of concepts and they all pivot around an imaginary idea called ‘me’ or ‘I’.

Ockham’s razor suggests that the simpler of two theories is closer to the truth.   Any complex ‘belief system’ is no better than a simple belief.  A belief, no matter how subtle is still a belief and a belief is never the actuality.  Theories are theories.  Concepts are concepts.  Words are words.   No word, concept or theory can contain the truth of Being.  They all appear and disappear and Being remains unscathed by any of it.