Millions searching – thousands teaching – very few realising.

Sally wrote: “Gilbert – I’m hearing you. I don’t trust a word I say about any of this, but I read your words every day. The reason? Because they are sharp! They cut to what I know already to be what I’m looking for…and then there is suddenly nothing to find and it is obvious and clear. It’s as if there is still undergrowth that I need to scythe through…”


You must SEE that the search never actually started. To ‘do that’ the mind must be emptied of concepts. This can be done, not by any ‘you’ but by intelligence itself. In being 100% genuine, the essence that you are ‘reclaims’ the clear seeing as the fixation on ‘me’ disappears – even if only for a few moments – it is clearly obvious.

The silent peace of simple being is quite obvious if you drop all concepts about becoming. The livingness is appearing to unfold as ever new patterns. That which is seeing and knowing the apparent unfolding is formless consciousness. It apparently needs the body/mind as an instrument of cognition. However, just as the eye is an instrument of seeing, the eye of itself cannot see anything, the body knows nothing except naked sensations.

Find out what is seeing-knowing and be free of the concepts about becoming.

If you get a grasp on what I am saying, you will recognise that almost all the teaching that goes on, is useless and even obstructive. All happening in the name of truth. No wonder so few realise their true nature.

  1. Naturally bursting the energy bubbles, who would need elaborations as this foremost no thing, seeing-knowing. Still less than that we are.

  2. ” One of the most delightful paradoxes is that at the end of the nondual path we realize that we haven’t travelled any distance — that no path has been traversed and that we haven’t attained “anything.” But we also realize that if we hadn’t believed that there was a path and made the effort we have made, we wouldn’t have arrived at the point we are at. Even though we realize that our struggle and commitment has been pointless, in the absence of this effort we would still be drifting in the illusion that there actually is somewhere to go and something to achieve. Without doing what we didn’t need to do, we wouldn’t realize that we didn’t need to do it. ”

    ~ Peter Fenner

    • Quaint quote from Peter Fenner. He runs a business teaching methods. He has to say that. Fact is, there is no ‘doer’, never was, never will be. The investigation of ‘me’ is all that is necessary.

  3. … and this investigation of ‘me’ will , in most cases, bring you to lots of teachers. The seekers job is to recognize which ones of the thousands are speaking from the truth.

    ..or we can just do a ‘full stop’ but how can one do that without investigation ?

    I say, roll up your sleeves, and get dirty. There is alot of work to be done but for you Gilbert, ‘full stop’ and there is ‘no doer’ is all that’s needed because you have done the investigation over the many years, haven’t you ? …come on, admit it ?

    “You seem to want instant insight, forgetting that the instant is always preceded by a long preparation. The fruit falls suddenly, but the ripening takes time.”
    ~ Nisargadatta

    • Some fruit rots on the tree, because a breeze does not come along and nudge it. Awareness is timeless. Mind is time. What Nisargadatta says is spoken to a particular visitor. I do not doubt his directives but the knowing essence is here now, not in some dried up words in a book or coming from some other being.

  4. Thank you, Gilbert. I am pondering your words. Sometimes it comes in clearly, like a vibration underlying all thinking, right at the gut with a thrill, that what I’m thinking doesn’t matter at all. There is something else going on, deeper in, or further back. There’s nothing to say about it. I don’t want to tarnish it!

    I get it deepest when I slip away from belief in the past and -especially -the future. You hit the nail on the head to tell me to cut out all this conceptual belief in becoming! The past has been mercifully in a kind of ‘absent spot’ for months. It makes me laugh when I “look” where it used to “be”, but I confess I’m just a true believer in the future. And yet…I don’t actually know or believe in anything at all! And that’s not true either…so there I go, looking for what is true or what’s to become true!

    Anyway, thank you so much. I appreciate your taking the time to give me your helpful words.