Making too much of nothing.


The hunter

Belief is never reality.

Nothing ever happened.  

Life is eternal.  Life has no beginning, no end.   In the appearance you appeared to come into existence when the essence of the father and mother came together.  Life was ‘prior’ to that coming together, obviously.  When those elements cease to function, we call it death.  Death is something that appears to happen in life…..but life goes on, we all know that.  The revelation of pure intelligence is that this life essence is not in any thing, not as something isolated.  All things appear and disappear in Life.  They are nothing other than Life expressing ‘as’.  ‘As’…’Is’…’Are’…and ‘Am’ refer to existence.  

Imagination is focus on images appearing in the mind.  They are not what they appear to be.

Paradoxically for the so-called seeker, the revelation of pure intelligence is empty.  Not a void.  The emptiness of emptiness is beyond the capacity of the intellect.  It is the living intelligence that is life itself that animates the intellect – intelligence appearing as a limited faculty.  Ego is a fabricated agent of intelligence.  Therefore, the one who recognises the true nature of all things has no claim to make.  It is only ego (I or me) that claims some merit from intelligence.  As a seeming individual, all one can do is point to ‘that’ life essence.  Whether it is recognised or not is beyond anyone’s control.  There is no transmission…only potential recognition for those who do not know their true nature.

There is no teaching, no teacher.  There is only life. 

There are no independent entities that know anything.  There is nothing to get.

I do not recommend any teachers whatsoever.

The only fact you truly know is that you exist.  All the rest is conceptual constructs in mind.

Simply recognise that seeking never started.