The love light in your eyes shines beyond beauty, star or gem.

It melts me cold cold heart and warms me weary soul.

Ya robbed me of my trusty words, no find, no splutter, n then.

I’m lost and found… and lost again within this vast-less-ness, whole.

How did I miss it, obvious n clear, this light of life… so close, so near.

You must think me such a fool.. n tis true enough, I know, we know.

It’s the thinking that is so fearful-fearsome, that makes this life so tough, but Oh……

The light by which I see, I know, ‘coz without it…… nothing, zero, cold…. n bleak.

The truth for sure, tis none can hear.. a word of it at all….

Coz believe or not tis true.. ya know… that none can speak.

Don’t search for me where none is found – you are ‘this light’ and not the ‘seek’.

Love is light. Let it shine.

– Gilbert