Love again

Many speak of love as if it is a thing to have or acquire in copius quantities.
The implication is that there is a lack of love.
Many speak about Unconditional love as if it is a thing that they have and that you should cultivate.
Such nonsense has always sounded like a cracked bell to my ears.

Recently an insight into this question about love ‘happened’.

I will say only this about the said insight:

LOVE is NOT binding.

What is usually experienced and spoken of, under the name of love, has a binding nature. Exclusivity or the effect of exclusion. This only……’I love you……and not the others’…etc.
I love you and no one else – you must love me and no one else. How can it be love? Love is not limited by any thing. It will not be bound by any thing – it CANNOT be bound by any thing.

Intimacy is a desirable ‘sense’ yet many are afraid of it. Some are addicted to it, like a drug. It turns them into a hideous fool (In the appearance).
Negotiating an intimate relationship is rife with drama usually.

The basics of love is the love of being.
You love to be. It is not a choice.
When you are open in that loving to be, you can recognize the light of love in anyone and everyone.

As Krishna says: “I am the light in your enemies eyes”.