Love is light.

Light is energy.

Everything is light.  Everything is illuminated as it is.

The luminous nature of all things is self-evident.

Love doesn’t die or go anywhere. 

Love is the basic essence of life. 

Our love is eternal.

  1. Love is not conditioned by anything. Those who fear love are clinging to the ‘person’ and the ‘person’ is not reality.
    Love is the impersonal appearing to be personal. Love is like water – it appears as steam, a mist, as the rain, the stream, the river, the lake, the ocean. Water is water. Clear and obvious. It is life.

  2. Love is a word. No word is ever what it re-presents.
    The word is not what it re-presents.
    The word water has how many of properties of water?
    Without any clear understanding of words, words cannot serve as communication all that well.
    A lot of misunderstanding appears as someone attempting to assimilate into a new country struggles with learning the new language. Many oddities in one’s own language will reveal themselves if you are trying to help someone learn your language. If your grasp of your own language is not well grounded, you may not be being as helpful as you imagine.
    With regard to understanding the nature of things, if your understanding is limited you will probably like to read the words of others and that is a subtle form of seeking.
    Many ‘teachers’ love to read the words of other ‘teachers’.
    With regard to ‘truth’ words can only confirm what one already knows innately. Some are more articulate than others. Some of the ancient texts resonate across time and space only because what is expressed is of the innate knowing. It is not something new like a fresh loaf of bread is new.
    The true nature of what we are is one with the true nature of all things. This cannot be expressed in words because words are limited to being a pointer.
    In discovering one’s true nature all seeking vanishes. A natural confidence wells up from nowhere. The emptiness of emptiness is known intimately.
    In the scheme of things, the world is full of ‘people’ who have not discovered their true nature.
    All the suffering, the conflict and misery is due to non understanding. Self-centredness is non understanding. Belief in being a limited being (me) is based on non investigation. The intelligence that is our true nature is laden down with erroneous beliefs. This is like a cage of believed in words, reference points that surround the body-mind. Breaking through this cage of belief requires courage. The courage cannot come from outside the cage. Only ‘pointers’ can appear to come from outside of the cage through communication with ‘one that knows’.
    It is the resonance of innate knowing that ‘grows’ and expands, smashing the cage and appears to release the one who appeared to be locked in.
    This being locked in is an illusion but no one realises that until the moment of release.
    This moment right now is that moment – it is always this moment right now.
    It is the fear of being nothing that imprisons the believed in entity (me). It is a complete fiction. There is no entity bound in phenomena. The belief is a subtle vibration, it is phenomena. Just as things appearing in a mirror can’t be bound to the mirror nor can anything in the mirror affect any other thing appearing in the mirror. All that is appearing ‘in the mirror’ is equal, they are all of the one reflection. Belief cannot make anything ‘become’ real.
    Therefore one can ascertain that nothing that one ‘does’ to change a belief, improve the experiences of the ‘me’ nor all the efforts to become something ‘better’ have ever ‘become’ reality. Neither do all the practices that have been ‘done’ down through the centuries ever alter reality in the slightest. It is all a fiction about a fictional entity (me).

    Once the resonance in being has been ignited via recognition of one’s true nature, nothing can stop its (apparent) growth. What is remains as it is. Belief is discarded bringing a sense of expansion or growth.
    In the appearance of things ignorance rules those who are ignorant of their true nature. Nothing can be done for them except getting a ‘message’ to them.
    In the scheme of things the messenger (of such news) is most often sensed as a radical danger. The fear of freedom appears to be more threatening than the cage of belief.
    Most, it would seem, by all accounts, would prefer to be comfortable within their ignorance than to face what is actually true.
    So be it. Truth or reality is already so. ‘You’ can change it. It will change you if only you can be open to it.