Likes and dislikes.

We see and experience things ‘in life’ that grate against something in ourselves.  It is our problem – it is not ‘out there’.

What is the friction happening on?  Who is upset?  Who is it happening to – who dislikes so and so or such and such?  Who is it?  What is it?   We can spend an entire life time avoiding that core issue – why?

In the appearance of things, your attitude, or my attitude, may be a good one or a bad one – and it seems it influences others.
Bullshit is bullshit.  It doesn’t matter who is telling the bullshit.
The key is knowing it is bullshit.
Buying into the drama of bullshit is simply buying into the illusion of separateness.
Buying into the story about ‘angels are real’ is also just another belief.
Reality bites.
Various ‘voices’ or ‘teachers’ will appear in your life, apparent authentic voices that express what is true.   It is nothing but sign posts appearing – appearing in order for the recognition of the only true authentic ‘vibration’ that there is – your own immediate existence or being-ness.
Don’t let anything put you off – all hurdles can be traversed.  They are all appearance only.  You are already THAT, which is prior to any hurdle.  Seeing that, knowing that, the hurdles crumble by themselves.
  1. immediacy is unavoidable, now is never not new in appearance and has no beginning or end. Are you saying an understanding or noticing of (what you are) or (what you are not) is only temporarily relevant and is as unbelievable as any other thought?

    • Actually you cannot know what you are or even notice it because it is the seeing – it is never an object. The mind translates according to concepts, ideas and beliefs and they all belong to the realm of time. What the seeing is, is timeless, it is not a form – it may appear as a form but it is all forms without any fixation, centre or boundary. I am not saying anything. The words appear to point at ‘that’ which is the un-manifested. There is no expectation that anyone will understand what is shared. If there were, all that would lead to is disappointment. Careless pointing. The apparent sharpness is only due to the nature of the immediacy. If some reconance brings an incisive insight, then you are most fortunate. No one here is interested in holding you ransom because you had some insight. That is uncommon. Most teachers love to collect seekers – it is what they do – in the appearance of things.

      (Most information being shared on this subject is blunter than the back end of a bull, with associated attachments.)

  2. I would like to say…What is seeing?
    The one way to answer this question is to look, it does not help to try to find words as a response. The one which is looking at that question IS THAT whis is seeing
    The one which is seeking enlightement is THAT which is seeking at the first place. What is having problems? No answer. What is suffering? No answer. We can see appearances, where is the seeing outside of colors ? Where is the hearing outside of sounds, where is the smelling outside of the perfume? where are sensations outside of the body? Can we separate the flower and its perfume? Can we separate the flower and its color?

  3. No I get’s the picture, the relative illusion flows in THAT. nothing is exempt, including new or believed to be insightful thoughts , its all one seeable illusion.