Like a voice in the wilderness….

Like a gold miner standing in the entrance of the mine, looking for the entrance, thinking it is somewhere else.  Most seekers, no, all seekers are like a man sitting on a box full of precious jewels, begging passers by for a few coins.  Sometimes a passer by (one who knows) points out that the box this man is sitting on needs to be investigated and even some tell him that it is full of jewels.  He just looks at the box and agrees most wholeheartedly and carries on begging.

The simplest truths are overlooked because the mind says ‘Oh that can’t be true, it can’t be as simple as that’.   Being convinced that there is a problem is brought about by belief in language, words, concepts and ideas, believing that that translation is ‘real’.  If you remove all the meaning from the words and allow everything to be just what it is, then (miraculously it seems) the problems cease to invade the mind.  

It is in the naming of things that ‘causes’ all the psychological dramas.   Finito! 



Yes, the mind says ‘Yes But…..’  and a story about ‘me’ kicks back in.  

Watch the mind and see if it is not so.  

Get a glimpse of the truth of this and one of the foundation ‘bricks’ of belief are shaken loose. 

Keep investigating into this fundamental ‘truth’ and a realisation simply opens up like a flower.

I have witnessed almost everyone I meet in ‘meetings’ keep going back into the mind looking for an answer. 

Even though it is pointed out many, many times that there is no answer in the mind, they agree most emphatically and carry on as usual, looking into the mind add nausea (ad-nauseum). 

The key point here is paradoxically hidden in the explanation (words).  It is in the naming of things, that is where our problem lies.  Seeing through the habits of mind, that is not something ‘you’ as a believed in entity can ‘do’.  It happens by itself and there is no mistake about it.  It is actually happening as the pure function of seeing (for everyone right now – it is simply ignored usually).  Many clear pointers are a shock to the mind, simply because they cut to the core.   One teachers says “It does not matter whether you are praying in church or shooting up drugs” – and it is true but if you believe that taking drugs is going to help you get clarity of mind, then you have jumped on the wrong train.  

Avoiding reality is common however no one can actually avoid reality – because reality is what everyone truly is.  Pretending to see through everything is a fruitless mind game – common as it is, it is like a barren tree that can never bear fruit.  You can water it every day for a lifetime.  It CANNOT bear fruit.    However, the image of a tree is not separate from the tree.   When the apparent separation collapses the tree is what it is – what it always was – One Essence appearing AS a tree.  You are THAT!




  1. I would like to say…that there is nothing for one to do for the seeing through to happen – it just happens.
    And yet the only thing at our disposal seemingly is the mind and thus we stage this battle that can never be won – mind cannot correct anything –
    and then maybe by grace the story of me no longer dominates the screen.
    or appears to be less prevalent, sort of exposed upon arising, dismissed upon appearing……… and a sinking into a life without a tyrannical me.

  2. I would like to say…what is imagination?… a function of the Mind?….You think how life can be and hope that it will be so. Are we, or is life, creating in this way? Where you put your intention on, it expands. A lot of questions from a newbie.

    When i am trying to “seeing” the mind kicks in and i am thinking you better do something sit and do nothing and waiting and hoping that things are changing and that maybe I win a prize in the lottery. Do I have to trust that everything will be o.k?

    Seeing sounds nice I wish it was true. Just looking/seeing the thoughts are gone now
    ….is this it? Oh my God, it starts all over again! Is there a tool that I can use when my mind decides to create all those noises in my head. What can i do, What can i do?
    Seeing? How do you do this? O.K…. let’s forget it is nothing. Don’t goes on!

    • Seeing is happening and ‘you’ are not doing it! That is a key, if I can put it that way. The habit is to believe that what the mind translates events and experiences into it ‘real’ – it is not real. Imagination is image-ing, conceptualized imaging. ‘Graven Images’ is what the Bible names it as. Fixations in mind are reference points and they all come and go. What you ARE does not come and go. What you are you cannot say. What we are talking about is not something that the mind has any words for. If anyone could point to it with words, it would have already transformed all of humanity. Spirituality is nothing but a belief system. It achieves nothing at all. It may make you feel special and warm and fuzzy but life kicks us in the guts over and over. Hiding away in a cave with a crystal and some mantras is little more than madness. No guru can truly give you anything at all. The BEST anyone can do is ‘point’ at THAT which is beyond all appearances and yet it is the obvious true nature that ‘I am’. It seems that everyone misses it but there is no one that misses it. Everyone IS THAT……whether ‘they know’ it or not. It is the seeing-knowing – an activity that is beyond the personal realms of mind. There is nothing ‘you’ can do as a believed in separate entity. Realization is impersonal, empty cognition, where there is no reference point or IMAGE. It is naked, space-like awareness, forever present and yet unfindable as an object. (I will post this comment as a new Note)

  3. I would like to say…pretending to understand you are the (only always here) is a nice little self pointer, but it is temporary and a belief, let it go. You are what is not temporary, let this one go too. There is no concept which you are, let this go. Seeker, pretender, thinker, teacher, etc, it is impossible to be one, let this go.
    It is impossible to (hold on to) what I say (let go off) anyway, you are simplier than all these things.