Light upon the ground of Being

Light upon the ground 2a

‘Light upon the ground’ – artwork

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The pristine clarity of naked awareness remains as it is.

A mind that is bound by belief cannot know the freedom of natural spontaneity. Belief in the ‘thinker’ (a thought) is like a conceptual wedge driven into the natural oneness, appearing to divide the mind and its fabricated owner.

Those who are motivated by ego cannot hide it. It is on display and there is no mistaking it.
It is clearly obvious where they are coming from.
The false can never become reality.
Who can hide their private agenda behind spiritual rhetoric?

There is no knowing in any pattern. The pattern appears and disappears upon the seeing-knowing.
Everything is already Clear and Obvious.  Always so.

No contrived mental construct can ever be true understanding, no matter how much ‘inner work’ you do.

I have nothing to add to any teaching. 
I have, in reality, achieved nothing.
‘I’ know nothing.  Knowing is.
The activity of knowing is the ‘first and only instant’, which one can call the duration-less immediacy of LIFE.  
THAT is all there is.
The world of personalities is an illusion.
You are not in a world, a mind or a body.
All these ‘things’ register upon the naked cognition, which is timeless.
All attempt to acquire it only keep the mind searching for its own essence, which is empty and silent.

The duration-less immediacy of Life is spontaneous, uncaused. Prior to the appearance of all limitations. You are already That. No need to try to get it.

As an uninvited guest, the mind steps in and says ‘I will handle this, I know truth’…….but in truth the mind knows nothing.

The thought ‘I’ or ‘me’ cannot see or know anything, it is a concept.  Seeing or knowing is happening spontaneously.  Seeing or knowing did not ask for your permission.

The mind is just like a mechanical set of cogs and wheels.  
What moves the cogs and wheels? 

Find out.