LIFE is spontaneous – period.

Water Lilly

Image – Water Lilly

Life is spontaneous.
What seemingly covers up this spontaneous nature is belief in being some ‘thing’ that is separate.
So, it is, this belief needs to be exposed and SEEN to be unreal.
What usually happens is that we need to hear something from someone else…….as a message.
The message is pure intelligence…..and intelligence recognises intelligence naturally. The cleaner the message, the better….no added noise (misinformation).
The message registers. Nothing may seem to happen at first. It may appear to the mind that a gestation period is required.
Once you have truly registered (heard) the message, nothing will stop it coming to fruition.
In the scheme of things, many hear the message and most carry on searching and seeking MORE. Seeking more adds energy to the belief that there is more to get. Conceptual layers over the spontaneous nature blocks the view. However nothing actually obscures awareness. It is the believed in entity that is not clear. It is not known for what it is. It is ignorance.
Once you truly hear the message and it is recognised (whatever form it appears in) the job is done. (the messenger is simply a form appearing)
Doubt is only a thought.
There is no one to do anything. You have never done a thing.
THAT which is, is THAT which is. Always so.
A spontaneous recognition, that the mind is actually empty, ‘happens’ and the ‘knowledge’ that there is no entity there reveals itself spontaneously….yet it is not actually a happening – it is more like a non happening.
Nothing ever happens to the open nature of cognition. It remains uninterrupted and impartial…..Cosmic……Wholeness……no parts.
Who will accept that there is no credit for any ‘me’?
You had no choice. There is only life….intelligence…..a seeming movement of no thing.
There is only knowing. There is no ‘knower’ and there is no ‘known’.
All there is, is Know-ing…..un-interrupted know-ing.

  1. When the message is utterly clean as you say and uncompromisingly direct and the investigation is clean and direct–the message will be heard. It will be recognized that the entire search and seeker was merely a shadow chasing its substance. What seems to happen may be very subtle. The ordinary presence of awareness comes forward. What you truly are stands nakedly and the knowing that it was simply always so is crystal clear. And the miracle is the mind just sort of snaps it’s tether to believing it’s own stories. The energy of self centered thinking just vanishes or withers in the direct light of being. And without the energy of mind going into MY thoughts the clarity of being burns away all doubt or interest in self centered beliefs.

  2. Thanks, Gilbert. I appreciate your direct and uncomplicated way of sharing. What is complicated about Being? Complicated words and theories seem to be just imaginary breadcrumbs for the so-called seeker to chase. And chase, and chase. As if there was a thing to acquire in time for a person. Nonsense! Thanks again, mate!