LIFE is Spontaneous!

The true nature of Life is spontaneous. This spontaneous nature is all inclusive. Known in the immediacy of its expression and nowhere else.
Mind is clear and empty. Mind is spontaneously mechanical and rooted in the past. The past is dead and gone. Mind is now. Where else can mind actually be?
This livingness, right now, is all there ever is.
Out of this clear and empty nature of pure being – pure mind – everything spontaneously appears.
The bondage of self is a fiction.

Memory will serve very well, once the ‘me fixation’ is dissolved.
The repeating patterns that appear to make up the appearance of world and body, thought, feeling and emotion, are nothing but pure energy – spontaneously expressing AS ‘things’ or objects.

The pure subject of all things is No Thing – emptiness. It is not even a subject.
Everything is appearance and there is no entity abiding anywhere.

LIFE is spontaneous. ’You’ can never grasp it – you can only ever BE that.

  1. See what the above words grate upon. If they do, that friction is worth investigating.

    • Self-centeredness is the cause of dis-ease. If you are not willing to feel the grating of life against whatever it is that resists life and all it presents, then how on earth do you expect to see through that self-centeredness?

  2. I would like to say… Yes, all fear subsides without resistance. The beauty happens in the immediate. You cant question it with the Mind, but know it with the Seeing . Pure observation is life happening spontaneously. The one appearance. You said the Absolute?

    If I were close or rich I would travel to the meeting.

  3. The seeing IS the knowing. All postulations about this seeing are unnecessary once the seeing is without concepts. Adding concepts to the seeing can never burden the seeing – but the one who believes they are doing the seeing can get very complex and laden with an ‘en-cyclo-pedia’ of fabricated stuff. No offence intended!

  4. I would like to say… none taken… I think that is what I say but you just say it so much better. it is more easily and naturally expressed through ‘me’ in the Visual.

    This is the only place ‘my’ investigation gets feedback. (overlook dual language). Then a refinement happens…. That is the only way i can describe it at the time. There is no one here to bounce anything off, so thank you for the continued input.

  5. If you are there, here is a question: (apologies that it is a bit personal) I am astonished by the grief that is appearing while a loved one dies. I can’t think of it as patterns dissolving. And worse is, I have no comforting words. Life is spontaneous: so seems death.

    If thats all there is my friend, then let’s keep dancing?

  6. PS: I got it. There are no concepts now. No, We will meet again, No heavenly reward, Jesus loves you. You did well, even a loving universe. Nothing to say, no thing to do. Weren’t concepts wonderful? Now it is just raw feeling.

  7. And no one ever dies because no one was ever born and yet there is an affinity with another form and sadness appearing in this now.

  8. This is true. Thank you, dear friend.

    Or Maybe I’m a nihilist. I will try on the black leather jumpsuit and see how it fits.

    • Nihilism is the dark side of the mind. Emptiness is not an empty void. It is the very life energy itself – the source of all. Look into the night sky and recognise the wonder of it all. Project nothing from mind onto that dark expanse. Be child like for a moment. The origins of consciousness are not hidden.

  9. To bunnyslipper with a thank you, because it is all so very familiar to me, what you are commenting on.
    However, nihilistic or not, when “no entity abiding (any or) everywhere” then all is coming from the Heart like a woman in flames, isn’t?
    In accordance, it seems there is no need to try the black jumpsuit anymore.
    So, yes the movement is spontaneously happening and maybe will keep us dancing, or not?
    Much love to you.

  10. Dark side of the mind; well put. So It seems I start out standing on the bank of the river that believes there are many individuals, others, separation. Then with fresh insight I take the rope and swing out wide and land on bank that believes there is nothing, alone a void. And again separation. Both miss the stream that is teeming with life. Like quantum mechanics and general relativity looking for the unifying force. So all I can do is take the rope, swing out and let go into the swift, roiling ever-changing teeming water.

    In this life energy there are no others but also no void. It is One. The pretty concepts may be gone, but gone also is the bleak, blank void. When the words ‘source’ and ‘origins of consciences’ are used. Do they point to this the original stream that J Krishnamurti refers to when the form dissolves. An intelligence? Or the point of continuing creation? Like going back to an original journey, not of ones own, not personal. but the knowing, the seeing that is happening all at once.

    As you can see it appears I am still trying to grab a rope, Maybe, It is more clarification.

    The only thing I agreed on with this dying man on is the true meaning of god and love. Two words he never used. But I see his ending does not hold beauty and wonder but stoic nothingness for him. It is not spaciousness but contraction into a hard little nut. I have no words for him, No assurances. Useless. Because I don’t know how to see death. I am not asking to be shown the gates of heaven and hell. It just looks like for the banks of nihilism to collapse, the stream has to contain a sort of continuum. A knowing. Am I just failing to see this timeless, knowing being? Thank you

    • No rope – no bank – just the flow of the river of life. Grasping consciousness is unnecessary.