Life is eternal – Life is time-less

Question:  Gilbert, Can you say anything about what happens to this experience at death?

Does it go on or does the light just go out?  Any insight is appreciated. Thank You. – J

Reply: The body is integrating consistently as the life essence sustains it through food, air etc.   When so called ‘death’ happens the life essence activates disintegration of the body and enzymes start to break the body down.

Experiencing carries on (Cosmic Consciousness) but the brain no longer can conceptualize.  The sense of limited self (me) vanishes.  Life appears to move on.   There never was a separate individual.  The illusion of a separate entity disappears in that pattern called the body/mind.  Other body/minds can remember that seeming separate ‘apparent individual’ but those memories fade also in time (mind).

The light goes out of the eyes.   The last breath returns to the air.  The pattern breaks down (disintegration) and the composition (body) returns the elements to the eternal pool of elements or what we might call earth, wind and fire.

You can only postulate what might be experienced in another being.  As so-called death ‘happens’ to you, you will not know anything about it.  No one has come back from death to tell what happened.  Many speak of near death experiences but obviously it wasn’t death.  The symbolic talk of raising people from the dead is the same as the symbolic talk of awakening individuals into Cosmic Consciousness.  

There never was an individual to wake up.   The entire universe is wakefulness and every so-called ‘moment’ is spontaneously unique and without boundaries or limitations.   ‘I am That’ is an expression pointing to the unchanging nature of existence.   That-ness!  When did you ever not exist?  Mind is time.  Really get that message:  Mind is time!

Life does not know death.

Who wants to know?    Fear of non existence keeps everyone on their toes but the fact is that there never was a separate individual anywhere, at any time.

All there is, is Life.

Question: Thanks for the response Gilbert:

When the ‘lights go out’ and life leaves this body, do you know if anything at all moves on that can recall life? I am assuming NO from your last email. Or is it returning to a pure energy which is everything? I have a thought process that it can be described that what I truly am is life itself – so in a sense I can say that I am and always was everything. I was in the ground that Jesus walked on and also the people that killed him and everyone and everything else.. And can’t that also be looked at as a dream which never really happened? Can we ever know what this really is? Is there something here at all or just memories of various aspects of the one dream?

And is that definitely what it is… no life after death WHICH IS RECALLED?!?! I’m not dying and going anywhere because I never was here in the first place?

Do you have a sense of fear that once the ‘lights go out’ you will never recall anything prior again?

Anything you can add is appreciated.  Thank You. – J

Reply: You are everything and that amounts to zero.  No harm done.  No benefit, no loss.  In the scheme of things you concern yourself with hypotheticals and ignore the clear and present evidence of pure being.  There is ONLY Life.  Life knows nothing of death.  You cannot remember being born.  You know nothing of death except rumors and yet it scares the living daylights out of you.  Fear is always about the future.   

The fear of not existing is what threatens the ‘me fixation’ but the fact is, the me never was real and it does not exist as anything but images, ideas, emotional reactions and a story – just like a dream – nothing happens in a dream.   All those states of mind come and go…..but what you are is existence itself.  Your true nature is not a state of mind.  Has existence ever left the stage.  Have the curtains ever come down on Life?

Mind is time.

Life is eternal – time-less.

Investigate the seeming point of view called Me or I.  Really go into it and naturally it will be seen that the space from where the seeing is happening is empty and has no substance.   The subtle joy of being cannot be extinguished by the drama of psychological nonsense and no concept can get behind the cognition.  Awareness is self-aware and awareness can only appear to be obscured.  Nothing can obscure pure cognition.

You are attached to the body and to beliefs (mind).

When that body drops it will start to smell like shit after a few hours.  The society you live in will put the body in a freezer to slow down the disintegration.   Arrangements will be made within hours to dispose of the body.  No family members or friends will want to be associated with that body for long.   Why are you so attached to it?  They may weep because the spirit (the light of life) has appeared to have ‘gone’ and some may punish themselves excessively over that.  Some will be indifferent.  Whatever appears to ‘happen’…..LIFE goes on and memories of the ‘departed’ will live on in the living.   It is all a dream and there never was any substance to the dreamer.  The spontaneous nature of Life is ever fresh and new.  Each so-called moment is unique but in essence it is the same unchanging nature of existence.

The true nature of ‘self’ is emptiness…….NO substance.  Pure cognition.  It cannot die or go away.

There is NO separate individual.  All there is is the WHOLE, the Totality.  The All inclusive ‘One without a second’.

Knowing this is a subtle joy – knowing this is true living, Life itself.


Take the simplicity of what is offered and stop being concerned with the dream.  Stop punishing yourself with beliefs and rumors.

The me fixation is the cause of psychological suffering.

You can punish yourself with beliefs or you can step beyond beliefs and live each moment free of psychological suffering.

Simply know that you exist.   Existence is not imaginary.   This immediate pure existence is not a concept.  

Do not add concepts to that and then see what happens.


  1. Thank you for nothing, Gilbert. You are clear as a bell, but very few want to hear the truth. Maybe you should stop expecting any “understanding” by others. It is all an appearance, anyway.

    • You are welcome to the nothing. No one else wants it anyway. My expectations are all empty. ‘Relative statements’ are spontaneously added to posts…..just like chillies are added to a dish to give it a kick.

  2. your posts are exploding or blowing all the concepts which are only an assembly of letters upside down. Have a happy new year Gilbert