Knowing is beyond the ‘person’.

The pattern has form and appears to be known.

That which sees and knows is the totality of your ‘self’, which is completely abstract for the mind.

That is the understanding, however the understanding remains abstract for the translating intellect.

So it is, that no one ever ‘got it’ and anyone who says they did is nothing but a pattern indulging in self-reflection and that is nothing more or less than mis-understanding.


As a believed in pattern (I or me) all that can be perceived is ‘of the pattern’ itself.  All is appearing as patterns within patterns. The means of translation belong to language and visual pattern recognition habits.  Nothing new can be perceived via such translations.  It seems that we imagine we understand something because we can label it, as if the word was reality. Words are just pointers.

The activity of seeing is as if empty and yet full in the same moment. Everything is seen yet where the seeing registers is clear and empty.

That which sees is not a pattern and is not IN any pattern. 

The eye is a physical pattern but the eye cannot see. It is an instrument of seeing.

Through belief in ideas, the apparent and unquestioned entity tries unwittingly to grasp what is ungraspable, the abstract and infinite.  To try to grasp it with concepts and beliefs is bound to fail, it cannot be done and those who appear to indulge in philosophical postulations automatically exclude the possibility of understanding direct apperception. 

All things appear in space.  Space is imperceptible.  It is seen as no thing.  

That empty space is like what you try to grasp.  The hand that tries to grasp space is an appearance in space.  How can it ever grasp space?

The activity of knowing (cognition) is beyond all concepts and is actually the basic principle….All Knowing.  Everything is That.

That is all and all is That.

No one can become that.

Becoming is an illusion.

It cannot be learned and everything you have ever learned is pointing away from the basic principle of ‘Already so’.