Knowing and belief

In the scheme of things, something called spirituality offers a way of seeing the world and understanding the self.

Some, in the appearance of things, appoint themselves as guides, teachers or gurus.  Of course such a self appointed ‘position’ is extremely suspect.  It is very easy to lead seekers down all kinds of paths and to give them lots of tasks.  One can speak about subtle experiences that are possible and uphold a belief that a specific experience will signify the seekers readiness for attainment.  It is an ‘easy job’ due to the fact that the seekers provide all the material to work with.  The guru or teacher only has to tweak the teaching to keep the seeker on their imaginary path.  The seeker is already set up to blame themselves for non attainment and ‘seeking approval’ or even a smile from the guru or teacher may keep them making efforts.  Decades can go by.

The error of it all is that the so-called self is not an entity.  There is no entity that can achieve ‘attainment’ of anything.

The self-knowing belongs to the nature of consciousness, which is not an individual.  Self-knowing is the innate nature of awareness or consciousness.  If you look for the self, you cannot find it.  Just as the eye cannot see the eye, the self-knowing awareness cannot know or find any substance, point or dimension that can be claimed as ‘self’.

In the scheme of things, two ‘things’ confound ‘us’.  One is identity and the other is boundary.

The all inclusive nature of consciousness-awareness includes all apparent points, dimensions, realms and states of mind.

The intellect is an expression of intelligence.  Intelligence does not have a form of its own.  The capacity of knowing has no identity or boundary.

If you drop all ideas, concepts and beliefs and look into the clear night sky a sense of wonder may fill you up.

The mind will naturally appear to ‘attempt’ to translate the experience via its learned language, beliefs and memories.  All mechanical – no volition.  As soon as the translation ‘takes over’ the sense of wonder diminishes.  A child, without the sophisticated language and concepts of an ‘educated’ adult will naturally taste the sense of wonder in such a way it cannot be easily forgotten.  Because it is an abstract experience, without ‘mental habits’ of adulthood, the open nature of consciousness (the naked non conceptual experience) may be ‘remembered’ without any intellectual baggage.

In the common realm of spirituality, the spiritual baggage that is put upon ‘the simple fact of being’ is unnecessary and the fabricated goals dictated by those who pretend to know and guide others are totally unnecessary, except as a means to enslave seekers into a time bound realm of seeking something in the future.  The resistance to facing the limited nature of mere belief is so common and so wide spread, it appears that there is little hope for any seeker to find what is true via the common help that is offered here, there and everywhere.

In fact, there is no hope for the seeker.  The seeker is just a transient, reoccurring ‘state of mind’.  An assumed stance that has no factual basis in reality.  It is merely a limited way of looking at the world and a constant fixation with the ‘self’.   The simple evidence is that the ‘seeker’ is a complete fiction.  It cannot see, hear, taste, smell or do anything.

The dissolution of belief in being a seeker is via naked seeing, where the energy supporting belief is removed naturally or overthrown by the clarity of naked seeing.   Awareness is self-aware (without an entity) and naked awareness is non conceptual.

There is no answer in the mind.   But that is where everyone tries to work it all out – in the mind.

Intelligence is not in the mind.  Mind or the intellect is an expression of intelligence.  A grape is an expression of the vine.  No vine, no grape.  No intelligence, no intellect.  Intellectually we put the horse before the cart.  We get things all jumbled up and give credit where it is not warranted.   The life energy (life) is intelligence, expressing ‘as this and that’.

There is no intelligence in words or language.  Words and language are expressions of intelligence.

Through belief in the intellect, as something that has some kind of independence and through belief in words, as though words contain some special power, the so-called individual is ‘trapped’, simply by not noticing the difference between knowing and belief.

There is no separate entity, no separate individual – so the ‘trap’ is an illusion.


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  1. Thousands run to gurus and teachers who ‘promise’ deliverance from suffering. The teachings are full of beliefs and the basic fact is that a belief is never the actuality. Thus masking suffering is what happens. Seekers pretend to be free hoping to gain approval from the guru. Hoping to enter the inner circle of devotees. All useless. Some discover it a little too late….so it seems. Now is the only time there is!