It is so simple, we miss it.

The mind is time, thought, concept, and the illusion of being separate.  We must use the mind to understand the mind.  Question everything!!! –  and discover that belief is never the actuality of pure ‘knowing’- pure being.

If you go in search of conceptual answers to clear away your doubts and questions, then consciousness is, for you, an infinite complexity, which will never come to an end.

What is true is always simple.  A ‘teacher’ who asks you to follow some complex explanation of the meaning of life, which requires belief and mental structures that on must remember, is not pointing at what is true.

Nothing can live without energy.  Belief structures require constant attention (energy) otherwise they fade away.  A great deal of diss-ease flourishes due to this constant maintenance of beliefs.

The clear and self-evident sign of freedom from erroneous beliefs, even if just for a brief moment, is the sense of relief that permeates the being.  That sign of relief is a sure sign of where freedom from erroneous belief is.   It is not a location in space or time and it has no direction in the mind.   It may be called ‘thoughtless reality’ or simply an ease of being.  The burden of carrying beliefs is a heavy one and it is unnecessary.

The complexities of belief move away in direct proportion to the ‘amount’ of freedom from belief accrues.   That is just an expression.  One metaphor is that if one were to walk from the midst of a dense forest out into an open field, it appears that there is more space.

Of course there is no more space than there is.  It feels like there is more space.

It is the same when the ‘forest of belief’ is ‘walked away from’.  The ground of being is like space.  The appearance of ‘things’ requires space to appear in.  The true nature of mind is clear and empty.  Because it is clear and empty, ‘things’ can appear and disappear in that space.  Being identified with the content of mind is the ‘cause’ of a great deal of suffering.   The question to ask is ‘who is it happening to?’