It is remarkably available – yet few truly wish for it.

A tired and weary donkey, tethered to a treadmill. His movements can be easily predicted. A donkey roaming in the fields of freedom is unpredictable.
Why waste your time studying the habits of a trapped mouse?
Awareness is spontaneously active and unpredictable.
The joy of being simple and free from erroneous beliefs is remarkably available to all.
Yet few recognize their own freedom. Why?
Isn’t it because the mind insists on being a ‘person’ – something that has no true individuality at all.
Why suffer unnecessarily merely because you have not investigated that ‘me’, the one who suffers?
Those who are steeped in belief will always react strongly to any direct pointing.
I have no interest in them. Their violent reactions only imprison themselves.
The only one I am interested in is the one who only needs a gentle ‘shove’, in the right direction.
The boundary between the inner and the outer is a fabricated ‘membrane’ made of belief.
No belief is the actual.
Whatever you believe is useless.
Your belief in reality is completely useless.
Only the knowing is real – in its immediacy.
This knowing never becomes anything other than what it is. It does not become knowledge.
Some say that the only journey worth taking is the journey of self-discovery.
No step needs to be taken, in any direction, in order to become what you already are.
Those who say that you must do this and that are talking nonsense. They are caught in their own concepts.
Some are held up as ‘experts’ on this and that. Balderdash. They are not free of the binding nature of concepts and they rely on those concepts and cannot ‘prove’ anything of their postualations without them.
Even so………..Although such ‘things’ appear to be binding, they are not because…….
Everything is perfect just as it is.

Whatever objection the mind throws up, then that is what needs to be investigated.
In this way, all obstacles are rendered passive. What remains active is this activity of KNOWING.

Answer to comment:
You may ask: What should I do now?
There is no one asking anyone to do anything.
There is no one that ‘GETS IT’. No one Ever ‘got it’ and those who pretend to have ‘gotten it’ are just the appearance playing around.
The revelation is: I AM THAT.
This NOW has no boundary.
This HERE has no boundary.

Just recognize that ‘you’ as a believed in entity have never done a thing.
You as the Essence of all that exists, you are this movement in stillness – and the basic movement is the one constant – and it is the activity of KNOWING.
What you truly are is the Lord of Space and Time.
The mind is weak.
The Essence is incorruptable – beyond space and time.