It is all water, water.

There is no past or future in this immediate SEEING.

Past and future are conceptual…..and even the concept of present is nothing but conceptualisation.

Seeing the truth of this leaves you present and aware.  It is not a becoming aware – it is a falling away of apparent unawareness.

Clarity is THAT upon which all ‘things’ appear and disappear.

Events and experiences come and go and leave no trace… a bird in the sky leaves no trace.

Watch a flying bird, you do NOT know where the bird will fly in the next moment. You may remember whence it came…. the sky is empty and your projections……projections of your own perceptions……they have no place to stick in the sky.

Be like the sky.  Watch all these ‘things’ come and go.   In this way one discovers what one is.   Even though one cannot choose a perfect label for what one is, the knowing is undeniable.   Thus a natural confidence spreads and as it does, it dissolves the doubts and fears, ever so naturally.

A ‘Yes, I am this’ appears naturally.  A ‘No, I am not this’ appears naturally.   The knowing essence of both alternate appearances is the SAME.



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  1. PEACE!