Is the matter settled now or later?

Doubt is a thought.  Thought is a sensation.  On its own a thought or concept is too fleeting and too subtle to grasp.  The experiencing of a single thought appears to be impossible and it may well be so.  Do you know if it is so or not?  Truly? Here is a sentence: “Are you fooling yourself with an attitude that doesn’t fool anyone but yourself?”  A cluster of words have an apparent meaning and it seems that we can get a general grasp upon a sentence.  But do we truly understand what a sentence of words is pointing at?   The ‘pointer’ in the sentence (in italics) is right where the sense of judgement appears as a reaction, or the sense of being offended appears (if it appears). It is only a me that can appear to be ‘judge and jury’, appear to be offended, angry or depressed.  It is only a me that ‘believes’ it is a highly evolved spiritual being.  That is another unpleasant potent pointer that no one wants to hear. No seduction of the me will be found on this site.

Taking on so called understanding from what you read or hear is not true understanding.  As social beings we communicate through sound and gestures.   Sound is a sensation.  When you see someone make a gesture, it is a sensation that registers ‘somewhere’.  We could say it registers in the instinct.  If the gesture is recognized instantly the mind can interpret it into a ‘narrative’.   Watching Marcel Marceau performing his mime act has given great joy to thousands around the world.  All based on gestures, which transcend cultural boundaries.  

Your ‘personal narrative’ is ‘private’ until  a reaction (gesture or words) is displayed for others to see.   Nothing is actually hidden.   All the senses are functioning spontaneously.  

What is limited is the imaginary world of me. It is limited to imagination.  It cannot exist in reality because it is NOT real.   How more simple can it be pointed out?  

The me knows absolutely nothing at all.  It is simply a realm of thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas and belief, all woven into a blanket that hides nothing at all.   It is all psychological, ephemeral.   It is belief and a belief is the acceptance of an alleged fact WITHOUT positive knowledge or proof, without any clear evidence in the immediate and totally accessible present, which we call reality.

In the ordinary scheme of things, no one knows what you think.  How much you reveal of your ‘personal narrative’ is ‘up to you’ or ‘down to you’.  Metaphors are shared as if we all have ‘a common experience base’.  Someone may be struggling to get across some point of view and we spontaneously say, ‘I know what you’re saying’.

There is an extremely subtle ‘realm’ of experiencing going on most of the ‘time’. Whether we are ‘conscious’ of it or can articulate it well, or not, seems to depend on our understanding of our mother tongue, our native language.  But is that an assumption?  The question that seems to beg to be answered is this – ‘Does the limit of my understanding of my own native language limit my world?   Can I perceive anything outside of my language?’  

Remember that ideas, concepts, feelings, images and words are sensation…..a vibration of elements.  The vibration registers somewhere.  Exactly where is ‘up to you’ to discover.

Language is useful.  Intelligence ‘brought about’ language as a ‘means’ for communication.  Animals, birds and water creatures like whales and dolphins all use language to communicate.  They don’t suffer from ‘thinking’ like mankind.  We can be told many things and belief remains as a useless tool.  We must come to know directly for ourselves.  You can be given the secret to all and everything but it will be useless to you simply because belief is smothering the clear and obvious.

In the scheme of things we all communicate with others around us, whether we wish to or not.   If you walk into a room full of strangers it doesn’t take long to register who is open to communication and who is not.  The fearful will demonstrate their ‘position’ by their response to your entrance.  All these impressions register spontaneously.  It may take awhile to ‘think about’ and put words to it, but the registering is always unswerving, ever fresh.  Cognition is not conditioned by anything.  Call it ‘grace’ if it helps.  There was never an entity bound to phenomena and recognizing that appears to be ‘liberation’.  But who or what can be liberated, if there never was any bondage in reality?

Gestures cross cultural borders.  We may not understand what someone is saying if the language being used is foreign to us but with various gestures accompanying the words, we might get a hint of what they are talking about.

If some event takes place and it does not matter to you one way or another we say ‘I don’t mind’.

We use metaphors a lot more than we possibly realize.   When language and memory uses us, it is as though we are trapped in a world of words.

Settle the matter now.  Tomorrow never comes.


So what is left after reading all that?   Did any of it make sense or was it just a bunch of tricky psychology?  Any insights happen?  Maybe just the metaphors click in an abstract way. What exactly do you know beyond any doubt?   Is self-knowledge just some abstract ideas about the ‘me’ or is it something that has some reality?   Who knows, if not you, then who?

For most, it seems that being with one who knows is good enough.  They believe that something will rub off.   Bollocks!   As long as you assign the ‘knowing’ to some seeming entity outside of the illusion of being separate, then the natural in-seeing is distorted and NO amount of belief will deconstruct that ‘wall’.  Decades of ‘servile attitude’ to a guru or teacher amounts to nil.  NIL – Zero – Ziltch!

That niggling sense of ‘all these years of service and I have not changed a bit’ is a ‘pointer’ and one that keeps knocking on ‘your door’ but you don’t want to respond to it…..because you know it will be the end of the ‘me’.   Only those who are truly genuine will answer the call (from intelligence).


  1. It is only a me that can be offended. Fancy guru concepts are seductive to the imaginary spiritual self-image. It cannot liberate anyone. It is actually just bondage of self dressed up with conceptual garments. If you get what I am pointing out, you might recognize how random communication is and how assumptions are the main fuel of misunderstandings and why so many keep searching ‘out there’ when the problem is not out there. Can a solution from ‘out there’ cannot solve anything?

  2. Yes, the problem is not out there’, it is not there at all. There is no conflict except ‘in mind’. There is nothing ‘needing to be solved’ unless you mistake yourself to be a separate me.
    There is no conflict in what is, only life expressing.

  3. The only problem is taking what happens personally, in taking life personally. There is no ‘personally’ in life’s expression.

  4. Yes. I have met many folk who pride themselves on being ‘spiritual’ and every single one of them show signs of being deluded. They demonstrate pride in claiming to be awake but the wakefulness is quite obviously obscured (in them) by erroneous belief in ‘me’. To put it in a graphic sense – the devil sits in the seat of consciousness. I have seen videos of ‘teacher/gurus’ who demonstrate the most deluded reference point. They seduce followers with utter nonsense, which appears to be designed specifically for keeping the seeker in chains. Fear of freedom is common and so most seekers would rather have a teacher who claims to be free than to be free themselves. The bondage of self is a complete fiction. Maybe Nelson Mandela discovered that. “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear”.
    All the world leaders give praise to him but is there any of them that really listened to what he pointed out? Greed, Fear and Revenge play a big role in politics.

  5. I have lived the majority of life signed up to ideology and thought. It was always obvious that a tension arose when trying to “fit” into whichever ideology it was at the time. After many years the ideologies were dropped and hey presto! I have found that “spirituality” is the same. No sooner is a spiritual path embraced by the seeker, an immediate tension arises; a conflict. There is only harmony when the adherence to any idea is dropped or seen through. Words, just words, don’t know.
    Non-duality I found to be no different, if the sensibility was taken on as a set of purchasable beliefs or tenets…”there is no self”, “this is all there is”, “there is only consciousness” blah blah. If I STOP! Then nothing more needs ever be said 🙂

    • We all may say ‘I have lived a life…’and add details to that ‘life’. Is any of it actually true? Did ‘I ever live a life’ or is it just the mind translating this life into a personal story?
      Did you ask to be born? Wasn’t life there even before the first instant of the conception of body-mind called you? At what point did you start to choose ‘to live a life’?
      Every moment of the 9 months in the womb all took place spontaneously. The entire gestation period is an extremely complex ‘time of development’ where intelligence directs the orchestration of all the various ‘systems’ that ‘grow’ to make up the body. At no point during the entire procedure did intelligence inquire about the wishes of some entity (a me, apparently incarnated in the body). Do you remember directing even one cell in the body to do such and such? In fact, during the first 2 years after ‘birth’ of being a relative independent body, the natural functioning carries on without any psychological interference from an identified notion of a ‘separate self’. Only after the reasoning begins and the idea of ‘me’ and ‘not me’ is believed in, taken on board, does any sense of being separate come into play.
      So, from that, you might ascertain that all our problems start with the idea of ‘me’, a seeming separate being. It is an idea. The idea of ‘me’ is not based on any facts but on a misconception and no one points out to us that it is erroneous. Why? Because everyone, including parents, society, school and universities have been sucked in by the same erroneous belief in ‘me’.
      In the scheme of things, very few investigate the sense of being separate. Only after some genuine questioning of the ‘me’ takes place does ‘the situation’ reveal its erroneous nature. Even then, when the erroneous beliefs are dismissed, society remains the same. No one wants to know about your discovery. Why? Because it would just be another belief for them……AND for ‘them’ there is still so much investment in the self-center and it ‘appears’ that it is absolutely necessary to have a ‘me’ that is separate. ‘I am an individual’ is held onto with vigor. The sense of being separate is a belief. A belief is never the actuality.

  6. The me-ness or belief in me is like the knot in the hose. Just seeing the fictitious nature of me seems to give that judgement or outrage energy or offence nowhere to gather or collect. It’s a series of events happening and known as this, to no one. As Leo Hartong says you still experience seeing the mirage but you no longer go there expecting to collect water. I still seem to experience the same thought arising when someone (bastard) cuts me off in traffic but there is nothing to refer to beyond that, nothing seems to spring to ‘me’ defence.