Is recognition of our true nature an event in time?

The question: “Is recognition an event or not an event?”
Can an answer to this question be a non event?
The entire sequence of apparent ‘events’ that make up this continuum we call ‘the universe’  along with its apparent history must be either absolutely composed of unique and independent ‘events’ or just a spontaneous appearance with no duration or separation.  Is every movement of ever particle totally unique and different OR can it be true that nothing is actually happening – in other words, it is All Appearance Only?
In the appearance of things, are there separate illusions and beyond that something called reality?
Does reality actually appear at all?
A mirage is up ahead on the road. You are thirsty and it looks very much like water. You walk towards it and as you draw closer it starts to break up or dissolve.
Then it is gone altogether.
Now, has anything happened?  Has an event taken place in reality?
The vanishing of the ‘water’, was that an event?  There was no water to vanish.
Is the ‘anticipation’ of a predicted future event, an ‘event’?  IS a concept or idea an event?
‘When’ the recognition of our true nature cuts through the illusions of mind, it is also the dissolving of the sense of being separate.
The impressions of this livingness are registering with an apparent chronological sequence and yet the cognition remains unchanged.   Can this be explained without a sequence of words or concepts?
Is the unmistakable activity of knowing (right now) depending on words or ideas?
If you think about it, there APPEARS to be a ‘before’, a ‘during’ and an ‘after’ to all apparent events.
The essential nature of recognition is the seeing-knowing.  Re-cognition.  To re-cognize what has already been cognized.
Seeing-knowing is can only ever be here now.
It can’t be anywhere other than here and now.
The immediacy of here and now is NOT an event – It can’t be an event because all event have a beginning and an end.
The immediacy never disappears.
Nothing is happening – NO THING is HAPPENING.
So, now is the time of KNOWING – WHY postulate a ‘time’ when there was some ‘not knowing’?
All seeming events are composed of impressions, a movement in consciousness.
THAT which registers all movement is absolutely STILL.
So, who could possibly not see what is being pointed out?  Who can see it?   Who indeed!
“What use are names when reality is so near?”
Names and words are from memory – this immediate registering (knowing) of all impressions, needs no names.
  1. “In the appearance of things, there are illusions and there is apparent reality. Does reality actually appear at all?”

    Reality is never the known(appearance) it can only be the knowing of…these are not two. One without a second. In this regard, reality can never appear, yet the appearances are contingent on the knowing…

  2. i am not going to attempt answer myself. what i will throw out there, is an interesting proposition by John Dobson that has an inherent feeling of factuality. he states in his book, Beyond Space and Time, that the universe arises through apparitional causation. the example he uses is the mistaking of a rope for a snake. it is the mistake that is the arising through apparition. i got the book out and will quote…….” now the curious thing is this, that if you mistake the changeless, the infinite, the undivided for the changing, the finite and the divided, you had to see the changeless, the infinite, the undivided first, last and always. because there is really nothing else to see.”

  3. That which IS spills unto ‘that which isn’t’ lending it an apparent briefness of ‘being’. An absurd postulation – no? – Let’s say that in a nano-second, energy – a nano-fraction of energy ‘creates’ a movement, a shimmer, ‘a mirage of water’ and the activity is also ‘knowing’ or ‘wakefulness’. Time appears to be created as continuum. Belief in the apparent continuum spills out into and ‘idea’ about ‘identity’ and so that which is only an appearance, appears to have being but it is only an appearance of being. That which IS does not change – yet without change or the appearance of change, there is nothing to perceive. Thus ‘all we have’ is the appearance of being (a mirage) while what I AM remains the same timelessly.
    As the Gita says: The Sword can’t cut it, the fire can’t burn it, the wind can’t dry it and water cannot drown it. I AM the ineffable life force which is unassailable – I was never born and I cannot know death.