Column I.A

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance – that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”

Attributed by some to Herbert Spencer and by others to William Paley.  Does it really matter who said it?


Belief is the foundation of contempt for what is true.

Investigate your beliefs and be free of belief.

Despite the common belief that thought is powerful and that words have power, it is worth investigating the belief.  The burden of psychological suffering stems from erroneous beliefs.  Relief comes as those beliefs are rendered passive – through recognising that they have no power.  You do not think yourself into existence.   Being is not the result of thought.   Being is first and singular, while thoughts are many and are constantly changing. Every thought you ‘have’ appears and disappears.  We do not choose our thoughts. To try and cling to thoughts is an error.  Fresh and new thoughts appear constantly.  Let it flow, let it be thought free awareness.  In other words, don’t cling to thoughts.  Insights will flood in as long as the old mind is left out of it.

In pausing thought, it is clearly obvious that your own existence (being) is undoubtable, non negotiable.  There is no right or wrong, good or bad except in thought and belief.  The pause of thought demonstrates clearly that all of our prejudice and conflicts of interest are in the thinking.  

Being is prior to any so-called product of thought.    What is true?  The sun is shining.  We could say that is true.  Even at midnight, if I say that the sun is shining, it is true.  You may say ‘No, the sun is not shining’  but it is! Just because you can’t see it at any particular moment, say at midnight, it is still shining in the sky.  You can ring someone on the other side of the planet and they will confirm it – ‘Yes the sun is shining’.  You could say ‘It stands to reason’.  A mere belief falls apart because it cannot stand up to an investigation.  It is either proven to be false or it transcends belief and is known as a fact. 

Without being too controversial, let’s look at this:  Someone (you) may say ‘I believe in god’.  You know that you exist and that is clearly obvious.  No one can convince you that you don’t exist, unless you have lost your marbles.  You don’t say ‘I believe I exist’.   So, your own knowledge of your own existence transcends the belief that god exists.  Stands to reason, doesn’t it?

Reason is a tool.  Reason is not a god.  Reason has its limits.  You cannot reason your way out of (or into) this immediacy, we call life.  

You did not choose to be born and you cannot remember your birth.  All you know is this immediacy and the so-called past and future has no substance except as a memory appearing in this immediacy or as an imagined future time appearing in this immediacy.  Recognise this right now.  If not now, then when?

No one can live a moment in the past or future.  You cannot get out of the now – except conceptually – so all the ‘teachings’ about learning to live in the present are actually hogwash.   See it for yourself!

Gullibility is no excuse for calling upon reason to save you from your own resistance to making a thorough investigation of your beliefs.   Yes, there may appear to be fear of investigating this.  

What harm can discovering your true nature contain?  

None whatsoever!

  1. “My own opinion is that belief is the death of intelligence” – Robert Anton Wilson

    Belief is not the death of intelligence – it is simply an unnecessary limitation which dulls the mind and promotes contempt for all evidence that is counter to the belief.- Gilbert

  2. To be challenged is a gift. Most don’t want to be challenged, so they keep turning around on the same spot, so to speak. In facing a challenge and finding the strength to overcome a challenge brings new confidence. If my beliefs are challenged and I try to defend them, it might end in tears. The ego is a fiction. Some folk show a dislike to my bluntness in pointing out what is actually clear and obvious. They look disturbed. Some display a badly disguised anger. They probably think they have plenty of time to waste as they hang onto their beliefs about spiritual matters, beliefs that they have been convinced of by various gurus and teachers. They value their past status and miss the immediacy of seeing, right here, right now. I will not ask for a pardon. I say damn gurus and spiritual teachers who teach utter BS, for they are a pest to us all.