Intuitive understanding

Our true nature includes a pristine intuitive understanding and yet it functions naturally without being noticed (by almost everyone).  No labor or effort is necessary to reveal what is already so.

The ‘reason’ for this obvious clarity of pure natural functioning (understanding) to be ignored is due to our ‘indoctrination’ to the habit of adhering to words and the constant narration about ‘me’.  We have become accustomed to believing that words are somehow real.   We do not notice that we add specific ‘personal meaning’ to words.  This habit must be put aside, one way or another.  The habit of belief appears to be very strong but in actuality it has no power whatsoever.

The tyrant ‘me’ is the central feature of suffering and yet it has no true centre or substance.   It is ideas, concepts and memories strung together on a ‘string’ called ‘inadvertence’.

As soon as the ‘me fixation’ is investigated it begins to fall apart.  Reacting to this falling apart appears to leap into something we label as ‘fear’.  It is all a fiction.  In fact, the whole story of me is a fabricated account that must avoid detection at all costs for it to continue.   As social beings, we all appear to take part in this avoidance of what is true and real by supporting each other through the drama of believing in being a ‘person’.

Society has no place for naked truth.

The irony of the situation is that we all appear to be trying to find a way to truth via those who promise fulfillment (teachers or gurus) – yet betrayal of trust appears to be the most usual result, even after many years of complex devotion and strenuous methods, methods that do not work. Frustration emerges in moments of honesty with oneself, so to speak.  ‘What have I actually achieved?’

The simplicity of returning to our intuitive understanding can happen in one moment.  The only obstacle is belief in words and ideas, images of self and the subtle narrative of the story of me and what we believe is conditioned mind.  What conditioning is there if you do not give it a thought?  

Reality stands firm as ‘What is’.    Imagining that there is a ‘path’ to travel on is obviously imaginary.