How amazing that one can discover ones own true nature, even though it has never actually been lost.

In the appearance of space and time, you know that the Earth is in a fairly unique position in this solar system. Not only that, the solar system is in a unique position in this galaxy. The galaxy has several spiral arms revolving around a very bright centre. Billions of stars, similar to our sun, are scattered throughout this galaxy. If our solar system just happened to be within one of the spiral arms of the galaxy, the dust, which is prolific in the spiral arms, would in fact limit our view of the rest of this magnificent galaxy, which we commonly call The Milky Way. Being in between the spiral arms gives us a clear view out into the heavens where a great many other galaxies can be observed. The Hubble Telescope has provided us with a great number of examples of the multiplicity that appears to be ‘out there’.

What does it all mean?

Intelligence in action.

Why would intelligence have creatures on a planet, capable of exploring the universe, and then set them in a place where they cannot see very far? It would not be intelligent to arrange things in such a way and is not the case. Science searches through the universe for signs of life.

Individuals search within themselves for their own true nature. It is not hidden. It is so clear and obvious. It does not need to be searched for. We need only ‘retrace our steps’. Eliminate erroneous beliefs and SEE.

Intelligence expresses itself in the most remarkable ways. Not only does it arrange all the elements of the universe in a most orderly and beautiful fashion, it also gives you a clear view into your own true nature.

Now, there is one piece of information that is not commonly known: This clear view into your own true nature is not via concepts or ideas. It is not via memory (past) and it is always present before the mind starts up a search, which can appear at ‘any moment’.

It is pure seeing – pure knowing. These aspects of awareness are intelligence in action. There is no separation between what you are and this intelligence or this seeing or knowing.

In fact you ARE this intelligence, which displays itself in the most magnificent unfolding display of all possibilities.

You can trace every ‘thing’, thought, feeling, idea and concept back to this immediate pure cognition, which is this immediate cognition, right now. It is not a stranger to you. It is NOT a concept.

There is nothing wrong (or right) with it.

Everything, without a single exception, appears in this pure cognition.

It may seem to be behind the eyes, somewhere in that clear space inside the head.

However, it is not limited to any location, space or time.

This is the mystery beyond all mysteries and yet it is simple, very simple.

It is non-conceptual.

Seeing is the essential simplicity of this activity of knowing what I am.

I am that by which I know that I am…

Recognizing our true nature is not via belief or memory.

What is recognition?

Recognition is non-conceptual, wordless – seeing-knowing.

It appears that we use concepts to point at ’something’ that is already innately KNOWN.

We could call it ‘I am-ness’ – the fact of your own being.

The limitations of words and pointers always fall short – but some come very close.

Recognition cannot be predicted by the mind.

It simply ‘rises up’. The essence of re-cognition is pure cognition. Prior cognition – ‘already known’.

“Ah ha”.

A resonance sings in being, like a solo bird in the stillness of night.

Taste it as often as you can. ‘Listen’ to your own true nature.

The mind will naturally become still and quiet.

It is not meditation – there is no meditate-er – no mediator – un-mediated, undivided awareness.

Indescribable because it has no label at all…yet we can call it ’simple, ordinary, everyday awareness’.

No seeking is required – you are THAT.