Intelligence moving through a dead spot

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The persona is a mask

The spiritual realm is a wondrous display of ignorance and imagination.  It is Image-ing in the mind, completely imaginary from its apparent beginning right through to its apparent end.  It can end right now!

How rude of ME to point this out!  Let’s not waste any time or energy on being offended.  

Who is it that is actually offended?  The answer must be ‘me’, I am offended.  What is that ‘me’?   Surely you must know what it is.  If it is real, it must be here now. So, investigate.  

The past is dead and gone.  Everyone knows that.  Yesterday’s insight is dead and gone. Belief in the conditioned mind is a seeming effort to give life (the energy of right now) to concepts appearing in memory.  The spontaneous living energy of right now is only ever right now.  Right now is inclusive of the empty space and all that appears in this empty space. Distance registers here, now.  Duration appears to be, here, now.  Nothing can ever get away from here, now.  ‘In the beginning’ is concept that can only ever be ‘here, now’.  All beginnings and endings can only ever appear ‘here, now’.  You can imagine (image) the past but you cannot re-live the past.  Give credit where credit is due.

Many spiritual aspirants say they are on a spiritual path.  Where is it?  I see no evidence of any spiritual path in reality.  It must be in their mind!

If you believe that you are on a path, please look at your feet.  Now look at what is under your feet.  Is there a path there? If by chance, or by some strange coincidence, there actually is a path there, where does that path lead? Can you actually see a destination?  Do you need to bring up an image of a destination in your mind?   Is it all in your mind?  How do you orientate yourself to images in your mind?  Is it all imaginary?   What about progress on the path?  Let’s not go there just yet!

Now, let’s suppose for a moment that you are actually standing on a path and the path has a destination within view.  The path ends just a few paces away.  So, you walk to the end and where have you arrived?  Here and now!  You cannot go anywhere outside of the here and now. Psychologically you can dream of going to all kinds of places.  What happens when a dream ends?  You notice that you were dreaming.  You are present and aware, right?  The spiritual realm is nothing but a dream. It may be a pleasant dream or it may be an uncomfortable dream because you feel you are never ‘good enough’.  A dream is a dream.   The waking state is like a dream.   No one can get out of a dream because there is no one in a dream.  All of the states come and go in a cyclic manner, like day and night is a cycle without beginning or end.  

Life is the Great Teacher.  Nature is the Great Teacher.  Living is the lesson.

‘I want’ and ‘I don’t want’ are the polar opposites that keep the seeming ‘seeker’ bound to an illusion.  It is not really happening.  It is all appearing to happen.   In the scheme of things, in the appearance of things, many ‘teachers’ have seekers jumping through hoops and doing all kinds of things, like a hypnotist plays with an audience.  It is all an illusion.   The bondage of self is the trump card for a ‘teacher’.  Keep them believing that they are getting free, while you fleece their pockets and their hearts. Business is business.  

What kind of individual offers pseudo knowledge in order to profit from the foolishness of spiritual aspirants?  A charlatan?  A trickster?  A foolish believer wanting a comfortable life?  

The direct message requires no slavery to time.  Time itself is cut though without mercy.

Think back to when you first met your ‘teacher’.   If that meeting was filled with the impressions of the ‘teacher’ displaying an obvious ‘I have something that you don’t have’, then as long as you stay with that ‘teacher’, all you are in for is more bondage of self, more seeking and more time. Time is mind and mind is time.

If, on the other hand, the teacher points to the fact that you are already free and that you were never bound, then true freedom is close at hand. The habits of mind must be decimated and that appears to take time. Resistance is called ‘me’.  So-called progress will be in direct proportion to the amount of resistance that the ‘me’ puts up. Extremely self-centred individuals will appear to take decades of hearing the pointers.

Remember that it is all an appearance only.  

WHO is it all happening to?

The mind is me, the mind is time, the mind is consciousness and consciousness is the ‘appearance’, phenomena. Phenomena is that which appears to be. Phenomena is not ‘what is’, it is the expression of ‘what is’. Phenomena is the expression of oneness. It is not separate.  Light is not separate from the sun. Light is the expression of the sun.  Radiance. The Radiance of Being is the boundless presence of ‘is-ness’.  Not what was and not what will be. What is!  The intellect cannot pin it down with concepts or words. There is no static point anywhere in phenomena.

The imagined entity is where the conflict (suffering) enters. It is a play of consciousness. If you believe that you are a person then that belief will bind that imaginary person to the apparent unfolding patterns of time. Nothing is actually happening. It is all appearing to happen. WHO is it happening to? That is the basic investigation. Many hear of this but it is extremely rare that anyone actually hears it. The hearing of it releases the energy and that release of bound energy (belief) is the actual intelligence moving through a dead spot. That is the uncontrived investigation – not done by anyone.  

I will share this:  In the appearance everyone is moving away from what they seek in their own minds, because what they seek has been characterised, by others, with beautiful descriptions and fancy ideals, illustrious images similar to the paintings in the famous chapel dome ceiling. It is like we paint the interior of our own skull with fantastic graven images to dream about. This includes all the philosophies, religious beliefs and every other conceptual construct in the mind.  The basis of it all is conceptualised idealism resting on erroneous beliefs.  

Everyone dreams in the waking state and indulges in concepts as if the concepts were reality itself  – but who is willing to investigate it.. until it falls apart?  

What everyone seeks is already with them before they start to imagine some lack in themselves. I can name that which everyone seeks but few will understand its profundity.  

Never the less, it must be stated.  

What is it?

Ordinary-everyday-awareness.  Naked awareness.

  1. There is nothing in this for me or any other me. This is a favour spontaneously given for no reason. There is no interest in becoming anything here. No wanting to be a teacher or guru. No wanting anything. The sun shines of itself. It may appear to be an impossibility that everyone innately knows the essence of being. It can’t be otherwise. The masquerade is just light reflecting off apparent surfaces.

  2. Dear Gibert
    That release of bound energy (belief in person)
    is the actual intelligence that is moving
    through a dead spot (maybe you mean body).
    These words seem as sweet as listening
    sound of flute.
    I would like to share some confusion in
    a free way may be absurd way but I would like
    to correct myself as you say release of
    bound energy.
    I heard thousands of times that you are not
    body or mind but you are that-prior to the rise of
    first thought.
    I got self knowledge as it is no thing not known
    content to the one who recognises in the form of
    concepts or lables.
    I discarded everything that is arising.
    I know that every experience is either in form of
    thought or sensation and thought that claims
    as thinker, I-the experiencer is also content of experience. That is also not it.
    Why can’t then realisation happen where you
    are stabilised and say there is no person
    there is only seeing knowing.
    I wish to have that conviction. I put it on the
    level of seeker seeking something yet I know
    that seeker doesn’t exist.
    You can shock me with any language,hurting words,whatever you think necessary to correct
    my belief in false energy but correct me.
    Your intelligence has always guided me and broken
    some of the beliefs.
    I have opened myself without hesitation and without hiding in smart clothing. I trust
    you will understand where I go wrong and miss
    the point. You know how to push the right button.
    And I am also concentrating on the concept of
    seer and that grasper finding truth in concepts.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Investigate who is concentrating.
      Everything is content of experiencing.
      Every thing is an appearance.
      Whatever appears cannot be that which is seeing.
      The conceptualised see-er is a thought, a concept.
      Naked awareness is non-conceptual.

      No one can grasp the non-conceptual.
      No one can grasp space.

      Every particle of this universe is suspended in space. One could say that space is prior to the appearance.
      That is an Antidote.

      There is no separation in the actuality.
      The stability of reality cannot appear in ordinary consciousness because ordinary consciousness is an appearance.
      The instrument of seeing, the eye, does not see on its own. The instrument we call the intellect cannot know anything on its own.

      The formation of a reference point (me) borrows the actual qualities of seeing, hearing, knowing etc. This habit started when the brain grew enough capacity for reasoning to happen. The ‘me’ and ‘not me’, the ‘see-er’ and the ‘seen’ is the cause of duality. There is no actual duality. Take day and night for instance. Day and night appear as dualism. Night is the shadow of the planet which is stable and yet it appears as a changing phenomena. The sun is appearing to rise at every second and in the very same second it is appearing to set on the opposite side of the planet. So it is always day and always night, always dawn and always dusk in the same instant. The relative point of observation is what gives the phenomena its apparent conditions of dualism.
      As Bob Adamson points out: “There is no duality in non duality”.
      Shocks to the intellect arising from insight and insight undoes the belief in limited points of view.
      In the scheme of things, no one wants to give up their identified states and beliefs. Of course in the actuality there is no one to give them up.
      Everything is a sensation. The entire universe is sensation and the various senses are attuned to various frequencies of vibration.
      The fundamental universal harmonic of ‘being’ is not detectable for the intellect.
      The ‘seeker’ is a burglar attempting to grasp the secret of life. It is self-centred activity and it always fails. Contrived states of mind that imitate what is conceived to be ‘enlightenment’ or stability in being are like the house built on sand. It all false apart in time.
      The timeless qualities of the actuality of being is eternity. Eternity is not a long time. It is all time and no time at all.
      Thoughts will always appear and they will always appear in the pairs of opposites. The mind is dualistic.
      Naked awareness is non-dual.
      There is no entity in non duality.
      Are you willing to be no one, no thing?
      Who is willing?
      We know who is not willing…..and that is the ‘me’.
      The ‘me’ is surrounded by the ‘not me’ and so liberation for the ‘me’ is in the realisation that the ‘me’ is an illusion of mind.
      Once that illusion has been cut through, there is no reference point.
      One merges with the nature of all things.
      That was always one. Not even one.
      As Nisargadatta pointed out: “There are no customers for this knowledge”.

  3. What is sought cannot be found in the next page of a book. It is this ordinary awareness. Appearances, thoughts, sensations are coming and going like guests. Likes and dislikes are only thoughts and sensations. The seeking continues when there is no acceptance of right now, when there are expectations about a future arrival imagined as blissfull state.

  4. Dear Gilbert
    I have appeared again in the form of thought ‘I’
    to present a demand of understanding
    with help of some knowledge in conceptual form.
    I, not this word.. but this non conceptual one without
    second, which is present now and here,
    is ignored by ignorant one – that’s why the
    need to know what is ignored has taken the
    form of conceptual knower and asking
    what is missed?
    You say investigate who is concentrating.
    That is my question.
    I find non-conceptual space is not in the
    conceptual space, like Bob says,
    there is no duality in nonduality.
    You say once that illusion has been cut through
    there is no reference point, just like
    once we see it is not a snake but a rope, the fear
    goes away.
    This is what is the most important realisation
    but why does it not take place in my case?
    Is it habit which is deeply rooted and cannot
    get affected by most intelligent pointers
    therefore pointers are also helpless before
    belief and habit?
    So the idea of grace is invented by some spiritual
    I strongly observed that you hit some guides
    who invest such ideas to keep their business.
    Ok, that is not my business so I mind my own.
    So words as pointers after pointing with best
    performance dissolve along with reference
    point and all it’s associative patterns.
    I read this many times and trying hard to
    reach this experience…But never succeeded.
    Maybe I am not able to put my request in
    best concepts but I cannot stop asking.
    Rest you know best.
    The thing I ignore and so I fail.
    My failure attempts to check and again
    it is gone.
    You think that it is just one small mistake
    is happening in my case or are there many more beliefs to be checked yet.
    Sorry I am confused and not able to put in
    good words.
    Thank you for responding such a hard nut.

  5. Please point out biggest mistake happening
    in my case in sharp words that may be
    helpfull in attending it again and again.

    • It cannot be told. Only you can unravel the error of belief. it seems that you are enchanted by your own definitions of everything. Cease to define what you are and SEE what remains!
      It may be said that through belief in concepts and words, labels and ideas, one is taking oneself to be something that one is not – that is the error. However, there is ACTUALLY no one there doing anything. It is all appearance only. It is all awareness displaying itself as consciousness. There is NO separation. This is immaculately clear and obvious to everyone but everyone ignores it and goes off in the mind with concepts. All directions and all dimensions are in the mind. The unicity of wholeness has no distance, no shape or form except as the appearance of distance, shape and form. Nama rupa. Name and form are the ‘lowest’ vibrations.
      The witness (formless naked awareness) is not conceivable or perceivable. The seeker is a concept. The thinker is a concept. A concept cannot see or think.
      It is the apparent urgency of one’s seeking (ignorance) that blocks the relaxed insight (in-seeing) from revealing things as they are. Everything is already clear and obvious. The see-er (me) can NEVER evolve into the actual seeing. The word water will never quench your thirst.
      The conceptual realm of mind is a facsimile. Like a movie on a screen. The screen is blank, nothing happening. All the colours, the light and shade, all the movement of the movie implies that something is happening. If the power goes off, its all gone, darkness.
      The luminous darkness of the universe is the primary (naked awareness) and all the galaxies, stars, planets, moons and specks of star dust are simply the way the consciousness displays itself, how it ‘appears to be’. It is spontaneously fresh and new each ‘moment’ and the sum total of all moments is not equal to eternity.
      Who wants the experience of wholeness?
      Who is ignoring the wholeness?
      The identified states of mind are all transient. That which they ALL appear and register upon is beyond all concepts, labels, words and things. That is what you are.
      Who is it that wants to manipulate that?

  6. Endless words and endless study, endless seeking and endless wanting are empty. Although all manner of things are said and done, every motion of it is but a transient visitor registering upon or in ordinary awareness, which remains wordless and silent.
    Even your (anyone’s) conceived identity is a transient visitor that comes and goes only when you (or they) think about yourself (or themselves).
    This naked awareness requires no proof or evidence and is bound by nothing whatsoever. No man or woman, child or creature has existed without it and no one can go beyond this (his or her own) naked awareness.
    Any conceived ‘beyond’ is nothing but a transient visitor, a mere concept appearing upon this non-conceptual awareness. The words ‘non-conceptual awareness’ are not it, just as the word water is not water. The word water cannot quench your thirst. There is no word that is what it re-presents.
    This naked awareness cannot be taught. Speaking of it seemingly obscures it, like believing there are clouds in the sky on a totally clear day.
    Since it is the very basis of everyone’s experience, there is only the subtlest pointing to it necessary.
    All of the methods and practices used all over this globe are unnecessary. Designed, apparently, to assist the aspirant, these methods and practices only bind the intellect of the aspirant and obscure what is innately clear and obvious. The perfection of being, as is, as it always is.
    Some liken it unto space or emptiness.
    You may study space or emptiness but every quality you give to space or emptiness are not it.
    Many speak and few hear.

    There is an ancient Arabic proverb: “Nothing is so deserving of long imprisonment as the tongue”.

  7. Hi Gilbert,

    Supposing we take a drive. *I AM* is the road, the vehicle, you, the driver, the scenery, the thoughts, the feelings, the impetus that made the decision to take the drive, the destination and the return home, if there is one.

    *I AM* is also the reason we didn’t do, think, see, feel, know, something other than what we do.

    Just breathe and feel the sensations of being alive.


  8. Descartes error. “I think therefore I am”. Wasn’t the beingness of the body there long before the brain formed? Reason didn’t come until the brain was 2 years old. Reason is not the cause of anything. We reason ourselves into a stupor, with words and the assignment of ‘personal meaning’.
    The self-centred character is obsessed with its own image. Imitations of wisdom are the counterfeit currency of spiritual characters the world over. Who am I to tell you or anyone what is what? Who are you to ask? Basically the entire manifestation is an appearance, infinitely complex but still nothing but appearance. That which appears to be. In knowing the true nature of things, the folly of apparent individuals is clearly obvious. The sheer madness of pretending to be what one is not is on display in so many individuals at every gathering.
    The entire realm of cause and effect is a fraud. Who can acknowledge that? Everyone indulges in their ‘story of me’ and is fearful of being exposed. The more they believe that they pretend convincingly, the better they believe they have fooled everyone else. But isn’t it true that it is they themselves who they fool the most. Why even take the first step in such a direction?

  9. Dear Gilbert
    There is no need to ask something more
    because that needer or asker does not
    exist in reality but only in sceam of things
    its apperance plays a role of liver of life.
    If I believe you must be right then only
    I am able to think what nonconceptual
    awareness may be but not able to see
    like you see.
    There is still diferance in your seeing and
    my seeing cum thinking.
    Thinker does not leave a space and emptiness
    is escaped since occupier fills it.
    This what is observed in some moments if
    only this occupier is subsided or takes rest.
    But this is momentary happening
    on the contrary you say non conceptual space
    is permanant thing.
    It is a exercise for the belived one to see ahead
    and think what is happening backside.
    He is not able to think what he can not see so
    finds easy to think about what he sees in front.
    But thank you I am not thinker or the seer.
    Just like there is no entity involved in listening
    mere presence is enough and voice is attended.
    Please don’t feel embarrased if questioner reappears. I believe there is nobody there but
    I forget sometime.
    And yes I enjoy your company so keep in touch.

    • Nothing exists in exile or in separation from the whole.
      The apparent membrane that appears to separate a simple living cell from its environment is permeable.
      Substances are exchanged through the membrane.
      The ghost like membrane called belief in separation is an apparent boundary between ‘me’ and ‘not me’.
      Echoes of movement, light and sound, an invisible loop of self-referencing, is interpreted by the mind. A habit forms from these interpretations in ‘time’. Time is an illusion.
      It is all energy. By investigating the self-aware nature of one’s immediate being (nature), the echoes are recognised as secondary.
      The primary is discovered to be neither personal nor impersonal. It is in fact universal. The echoes are then understood for what they are.

  10. Nothing can prepare me, you or any other of the 7 billion plus human inhabitants of the planet earth to say: I Am Not.

    However, listening, thinking, discovery, understanding and words happen.

    What I am is beyond thought that could or would think such a thing. That’s why it always seeks *other*.

    That’s why it writes books, poems, blogs and has relationships. Even that story is as old as time itself.

  11. Dear Gilbert
    I have found the treasure which I was looking
    for. I was getting it in few pieces for few years
    in the hope that one day I will have a gold mine.
    So gold mine was my goal and I attained it.
    Surprised …
    These are your words which is condition of a
    greedy seeker.
    And what he found guess before reading
    next para.
    This treasure is your october 2013 posts page.
    I mean it.
    Your clearest pointers, intelligent words and
    fresh taste.Now I am 101% sure that truth is
    in Gilbert’s words only.
    If anyone thinks it is exaggeration I will prove it
    in next comments and If Gilbert the great allows.
    My basic mistake was I was seeking something
    very special after all great teachers had offered
    something special so I was rejecting unthought
    naked cognition. Nothing does not suite mind
    and it returns emptyhanded even if he gets clue
    of what it is.
    But thanks for clearest pointers.
    And yes that magic is nowhere found in years of
    seeking and almost with greatest socalled authority of truth. Signal is coming enough for today.
    Thanks Thanks Thanks

  12. There is no truth in anyone’s words.
    Words are vibration, energy appearing as symbols.
    What are symbols?
    Words are needed to explain other words.
    We communicate with words because symbols on their own are apparently not enough. So we use words to explain symbols. It is extremely common that words are constantly explaining other words, ad infinitum. We get lost in words, or so it seems. Who is lost?
    There is no truth in anyone’s words. Words are pointers. Words are never what they re-present.
    In regard to the essentials of being, every one innately knows what needs to be known before words are called upon to serve.
    Confusion comes about because of belief. Belief in words as if they were something solid and real is the problem.
    The fixation on ‘me’ is where confusion breeds. The bias (me) is like a whirlpool that drags everything into an unreal relative realm of self-centredness. Relativity. Relative to me.
    When the image of self evaporates naturally, it is because the energy that was keeping it together has returned to immediacy of cognition, seeing-knowing. There is no entity there.
    This is impossible to explain with symbols or words. At least, any explanation will fail because the receiver of the explanation is either ignorant of what is being pointed to and so has no basis to interpret the pointing…. or they already understand or know it.
    Any praise of the so-called messenger is rejected instantly by the so-called messenger. There is no choice. If praise is forthcoming from the receiver of the message, it only proves that the message was not delivered cleanly. If the messenger indulges repeatedly in praise, then it reveals that the messenger has not understood the message themselves. There is no need to reject whatever spontaneously appears. Let it come and go. In any case the message, however jumbled up it may appear to be, is potentially present. Some extremely egoic messengers are excellent examples or signposts. They themselves believe their sign says ‘Truth, this way’ when in fact the sign says, for anyone who is genuine, ‘Don’t come this way – go back’.
    Resistance from ‘me’ is a deflector of any message.
    You cannot teach what you do not know.
    The truth of the message is not in the words or symbols. The message is like a bridge or a reminder.
    The sun shines of itself. Each beam of light is the message of life. Of the myriad beams shining in all directions, a few beams arrive on this planet and a few of them play a role on germinating new life forms. Every leaf on every tree ‘knows’ how to use that light.
    No one can capture or fix a single beam of light. Light does not stop moving.
    Ever-fresh and new, that is the immediacy of life. When were you ever separate from THAT?
    No one can relive even the briefest moment of the so-called past.
    Past, present and future are one and the same, appearing to be different, yet past, present and future are naturally ‘contained’ in the spontaneous immediacy of being, right here, right now.

    The person is not reality.

  13. “You cannot teach what you do not know.”

    Seems to me there’s a lot of ignorance being taught. Folks often pay lots of money to know it.


  14. Dear Gilbert
    How to start communication is my problem..
    if I start saying I think you may be there
    to read and respond in clearest words so
    I feel some joy in the heart.
    Here I refer ‘I’-‘you’ as separate entity…
    so the comunication led to deliver message
    of feeling good in a company of two separate
    Is using same expressions to carry on comunication right way or wrong?
    I think this is the need of comunication to
    put it in subject object verbs adverbs and a few.
    Even if we talk in same way this doesn’t make
    any difference in what true nature is.
    If I know that I am that, one is free to use same
    words, which works in day to day life.
    Now what I know – that is merely acceptance of
    there is no thinker who thinks but thinking
    It was happening earlier but thinker was believing
    that he was thinking, so he was believing that
    he is shaping and directing the next link.
    Now, I know that it is not the thinker but is the auto
    happening, in the form of ‘thinker’ and other thoughts.
    Please correct me as I always find difficulty here.
    And for anyone else interested to read I would like to say that I never paid single penny as donation or buying books. I am ashamed of myself that I am receiving such in-valuable
    knowledge free. I came in touch with accidentally the website urban-guru-cafe where I found
    clearest person with much confident and presenting in his fresh own words, a cutter of strong old belief and freer of seeker – that was-is Gilbert.
    There were many good, better, best others also but I found him best because only he can add ‘
    est’ which was so far used in same traditional tones as best.
    I have nothing to repay him except ‘thanks’.

    • Curiosity killed the cat. Curiosity killed more than the cat. Overcrowded boats are easily sent to the bottom of the sea or harbour by curiosity. In a few moments the boat can be rolled over simply by everyone rushing to one side. It happens quickly and self-centred curiosity is a fixation….a state of mind that excludes everything else. Do you understand? A balanced point of view is less likely to exclude the natural clarity of mind.
      Yes, ordinary words, every day words are enough. If big words are used, or fancy words, then the exclusive factor comes in. Reality is all inclusive and never particular.
      The key to it all is ‘non-conceptual awareness’. That is the base.
      Just as water is the base of wine. Without the water, wine is a pile of dust.
      Without non-conceptual awareness, every concept, idea, philosophy, religion, every thought is (would be) less than specks of dust floating in the sunlight. Even this last sentence is emptiness appears as something. But it seems we need fresh arrangements of words to undo the old mind of belief…the patterns of belief.
      There is no point in looking for non-conceptual awareness because it is not a thing that is perceivable or conceivable.
      It is just like this life energy. Without it the body is a corpse.
      Through ignorance we fear its loss, even though we have no experience of it ever not being here.
      Attachment to body-mind is where everyone gets hung up, like worn out wet rags on a wire.
      The messenger is not important. Only the message is necessary.
      In the reception of the message, the habit of fixation on name and form is like a bird swiftly flying away…..disappearing into thin air.
      There is no one left to praise anyone or condemn anyone. Who can possibly know this? No one!
      Are you willing to be no one?

      • Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj (Nisargadatta’s guru) This is very direct: “To meet yourself is to know yourself, finally, and to know yourself means to know what you are not. You are not any particular form. You are not the body that you happened to identify with. All forms appear in you as a continuous stream: thoughts, feelings, sense perceptions of all kinds, movement and the absence of movement. Your experience of the body is not an experience of a single “thing” but a flow of these various perceptions, all of which happen in your awareness. This is how you see the body after understanding and it makes you free of it.”

  15. Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj’s quote is quite adept.

    However, knowing that is not life-affirming or life-changing. It’s merely another *human* experience under the sun, as it were.

    My best, Gilbert. It must be the beginning of fall down under.

    Doing any painting recently?


    • (reply to Anna) Reality (or truth or life) requires NO affirmation and cannot be negated. Eternal equanimity remains As it Is.
      Denial is useless and will only (appear to) bring suffering.

      (Yes, the leaves are falling everywhere. One painting in progress)

  16. Dear Gilbert,
    Curiosity killed cat, that is what I did.
    just to correct where is wrong.
    I put myself (in the place of) as it is.
    Seeker seeks something.
    You know why.
    What you pointed to, is not ‘place’ or ‘thing’
    where thought can sit and relax.
    That is, such slippery one has to come
    back into pavilion.
    And then starts (thinking) ‘what to do’.
    Unthought cognition seems thoughtless ground.
    Only precise action (whatever or nothing) is required.
    Since I am running away from myself.
    Reality pulls me back (I guess).
    Rest, I am dependant on what is needed.
    I am not able to dis-believe what ‘I think I am’.
    And also at the same time I can not distrust you.
    Whatever it is.
    Thank you for nothing.

    • (Reply to Anan) What I think I am is a thought. A thought is a transient appearance. It cannot have any duration but thought appears to have duration. Trust in another can be useful but it is the discovery of one’s true nature that opens up the confidence to be what ‘I am’ without any need of support from belief in thought, that is the ground of being, which cannot be negated. You are already that and if this is not known with confidence, then all one needs to do is start from the fact that I am THAT and then SEE what comes up, (without belief) and the impartial witnessing will automatically dismiss anything that ‘appears’ to take me away from pure being.
      What is discovered is that this ‘I am’ is the life, the truth and the way, as one messenger pointed out a couple of thousand years ago. Everyone in that tradition seems to believe he was talking about himself (I am) as a ‘person’ and so they worship the ‘person’, thus missing the immaculate message that came through him. Worshipping the messenger is one of the main obstacles for all aspirants. Monuments are built, Foundations are organised and it all serves ‘worship’ of the messenger. Pointing this out to the followers of any of the so-called ‘great’ gurus, teachers or messengers is highly offensive. In an instant ‘hatred’ shows up in the facial expression. Why? Because their whole belief system is predicated upon misunderstanding. To face that misunderstanding and be free of it requires courage. The ‘me’ has no courage at all. It is a fiction. We erroneously give credit to a fiction and assign qualities the fiction cannot possibly have. We say it is a slippery one, or the mind is tricky. The mind, which is thought, images and memory has no power whatsoever. Just as words have no power. The belief in me is a WEED and that weed must be pulled out, roots and all. If it is just snipped off here and there, it will sprout again. Get to the core of it all. Drop the thoughts for a moment and taste the non-conceptual awareness. The taste will appear to grow and it will automatically dispense with erroneous belief. Nothing can exist without energy. A belief must shrivel up and die if the energy of belief in withheld. Seeing is happening. Knowing is happening. That is all that is required…….and ‘you’ are not ‘doing’ the seeing or knowing. It is Already So!

  17. Dear Gilbert.
    Pause a thought for moment and know the
    nonconceptual awareness.
    The taste will appear to grow and it will
    automatically dispence with erronious belief.
    Start from the fact that ‘I am that’ and impartial
    witnessing will automatically dismiss anything
    that appears to take you away from pure being.
    Thank you very much.
    Something more to add that doesn’t stop.
    You are not only clearer but able to take one
    to home (to non conceptual awareness).
    Seeker seeks itself where it is not.
    When seeker is not, there is that, what he seeks.

    • Yes, it is extremely simple. But again you ‘make’ an object of the writer of the post.
      I understand your expression but the bottom line is: You are always home, you have never left home.
      So, no one can take you home.

      Non Duality is: One without a second. (The ‘final’ insight is…’not even one’).

  18. Dear Gilbert
    pause is maintained for second or half with no idea
    about duration or how.
    There is nothing to put into concept from the
    viewpoint of concept maker…but there was/is a gap,
    which contains, again, nothing. Maybe concept
    cannot express it as it needs some vibration to
    express and that gap was/is vibration-less
    space-like existence.
    Are you pointing that gap or am I taking it wrong?
    And if that is essence of everything and
    apperance or experience in the form of concept
    is also that. Water becomes snow and vapour and
    this is known because all the transfomation
    of three forms and three different objects are
    visible and even with conceptual level understood.
    But the gap is transforming into appearances
    is not put on conceptual level and also not
    experienced without word.
    I don’t want to ask why or how but question comes
    uncontrolable desire that how come one reaches
    ability to express this conversion!
    Sorry if I am stressing on foolish demand.
    Rest whatever your reply will satisfy the need of
    the needer or needing will fulfill its need.
    Thank you in advance.
    Trying hard to stay with non conceptual awareness and knowing
    that try-er is creating obstacles.

    • Cease the ‘trying hard’. Ordinary everyday awareness is the master key. Effortless seeing-knowing.
      Yes, in the scheme of things, in the ‘appearance’ we appear to get so close through contemplating but the concepts turn into obstacles as we approach the apperception. Basically the ‘problem’ is that we put labels upon everything and it is an un-noticed habit. Just because we can put a label on something does not mean we understand what it is. Assumptions are knitted together like a blanket tossed over reality and all we seem to end up with is nothing but a story of experiences, experiences of a self-centred ‘reality’, which is of course a total fiction. One of the dynamic natural pointers that appear in the natural world is a small pool of still water reflecting the moon on a calm and clear night. It is like a window into the nature of all phenomena. The moon appears to be there in the water but it isn’t. We know that because we can see the moon in the sky. The mystery of phenomena is there to behold. It may fill you with awe. If you are by a lake on a windless night, and the lake water is still, the moon will be reflected, there, close to the edge of the lake. You can walk around the lake and the moon will come with you. Always in the same spot close to the edge of the lake. Look across to the other side of the lake. There is no moon reflection close to the other edge. Realise that the moon in the sky and the moon in the reflection are the same. Drive in a car on the same night and the moon will appear to come with you. The things close by are changing swiftly or more slowly depending on their closeness. So it seems that the further something is away from you the closer it is. The nature of infinity and/or eternity is at the core of your being. It is a mystery for a child, as I well remember. Everyone knows that reflections are empty. The whole world is like a rainbow. It appears to be there but it isn’t. Go look at yourself in a mirror. If you are totally genuine the obstacles of vanity and belief in being a separate entity will not get in the way. There is a perceived distance between your face and the face in the mirror. You cannot see your own face directly without a reflecting surface. Now I ask you to seriously notice what is actual….”Where is the image of your self, in the mirror, seeing from?” The answer is instantly clearly obvious. Now, take very close notice of the next step. Look away from the mirror. What is your direct experience and/or what gets in the way if I ask you directly ‘Where are you seeing from?’
      Whatever the mind automatically brings up as an answer will and must be a concept or habitual reference point. The true answer is the same in each case…..and is in the actual cognising, the naked seeing……it is not a thing or fixed point. Why is there a difference in response in these two different experiments? If any.
      Words are useful. No word is ever the thing. The finger pointing at the moon is not the moon.
      The mind divides and separates that which cannot be divided or separated.
      The mind is just like the moon in the pool of water. It seems to be there but it isn’t.
      If you don’t believe what I am pointing out, then see for yourself, if you can. Seeing is happening prior to any concepts of or about seeing. Innately we all know our true essence. Most, seem to get caught up in labeled things. The spiritual self image is a common net so many get caught in. But that too is empty, like a rainbow.