Intellectuals object loudly – to fortify the subject.

There is nothing perceived and no perceiver without seeing (perceiv-ing).   The word ‘Perceiving’ is not the same as the word ‘seeing’.

Whatever the functioning, walking, seeing, hearing, breathing, thinking, it is just plain functioning without a ‘doer’.  – The walker, seer, the hearer, the breather or the thinker are conceptual add ons.  – Trying to grasp it with the mind is truly frustrating, simply because it just can’t be ‘done’ – and the ‘doer’ is just another thought.

Intellectuals find this ‘subject’ exceedingly challenging and frustrating. – Usually ‘in life’ they can ‘stay on top’ via their honed ‘strategy’ mind game but with this, it just doesn’t work.  – ‘People’ get offended.  – The ‘person’ is not reality.  – Intellectuals complain the loudest.

Words appear to convey something.  – Often they feel empty?  – That can be very significant, so it seems.  – Why are ‘we’ so afraid of empty words?

All words are empty (all phenomena is empty). –  It may seem that ‘we’ navigate our way through ‘feeling’ our way.  – All of our preconceived notions are upside down and back to front and second hand.  – The value system of society is biased towards keeping the dream alive.
Who is asleep and who is awake?

Who needs to awaken?

The question “Are you awake?” is a cutting question in the immediacy.  – The response must be “Yes, I am awake”.  – In the instant of checking to see if I am awake there is a ‘silent gap’.  – Upon that silence and stillness the whole universe moves.

Naked Wakefulness is clearly obvious.  – ‘You’ will not be able to define it or label it with any words that will stick to it.

All we can do is point to THAT.

I am THAT – you are THAT.   Everything is THAT.

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  1. How can anyone read these ‘pointings’ and not SEE what they are pointing at?
    It is truly amazing how anyone could go on chasing their tail year after year.
    If they saw a dog chasing its tail for even an hour they would be overcome by compassion. When it comes to themselves, they seem to have a blockage.
    What is that?

    Don’t be concerned about what I think, I know what it is.
    It is belief in things that are not.
    What is stopping you from seeing what IS?