Insight is instant, spontaneous. It is not a reaction of mind.

Being is being. Becoming (practice) is an illusion.

What effort do you need to make to be what you truly are? None whatsoever. Practice implies a fixed identity that has to do something in time in order to achieve something in an imagined future. All insights are spontaneous and immediate. The essence of all insights is SEEING. The nature of all practices is mechanical repetition.

WHO is doing a practice? Investigate that and insight will cut through all mind stuff – and leave you as you truly are, present and aware. You are already awake – simply because wakefulness is the nature of light – energy. Energy is everything.  This energy right now is total – it is not broken into parts – it is not inferior or superior – it is the equanimity of eternal wakefulness.  It is your true nature.

Becoming is an illusion. Pay homage to an illusion – give it one drop of belief and it will take you on an imaginary journey for decades. All in the appearance only. Being is being.

  1. Slick,everything is perfect.

  2. Being is timeless – it takes no time to be. Becoming is time – it has no presence. For argument sake, let’s say one finally arrives through practice (time)….what will determine the finality? Surely something that has not changed, an already established fact – timeless Being which you already Are. You can never arrive at what you already Are, only at what you are not(imagination).

    • Yes…..take Buddhism for instance: Buddhists can’t be Buddha because they are too busy trying to become. Buddha means ‘awake’……..not trying to be awake.

  3. Do you exist? Notice that there is an immediate, obvious, self evident recognition/knowing of that fact. Did you have to consult or engage the mind/thought or any of the 5 senses to recognize this fact that you are? Or is the recognition of the fact that you exist, being recognized at a completely non-mental, non-physical level? That non-mental, non-physical, non-objective knowing that you exist, is it, is what you are. Thats all there is to it, dont complicate this.

    • The sense of presence is necessary. Otherwise nothing knows nothing and THAT is unknowable – even though it is the naked knowing that is never any thing. A mirror in total darkness still reflects – just as awareness in deep sleep is still awareness – there is nothing there to register, except a very subtle activity of knowing. When it is stirred by some input, awareness responds naturally. No one can separate the senses from the appearance – because they are one and the same. Clarification is necessary in the appearance. In Essence the clarity is everything just as it is.